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1.12Futsum Zeinasellass...14:36.2   IN North Central (Indianapol...   Sep 17FlashRock Invitational
2.12Jason Crist15:16.0   IN Franklin Central   Sep 10Ben Davis Invitational
3.12Luke Brahm15:17.0   IN Ben Davis   Sep 10Ben Davis Invitational
4.12Tate Schienbein15:17.3   IN Union County   Sep 10Brown County Eagle Classic Invitational
5.12Samuel Berger15:20.0   IN Zionsville   Nov 26Foot Locker Midwest (Post Season)
6.12Andrew Diehn15:22.2   IN Columbus North   Sep 10Brown County Eagle Classic Invitational
7.11Troy Reeder15:26.5   IN Hamilton Southeastern   Oct 22IHSAA Carmel Semi-State
8.11Matt Dorsey15:28.6   IN Lawrence Central   Sep 10Brown County Eagle Classic Invitational
9.12Michael Sublette15:31.6   IN Columbus North   Sep 10Brown County Eagle Classic Invitational
10.12Jack Andritch15:32.0   IN Hamilton Southeastern   Oct 1Hoosier Crossroads Conference
11.12Kent Garrett15:34.2   IN Guerin Catholic   Sep 17FlashRock Invitational
12.11Charlie Watson15:36.0   IN Carmel   Sep 17Trinity/Valkyrie Invitational
12Sam Roudebush15:36.0   IN Noblesville   Oct 1Hoosier Crossroads Conference
14.12Dave Powell15:36.1   IN Columbus North   Sep 10Brown County Eagle Classic Invitational
15.11Patrick Appleton15:38.0   IN Carmel   Sep 17Trinity/Valkyrie Invitational
16.12Christopher Kelsey15:39.9   IN Columbus North   Oct 22IHSAA Carmel Semi-State
17.11Daniel Williams15:41.6   IN Carmel   Aug 30Hamilton County
18.10Colin Rinne15:44.1   IN Westfield   Sep 10Brown County Eagle Classic Invitational
11Kyle DuVall15:44.1   IN Westfield   Sep 17FlashRock Invitational
20.11Cole Hester15:44.7   IN Lawrence Central   Oct 15I.H.S.A.A. Regional
21.12Sawyer Hitchcock15:46.1   IN Hamilton Southeastern   Aug 30Hamilton County
22.11Spencer Clapp15:48.0   IN Indianapolis Cathedral   Sep 17FlashRock Invitational
23.11Samuel Tebeje15:52.0   IN Pike   Oct 15I.H.S.A.A. Regional-Ben Davis
24.11Karson Tays15:52.5   IN Columbus North   Oct 5Conference Indiana Meet
25.10Robert Browning15:52.8   IN Carmel   Aug 30Hamilton County
26.12Gil Stamm15:53.9   IN Connersville   Oct 22IHSAA Carmel Semi-State
27.12Wyatt Rondot15:54.2   IN Brownsburg   Oct 4Hendricks County
28.11Brandon Smith15:55.5   IN Warren Central   Oct 5Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference
29.10David Dalton15:56.2   IN Greenwood Community   Sep 17FlashRock Invitational
30.11Jordan Mueller15:56.7   IN Avon   Oct 4Hendricks County
31.12Nick Kirkpatrick15:57.8   IN Brebeuf Jesuit   Sep 17FlashRock Invitational
32.9Zachary Snider15:59.8   IN Brebeuf Jesuit   Sep 17FlashRock Invitational
11Charles Watson15:59.8   IN Carmel   Oct 5Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference
34.12Graham Bixler16:00.0   IN Zionsville   Oct 1Hoosier Crossroads Conference
35.10James Huffman16:00.8   IN North Central (Indianapol...   Oct 5Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference
36.11Ryan Conrad16:01.0   IN Zionsville   Sep 10Ben Davis Invitational
12Brian Coleman16:01.0   IN Carmel   Sep 17Trinity/Valkyrie Invitational
38.12Eric Kinn16:02.0   IN Carmel   Sep 17Trinity/Valkyrie Invitational
39.12Brandon Smith16:04.5   IN Warren Central   Sep 17FlashRock Invitational
40.10Calvin Kraft16:05.0   IN Fishers   Oct 1Hoosier Crossroads Conference
41.11Cody Stone16:06.2   IN Warren Central   Oct 1Marion County
42.11Mason Herhusky16:07.0   IN Zionsville   Sep 10Ben Davis Invitational
11Alexander Zoumbaris16:07.0   IN Hamilton Southeastern   Oct 1Hoosier Crossroads Conference
44.11Chandler Ball16:07.5   IN Lawrence Central   Oct 29IHSAA State Cross Country Championships
45.11Corey Turner16:09.7   IN North Central (Indianapol...   Sep 10Brown County Eagle Classic Invitational
46.11Andrice Martin16:12.0   IN Franklin Central   Sep 10Ben Davis Invitational
12Kyle Knight16:12.0   IN Hamilton Southeastern   Oct 1Hoosier Crossroads Conference
48.11Austin Presnell16:13.0   IN Franklin Central   Sep 10Ben Davis Invitational
49.10David Behrmann16:14.0   IN Ben Davis   Sep 10Ben Davis Invitational
50.12Austin Gerulski16:14.1   IN Guerin Catholic   Oct 11I.H.S.A.A. Sectional
51.12Nick Dhadwal16:15.9   IN Franklin Central   Sep 3Lafayette Harrison Invite
11Levi Musson16:15.9   IN Cascade   Oct 4Hendricks County
53.10Kaden Eaton16:16.9   IN Columbus North   Sep 17FlashRock Invitational
54.11Greg Murphy16:18.0   IN Hamilton Southeastern   Oct 1Hoosier Crossroads Conference
55.11Jacob Cushing16:18.3   IN Center Grove   Sep 17FlashRock Invitational
56.10Michael Garcia16:18.9   IN Carmel   Oct 22IHSAA Carmel Semi-State
57.12Sean Gassen16:19.9   IN Lawrence Central   Oct 1Marion County
58.11Jake Dennie16:20.1   IN Brebeuf Jesuit   Sep 10Indiana Catholic Cross Country Championship
59.11Matt Shepard16:20.5   IN Cascade   Oct 4Hendricks County
60.10Geoff Ginebaugh16:20.7   IN Noblesville   Sep 3Asics Marion Invitational
61.12Ross Pereira16:20.9   IN Lawrence Central   Sep 10Brown County Eagle Classic Invitational
62.12Marcus Hobbs16:21.3   IN Indian Creek   Oct 15IHSAA Greensburg Regional
63.11Max Gernhard16:22.0   IN Zionsville   Oct 1Hoosier Crossroads Conference
64.10Jake Johnson16:22.6   IN Indian Creek   Oct 15IHSAA Greensburg Regional
65.11Ross Hughes16:23.0   IN Avon   Oct 1Hoosier Crossroads Conference
66.10Seth Eagleson16:23.8   IN New Palestine   Sep 3Asics Marion Invitational
67.11Jack Judge16:24.0   IN North Central (Indianapol...   Oct 15I.H.S.A.A. Regional
68.12Benjamin Hendricks16:24.4   IN Brownsburg   Sep 17FlashRock Invitational
69.12Daniel Swem16:25.0   IN Perry Meridian   Sep 10Ben Davis Invitational
70.11DANIEL DAY16:27.0   IN Westfield   Oct 1Hoosier Crossroads Conference
71.12Tyler Wilcher16:27.1   IN Greenfield-Central   Sep 17FlashRock Invitational
72.12Matt Shaw16:28.0   IN Franklin Central   Sep 17FlashRock Invitational
73.11Justin Hays16:28.2   IN Brownsburg   Oct 4Hendricks County
74.11Teklit Guzay16:28.4   IN North Central (Indianapol...   Sep 17FlashRock Invitational
75.12Austin Morefield16:28.6   IN Franklin Community   Aug 27Franklin Invitational
11Adam Turner16:28.6   IN Lawrence Central   Sep 10Brown County Eagle Classic Invitational
77.12Rocky Pollock16:29.0   IN Fishers   Oct 1Hoosier Crossroads Conference
10Drew Barclay16:29.0   IN Hamilton Southeastern   Oct 1Hoosier Crossroads Conference
79.11Graham Martin16:29.7   IN Westfield   Aug 30Hamilton County
80.11Jaedon Wilson16:30.0   IN Carmel   Sep 17Trinity/Valkyrie Invitational
81.12Cole Cisneros16:30.4   IN Carmel   Oct 15I.H.S.A.A. Regional
82.9Seth Williams16:30.5   IN Columbus North   Sep 17FlashRock Invitational
83.11Mark Daiuto16:31.2   IN Center Grove   Oct 5Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference
84.11Joey Khamis16:31.5   IN Lawrence North   Oct 5Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference
85.12John Adams16:32.8   IN Whiteland Community   Oct 1Johnson County
86.12Simon Gamboa16:33.6   IN Franklin Community   Sep 10Brown County Eagle Classic Invitational
87.10Jacob Overton16:33.9   IN Noblesville   Oct 11I.H.S.A.A. Sectional
88.10Robel Teklezghi16:34.0   IN Lawrence North   Sep 10Ben Davis Invitational
12Andrew Pensinger16:34.0   IN Fishers   Oct 1Hoosier Crossroads Conference
90.11Hayden Merkel16:35.3   IN Batesville   Oct 15IHSAA Greensburg Regional
91.10Aaron Bowers16:36.0   IN Lawrence North   Sep 10Ben Davis Invitational
10Kenny Thomas16:36.0   IN Lawrence Central   Oct 29IHSAA State Cross Country Championships
93.10STEPHEN CHO16:36.6   IN Hamilton Southeastern   Sep 17FlashRock Invitational
94.10Isaiah White16:37.0   IN Perry Meridian   Oct 15I.H.S.A.A. Regional-Ben Davis
95.12Elliott Browning16:39.0   IN Carmel   Sep 17Trinity/Valkyrie Invitational
12Calvin Wieczorek16:39.0   IN Avon   Oct 1Hoosier Crossroads Conference
97.11Sammy Tebeje16:39.2   IN Pike   Aug 27Franklin Invitational
98.11Shane Wright16:39.9   IN Franklin Central   Oct 5Conference Indiana Meet
99.10Lee Justice16:40.0   IN Warren Central   Sep 17FlashRock Invitational
12Gary Austin16:40.0   IN Pike   Oct 15I.H.S.A.A. Regional-Ben Davis


1.12Renee Wellman17:50.5   IN Carmel   Oct 5Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference
2.12Sarah Bennett18:05.9   IN Carmel   Oct 5Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference
3.10Kelcy Welch18:07.6   IN Carmel   Sep 24Culver Academies Invite
4.10Gina Genco18:12.9   IN Carmel   Oct 5Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference
5.12Helen Willman18:13.3   IN Noblesville   Oct 15I.H.S.A.A. Regional
6.12Brenna Poulsen18:17.2   IN North Central (Indianapol...   Sep 17FlashRock Invitational
7.10Mackenzie Caldwell18:19.0   IN Columbus North   Oct 22IHSAA Carmel Semi-State
8.9Mary Abramson18:22.0   IN Avon   Oct 1Hoosier Crossroads Conference
9.11Victoria Schoettmer18:22.8   IN Center Grove   Sep 17FlashRock Invitational
10.11Brooke Morgan18:24.0   IN Hamilton Southeastern   Oct 1Hoosier Crossroads Conference
11.11Kendra Foley18:25.0   IN Noblesville   Oct 1Hoosier Crossroads Conference
12.9Haley Harris18:28.0   IN Carmel   Sep 17Trinity/Valkyrie Invitational
13.11Rachael Sollman18:29.3   IN Columbus North   Sep 17FlashRock Invitational
14.9Rachel Nichwitz18:34.2   IN Hamilton Southeastern   Oct 11I.H.S.A.A. Sectional
15.11Colleen Weatherford18:39.0   IN Greencastle   Oct 15I.H.S.A.A. Regional-Ben Davis
16.9Kelsey Harris18:39.5   IN Carmel   Oct 15I.H.S.A.A. Regional
17.10Hayley Rogers18:40.0   IN Hagerstown   Oct 1Jay Invitational
18.9Emma McCausland18:45.1   IN Carmel   Oct 15I.H.S.A.A. Regional
19.12Allison Jacobsen18:46.5   IN Carmel   Sep 24Culver Academies Invite
20.12Mary Davis18:48.5   IN Indianapolis Bishop Chata...   Sep 17New Prairie Invitational
21.11Jordan Timmons18:49.0   IN Center Grove   Sep 10Ben Davis Invitational
11Ellen Schmitz18:49.0   IN Carmel   Sep 17Trinity/Valkyrie Invitational
23.12Laura Bess18:53.1   IN Brownsburg   Sep 17FlashRock Invitational
24.9Lexi McCann18:54.5   IN Franklin Central   Sep 17FlashRock Invitational
10Kieran Casey18:54.5   IN Perry Meridian   Oct 22IHSAA Carmel Semi-State
26.10Jessica King18:59.0   IN Hamilton Southeastern   Oct 1Hoosier Crossroads Conference
27.10Karli Koning19:00.0   IN Westfield   Sep 10Ben Davis Invitational
28.10Briana Leonard19:00.2   IN Westfield   Sep 17FlashRock Invitational
29.12Nicole Thinnes19:00.3   IN Carmel   Oct 11I.H.S.A.A. Sectional
30.11Emma MacAnally19:00.4   IN Indianapolis Cathedral   Oct 22IHSAA Carmel Semi-State
31.12Sydney Chapman19:02.6   IN Hamilton Heights   Oct 15I.H.S.A.A. Regional
32.12Haley Baughman19:04.1   IN Warren Central   Sep 17FlashRock Invitational
33.12Taylor Smith19:05.0   IN Avon   Oct 1Hoosier Crossroads Conference
11Rachel Kacer19:05.0   IN Noblesville   Oct 1Hoosier Crossroads Conference
12Jesse McNealy19:05.0   IN Avon   Oct 15I.H.S.A.A. Regional-Ben Davis
36.12Erin Shuffett19:05.1   IN Columbus North   Sep 17FlashRock Invitational
37.12Karlye Wanner19:07.8   IN Carmel   Sep 24Culver Academies Invite
38.9Claire Corvari19:08.2   IN Carmel   Sep 24Culver Academies Invite
39.12Marissa Stephens19:08.3   IN North Central (Indianapol...   Oct 15I.H.S.A.A. Regional
40.10Rachel Horn19:09.0   IN Fishers   Oct 1Hoosier Crossroads Conference
9Taylor Rogers19:09.0   IN Westfield   Oct 1Hoosier Crossroads Conference
42.11Hannah Lies19:10.1   IN Brebeuf Jesuit   Sep 17FlashRock Invitational
43.12Sydney Lesko19:11.0   IN Brownsburg   Oct 1Hoosier Crossroads Conference
44.12Meredith Jackson19:12.1   IN Franklin Central   Sep 17FlashRock Invitational
45.12Lauren Kahre19:13.0   IN Carmel   Sep 17Trinity/Valkyrie Invitational
46.12Kirsten Taft19:13.7   IN Franklin Central   Sep 17FlashRock Invitational
47.10Shelby Wilson19:15.8   IN Westfield   Oct 22IHSAA Carmel Semi-State
48.11Brynn Olinger19:19.0   IN Plainfield   Sep 10Ben Davis Invitational
49.11Delainey Burnett19:20.2   IN Center Grove   Oct 22IHSAA Carmel Semi-State
50.10Abigail Horn19:22.0   IN Fishers   Sep 10Ben Davis Invitational
11Lydia Greene19:22.0   IN Pike   Oct 15I.H.S.A.A. Regional-Ben Davis
52.11Jasmine Al-Anzi19:22.7   IN Franklin Central   Sep 3Lafayette Harrison Invite
53.12MacKenzie Harris19:24.7   IN Columbus North   Sep 17FlashRock Invitational
54.9Anna Schmitz19:25.5   IN Carmel   Oct 5Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference
55.11Ally Reyes19:25.7   IN Fishers   Sep 17FlashRock Invitational
56.12Jessica Banks19:27.0   IN Zionsville   Oct 1Hoosier Crossroads Conference
11Lauren Schweizer19:27.0   IN Westfield   Oct 1Hoosier Crossroads Conference
58.12Laurel Wolfe19:27.5   IN Columbus North   Sep 17FlashRock Invitational
59.9Danielle Campbell19:28.0   IN Pike   Oct 15I.H.S.A.A. Regional-Ben Davis
60.10Kennedy Reed19:28.6   IN Avon   Sep 3Lafayette Harrison Invite
61.11Cami Trachtman19:28.8   IN Carmel   Sep 24Culver Academies Invite
62.9Courtney Kerr19:29.0   IN Avon   Oct 1Hoosier Crossroads Conference
63.9Cailyn Adams19:30.1   IN Franklin Central   Sep 17FlashRock Invitational
64.12Erica Ernst19:31.0   IN Carmel   Sep 17Trinity/Valkyrie Invitational
10Jessica Lecher19:31.0   IN Carmel   Sep 17Trinity/Valkyrie Invitational
66.11Alethia Marrero19:32.0   IN Ben Davis   Oct 15I.H.S.A.A. Regional-Ben Davis
67.12Adrienne Holland19:33.0   IN Westfield   Oct 1Hoosier Crossroads Conference
68.12Aya Tomozawa19:34.0   IN Carmel   Sep 17Trinity/Valkyrie Invitational
69.9Kelsie Mothersead19:34.1   IN Avon   Sep 17FlashRock Invitational
70.12Ann Kuntz19:35.2   IN Oldenburg Academy   Sep 24South Dearborn Knight Invitational
71.9Cally Sampson19:36.0   IN Zionsville   Oct 1Hoosier Crossroads Conference
72.11Alis Marrero19:36.3   IN Ben Davis   Sep 17FlashRock Invitational
73.12Jordan Tatom19:36.5   IN Hamilton Southeastern   Oct 15I.H.S.A.A. Regional
74.11Emily Wagoner19:37.0   IN Hamilton Southeastern   Oct 1Hoosier Crossroads Conference
75.10Sarah Schuster19:38.0   IN Noblesville   Oct 1Hoosier Crossroads Conference
76.9Nikole Eliason19:39.0   IN Fishers   Oct 1Hoosier Crossroads Conference
77.12Arden Burch19:39.1   IN Indianapolis Bishop Chata...   Oct 15I.H.S.A.A. Regional
78.11Megan Price19:40.0   IN Avon   Oct 1Hoosier Crossroads Conference
79.10Meghan McCann19:40.1   IN Fishers   Oct 15I.H.S.A.A. Regional
80.11Lauren Munley19:41.0   IN Zionsville   Sep 10Ben Davis Invitational
12Kyleigh Brown19:41.0   IN Franklin Community   Sep 17FlashRock Invitational
9Adrianna Murphy19:41.0   IN Fishers   Sep 17FlashRock Invitational
83.11Carolyn Talhelm19:41.6   IN Franklin Central   Oct 22IHSAA Carmel Semi-State
84.12Maria Espinoza19:41.9   IN Columbus North   Sep 17FlashRock Invitational
85.10Stephanie Timm19:42.0   IN Pike   Oct 15I.H.S.A.A. Regional-Ben Davis
86.12Beth Dougherty19:44.0   IN Carmel   Sep 17Trinity/Valkyrie Invitational
87.9Morgan McCarter19:44.4   IN Franklin Community   Oct 22IHSAA Carmel Semi-State
88.11Maddy Roach19:45.1   IN Lawrence Central   Sep 17FlashRock Invitational
89.9Courtney Phillips19:45.5   IN Connersville   Sep 24Delta Eagle Invitational
90.11Mikala Hillis19:45.6   IN Avon   Oct 29IHSAA State Cross Country Championships
91.12Allie Rogers19:46.2   IN North Central (Indianapol...   Oct 15I.H.S.A.A. Regional
12MacEy Thornburg19:46.2   IN Columbus North   Oct 22IHSAA Carmel Semi-State
93.12Banks Jessica19:46.4   IN Zionsville   Sep 17FlashRock Invitational
94.12Michelle Baker19:47.0   IN Hamilton Southeastern   Oct 1Hoosier Crossroads Conference
95.11Shannon Webb19:48.0   IN Westfield   Oct 1Hoosier Crossroads Conference
11Brianna Huckleberry19:48.0   IN Perry Meridian   Oct 11I.H.S.A.A. Sectional-Ben Davis
97.12Erin Harnett19:49.0   IN Fishers   Oct 1Hoosier Crossroads Conference
10Becca Uebele19:49.0   IN Zionsville   Oct 1Hoosier Crossroads Conference
12Hannah Pimley19:49.0   IN Noblesville   Oct 11I.H.S.A.A. Sectional
100.10Sarah Billingsley19:49.4   IN Oldenburg Academy   Sep 10Indiana Catholic Cross Country Championship
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