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Div IV Bests - 2 Miles

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Mens xshow...

1.12Alexi Taylor10:07.0CA CANESep 17Viking Invite
2.12Andrew Henn10:23.0CA TAMASep 17Viking Invite
3.11Jack Bowlby10:42.0CA CANESep 17Viking Invite
12James MacDonald10:42.0CA TAMASep 17Viking Invite
5.12Alex Olson10:44.0CA TAMASep 17Viking Invite
6.10Isaac Cohen10:59.0CA TAMASep 17Viking Invite
7.10Alex Yeomen11:01.0CA ARCTOct 1Clam Beach Invitati...
8.9John Milender11:03.0CA ARCTOct 1Clam Beach Invitati...
9.11Rodrigo Vargas11:07.0CA EMOLSep 17Viking Invite
10.11Ben Schulz11:09.0CA EMOLSep 17Viking Invite
11.12Paul Malti11:15.0CA CANESep 17Viking Invite
12.12Jon Merrill11:18.0CA MACKSep 17Viking Invite
13.12Kevin McTague11:20.0CA MACKSep 17Viking Invite
11Anthony Bell11:20.0CA SALSep 17Viking Invite
15.11Keiran Perez11:21.0CA TELISep 17Viking Invite
16.12Chris Orr11:32.0CA WILTSep 17Viking Invite
17.11Tommy Cline11:33.0CA CANESep 17Viking Invite
9Collin Roberts11:33.0CA ARCTOct 1Clam Beach Invitati...
19.11Chris Stapp11:34.0CA TELISep 17Viking Invite
11Raoul Friedemann11:34.0CA HEALSep 17Viking Invite
21.10Joe Woods11:36.0CA TELISep 17Viking Invite
10Aidan Tirpack11:36.0CA TAMASep 17Viking Invite
23.10Bryan Wong11:36.6CA MCHSNov 12HAAL Finals
24.9Liam Morris11:37.0CA FORTSep 17Viking Invite
25.9Jasen Coley11:38.0CA MACKSep 17Viking Invite
26.12Dylan Carr11:39.0CA TELISep 17Viking Invite
27.12Scott Granlund11:40.0CA TELISep 17Viking Invite
28.10Devon Virassammy11:45.0CA SALSep 17Viking Invite
9Zephir Lennox11:45.0CA ARCTOct 1Clam Beach Invitati...
10Justin Owens11:45.0CA MCHSNov 12HAAL Finals
31.11David Thiessen11:46.0CA EMOLSep 17Viking Invite
32.10Bharath Ravindran11:46.7CA MCHSNov 12HAAL Finals
33.12Logan Thorwaldson11:48.0CA MACKSep 17Viking Invite
34.12Thomas Boeck11:54.0CA SAMRSep 17Viking Invite
35.10Matt Kitchen11:57.0CA CANESep 17Viking Invite
36.11Joseph Brunetti11:59.0CA CANESep 17Viking Invite
10Chris Campbell11:59.0CA TELISep 17Viking Invite
38.12Brian Aronowitz12:00.0CA TAMASep 17Viking Invite
39.10Armaanpreet Dhillon12:04.6CA MCHSNov 12HAAL Finals
40.11Mazda Bjathena12:06.7CA MCHSNov 12HAAL Finals
41.12Daniel Fortenko12:08.0CA TELISep 17Viking Invite
42.9Brady Lane12:14.0CA EMOLSep 17Viking Invite
43.9Clay Howard12:15.0CA CANESep 17Viking Invite
44.11Alex Saunders12:16.0CA EMOLSep 17Viking Invite
45.9Ben Albright12:20.0CA ARCTOct 1Clam Beach Invitati...
46.12Ben Lampson12:23.0CA HEALSep 17Viking Invite
47.9Nico Panela12:25.0CA SAMRSep 17Viking Invite
48.10Mik Rosner-Hyram12:28.0CA TELISep 17Viking Invite
11Trent McGowan12:28.0CA MACKSep 17Viking Invite
12Nick Richards12:28.0CA TAMASep 17Viking Invite
51.9Bryce Moore12:32.0CA ARCTOct 1Clam Beach Invitati...
52.12Carlos Cueva12:35.2CA MCHSNov 12HAAL Finals
53.10Kevin Long12:37.0CA TAMASep 17Viking Invite
54.10Sankey Devon12:38.0CA SALSep 17Viking Invite
55.11Paul Shin12:40.0CA SAMRSep 17Viking Invite
56.11Oliver Evans12:41.0CA HEALSep 17Viking Invite
57.10David Roualdes12:44.0CA TELISep 17Viking Invite
58.11Zach Fontanes-Halli...12:45.0CA CANESep 17Viking Invite
11Joahua Hostler12:45.0CA MACKSep 17Viking Invite
11Joshua Hostler12:45.0CA MACKSep 17Viking Invite
-Christian Vanderjag...12:45.0CA CLLAOct 1Clam Beach Invitati...
62.12Chris Long12:46.0CA TAMASep 17Viking Invite
9Ryan Ghisetti12:46.0CA ARCTOct 1Clam Beach Invitati...
64.11Jesse Fichman12:49.0CA EMOLSep 17Viking Invite
12Ryan Birkett12:49.0CA SAMRSep 17Viking Invite
10Colin Yang12:49.0CA TAMASep 17Viking Invite
67.11JD Fleming12:50.0CA CANESep 17Viking Invite
11Thomas Leonard12:50.0CA SAMRSep 17Viking Invite
9Ryan Smith12:50.0CA CLLAOct 1Clam Beach Invitati...
70.10Owen Cao12:51.0CA SAMRSep 17Viking Invite
71.12Tynan Otts12:53.4CA MCHSNov 12HAAL Finals
72.9Steve Adams12:55.0CA CANESep 17Viking Invite
73.12Joseph Culaton12:55.8CA MCHSNov 12HAAL Finals
74.12Aaron Ramirez12:56.0CA WILTSep 17Viking Invite
75.9Andrew Reeder12:57.0CA CANESep 17Viking Invite
10August Kiles12:57.0CA TAMASep 17Viking Invite
11Mac Parker12:57.0CA TAMASep 17Viking Invite
9Josh Tate12:57.0CA CLLAOct 1Clam Beach Invitati...
79.9Kenyon Donald12:58.0CA CLLAOct 1Clam Beach Invitati...
80.10Sebastian Tamblyn12:59.0CA TAMASep 17Viking Invite
12Balestreri Brandon12:59.0CA SALSep 17Viking Invite
82.10Hayden Parker13:00.0CA ARCTOct 1Clam Beach Invitati...
83.9Roy Rieder13:01.0CA MACKSep 17Viking Invite
84.9Kevin Cline13:03.0CA CANESep 17Viking Invite
11Ryan Hodges13:03.0CA CLLAOct 1Clam Beach Invitati...
86.9Cristian Alcalde13:06.0CA MCHSNov 12HAAL Finals
87.11Narciso Bernardo13:06.5CA MCHSNov 12HAAL Finals
88.10Jose Enrique Lopez13:09.0CA ARCTOct 1Clam Beach Invitati...
89.12Nick Rodden13:09.7CA MCHSNov 12HAAL Finals
90.11Garrett Sutherland13:11.0CA SAMRSep 17Viking Invite
91.9Will Kelly13:12.0CA CANESep 17Viking Invite
92.-Kelly Joyce13:16.0CA ARCTOct 1Clam Beach Invitati...
12Tommy Aiello13:16.0CA MCHSNov 12HAAL Finals
94.9Kush Rawal13:17.0CA ARCTOct 1Clam Beach Invitati...
95.11Justin Hogue13:18.0CA MACKSep 17Viking Invite
96.9Chris Urasaki13:20.0CA CANESep 17Viking Invite
11Greg Kincheloe13:20.0CA EMOLSep 17Viking Invite
98.-Jose Moreno13:20.5CA MCHSNov 12HAAL Finals
99.11Charles Ibalio13:26.3CA MCHSNov 12HAAL Finals
100.11Riley Cox13:27.0CA TELISep 17Viking Invite

Womens xshow...

1.12Nicole Lane11:41.0CA EMOLSep 17Viking Invite
2.10Vera Heidman12:18.0CA ARCTOct 1Clam Beach Invitati...
3.11Kaitlin McKeogh12:49.0CA TELISep 17Viking Invite
4.9Elizabeth Ford12:50.0CA ARCTOct 1Clam Beach Invitati...
5.12Hallie Brauner12:55.0CA TAMASep 17Viking Invite
6.11Madison Kwasny12:58.0CA TAMASep 17Viking Invite
7.9Bella Amyx12:59.0CA TAMASep 17Viking Invite
8.10Laura Vyenielo13:01.0CA CANESep 17Viking Invite
9.11Maria Barragan13:06.0CA HEALSep 17Viking Invite
10.9Sara Davis13:12.0CA ARCTOct 1Clam Beach Invitati...
11.9Zoe Ziegler13:23.0CA ARCTOct 1Clam Beach Invitati...
12.9Michaela Barros13:24.0CA FORTSep 17Viking Invite
13.9Meghan Tanel13:27.0CA TAMASep 17Viking Invite
14.10Carmen Arguello13:40.0CA MACKSep 17Viking Invite
15.10Kate Bartschat13:43.0CA TAMASep 17Viking Invite
16.12Sami Emory13:45.0CA TAMASep 17Viking Invite
17.12Alysia Lovio13:47.0CA MACKSep 17Viking Invite
18.9Grace Dougherty13:52.0CA TAMASep 17Viking Invite
19.11Stina Borg14:05.0CA SAMRSep 17Viking Invite
20.10Michelle Bollinger14:08.0CA SAMRSep 17Viking Invite
21.12Quinlan Cacic14:10.0CA TAMASep 17Viking Invite
22.12X Lee14:11.0CA TAMASep 17Viking Invite
23.9X Firmage14:21.0CA TAMASep 17Viking Invite
24.11X Mendalbuam14:34.0CA TAMASep 17Viking Invite
25.12Dana Lester14:41.0CA MACKSep 17Viking Invite
26.12Emma Pedlar14:42.0CA TELISep 17Viking Invite
27.11Paige Nonella14:43.0CA CANESep 17Viking Invite
28.11Marissa Greenband14:46.0CA CANESep 17Viking Invite
29.11Rose Paneno14:52.0CA EMOLSep 17Viking Invite
11Jessica Arango14:52.0CA SAMRSep 17Viking Invite
10Brenna Coley14:52.0CA MACKSep 17Viking Invite
11Alexis Aguiar14:52.0CA FORTSep 17Viking Invite
33.12Maria Morales14:53.0CA MACKSep 17Viking Invite
10Erica Gonzalez14:53.0CA SAMRSep 17Viking Invite
35.12Shellan Saling14:54.0CA TELISep 17Viking Invite
36.11Izzy Dahlke14:55.0CA TAMASep 17Viking Invite
10Rachel Hagquist14:55.0CA FORTSep 17Viking Invite
38.10Marissa Caldwell14:56.0CA SAMRSep 17Viking Invite
39.9Megan Bartschat14:57.0CA TAMASep 17Viking Invite
40.11Mariah Aguiar14:58.0CA FORTSep 17Viking Invite
10Veronica Champine14:58.0CA TELISep 17Viking Invite
42.10Sierra Scheinuck15:00.0CA FORTSep 17Viking Invite
43.12X Janeteos15:07.0CA TAMASep 17Viking Invite
44.9Lynnea Palecki15:11.0CA FORTSep 17Viking Invite
45.10X Hernandez15:19.0CA TAMASep 17Viking Invite
46.10Jessica Chavez15:21.1CA MCHSNov 12HAAL Finals
47.11Isabella Rutkowski15:23.0CA HEALSep 17Viking Invite
48.9Daisy Ann Maxion15:24.4CA MCHSNov 12HAAL Finals
49.9Vanessa Ventura15:25.0CA SALSep 17Viking Invite
50.12Saskia Tingey15:26.0CA HEALSep 17Viking Invite
51.11Chelsea Murray15:30.0CA EMOLSep 17Viking Invite
52.9Michelle Vasquez15:32.5CA MCHSNov 12HAAL Finals
53.10Emily Malmquist15:36.0CA TAMASep 17Viking Invite
54.10Lily Corlett15:38.0CA TELISep 17Viking Invite
9Madeline Appelmans15:38.0CA ARCTOct 1Clam Beach Invitati...
56.9Athena Pham15:38.3CA MCHSNov 12HAAL Finals
57.9X Hess15:44.0CA TAMASep 17Viking Invite
58.9X Pratt15:48.0CA TAMASep 17Viking Invite
59.12Brigitte Hillesheim15:56.0CA SALSep 17Viking Invite
60.10Krystal Orteza15:56.8CA MCHSNov 12HAAL Finals
61.12Ashlin Neal15:59.0CA EMOLSep 17Viking Invite
62.12Bridget Pacchetti16:00.0CA SAMRSep 17Viking Invite
63.9Clara Maddison16:01.0CA EMOLSep 17Viking Invite
64.9Kayla Halili16:03.0CA MCHSNov 12HAAL Finals
65.12Vy Mai16:12.1CA MCHSNov 12HAAL Finals
66.10Taylor Wheaton16:14.0CA SAMRSep 17Viking Invite
67.9Kayleen Kemp16:27.0CA FORTSep 17Viking Invite
9Allysun Robie16:27.0CA ARCTOct 1Clam Beach Invitati...
69.9Angela Pedrigal16:27.3CA MCHSNov 12HAAL Finals
70.9Julia Bozeman16:29.0CA CANESep 17Viking Invite
71.10Isabel Ampon16:41.0CA SALSep 17Viking Invite
72.9Veronica Molinar16:42.0CA SALSep 17Viking Invite
73.9Sofia Segura16:43.0CA MCHSNov 12HAAL Finals
74.12Dorthy Ha16:45.5CA MCHSNov 12HAAL Finals
75.11Janelle DeLa Cruz17:04.6CA MCHSNov 12HAAL Finals
76.9Nicole Nickelson17:07.1CA MCHSNov 12HAAL Finals
77.9Christy Macaraeg17:13.5CA MCHSNov 12HAAL Finals
78.10Samantha Garcia17:26.9CA MCHSNov 12HAAL Finals
79.10Alia Tincknell17:31.0CA HEALSep 17Viking Invite
80.11Ivanna Puruganan17:32.9CA MCHSNov 12HAAL Finals
81.11Alejandra Lepez17:41.0CA SALSep 17Viking Invite
82.9Anna Nelson17:47.0CA ARCTOct 1Clam Beach Invitati...
83.12Melissa Morrison17:49.0CA FORTSep 17Viking Invite
84.11Vanessa Torres17:50.0CA SAMRSep 17Viking Invite
85.11Tamara Rojas17:58.0CA CLLAOct 1Clam Beach Invitati...
86.11X Ferroni18:01.0CA TAMASep 17Viking Invite
87.9Adrianna Valeriano18:10.6CA MCHSNov 12HAAL Finals
88.11Aurora Sanchez18:12.6CA MCHSNov 12HAAL Finals
89.11Elvira Correa18:15.0CA TELISep 17Viking Invite
90.11Miranda Wanzer18:21.0CA CLLAOct 1Clam Beach Invitati...
9Rowan Baker18:21.0CA ARCTOct 1Clam Beach Invitati...
92.10X Winer18:27.0CA TAMASep 17Viking Invite
93.9Quincy Woodward18:30.0CA CLLAOct 1Clam Beach Invitati...
94.-Savannah Rasmussan18:37.0CA CLLAOct 1Clam Beach Invitati...
95.10Rhianna Peart18:45.0CA WILTSep 17Viking Invite
96.9Sarah McNamara18:47.0CA CANESep 17Viking Invite
97.9Guadalupe Quinonez19:03.0CA MCHSNov 12HAAL Finals
98.10Erika Sween19:11.0CA EMOLSep 17Viking Invite
99.11Kristal Garcia19:36.0CA TELISep 17Viking Invite
100.11Emily Arga20:14.0CA SALSep 17Viking Invite
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