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1.12Taylor Williams15:32.8   OH Sycamore   Oct 7Portage Invitational
2.11Joseph Jackson15:35.4   OH Hilliard Darby   Oct 7Portage Invitational
3.12Alphonse Harris15:56.5   OH Sycamore   Oct 7Portage Invitational
4.12Bobby Voigt16:08.5   OH Hilliard Darby   Oct 7Portage Invitational
5.9Jay McKenna16:09.5   OH Hilliard Darby   Oct 7Portage Invitational
6.11Greg Roeth16:22.0   OH Miamisburg   Aug 26Bob Schul Invitational
7.-Nathan Tavenor16:33.0   OH Hilliard Davidson   Sep 30Divine Child Falcon Invite
8.10Mark Wieferich16:33.1   OH Marietta   Sep 30Cambridge Invitational
9.11Ben Foley16:34.9   OH Sycamore   Oct 7Portage Invitational
10.9Chase Sweeney16:53.0   OH Napoleon   Sep 30New Haven Cross Country Invite
11.12Cory Hines16:56.0   OH Hilliard Darby   Oct 7Portage Invitational
12.11Isaac Niekamp16:56.3   OH Celina   Oct 7Portage Invitational
13.10Cody Embree17:03.5   OH Hilliard Darby   Oct 7Portage Invitational
14.11Davis Filippell17:13.0   OH Hawken   Oct 7Medina Cross-country Festival
15.10David Crumley17:13.1   OH Hamilton Township   Oct 14MSL Buckeye
16.12Chris Johnson17:19.2   OH Celina   Oct 7Portage Invitational
17.10Matt Hopke17:23.3   OH Hilliard Darby   Oct 7Portage Invitational
18.10John Stucker17:28.7   OH Sycamore   Oct 7Portage Invitational
19.10Hank Geer17:29.1   OH Sycamore   Oct 7Portage Invitational
20.9Andy Goodwin17:30.9   OH Celina   Oct 7Portage Invitational
21.-Zach Trisel17:40.0   OH Hilliard Davidson   Sep 30Divine Child Falcon Invite
22.12Josh Webb17:44.0   OH Cardington-Lincoln   Oct 14MOAC at Sparta Highland
23.-Scott Knapik17:47.0   OH Hilliard Davidson   Sep 30Divine Child Falcon Invite
-Michael Wilkinson17:47.0   OH Hilliard Davidson   Sep 30Divine Child Falcon Invite
25.11Mike Kartavich17:47.8   OH Hilliard Darby   Oct 7Portage Invitational
26.12Heath Cogswell17:52.0   OH Marietta   Sep 26Wood/Washington County Challenge
27.10Mitch Williams17:52.5   OH Celina   Oct 7Portage Invitational
28.12Brad Wells17:56.0   OH Toledo Start   Oct 7TPS Invitational
29.10Matt Murray17:57.6   OH Marietta   Sep 30Cambridge Invitational
30.11Will Varwig17:58.4   OH Sycamore   Oct 7Portage Invitational
31.-Alex Moore17:59.0   OH Hilliard Davidson   Sep 30Divine Child Falcon Invite
32.11Brian Wheeler18:02.0   OH Miamisburg   Aug 26Bob Schul Invitational
33.10Jon Holland18:03.0   OH Fort Loramie   Aug 24Shelby County Preview
34.-Kenta Shimizu18:04.0   OH Hilliard Davidson   Sep 30Divine Child Falcon Invite
35.12Matt Wieferich18:06.4   OH Marietta   Sep 30Cambridge Invitational
36.12Matt Young18:07.3   OH Hilliard Darby   Oct 7Portage Invitational
37.12Jack Pryzwara18:10.6   OH Sycamore   Oct 7Portage Invitational
38.12Adam Gandelot18:11.0   OH Cardington-Lincoln   Oct 14MOAC at Sparta Highland
39.11Mike Boersma18:13.4   OH Marietta   Sep 26Wood/Washington County Challenge
40.10Eric Ballinger18:15.3   OH Celina   Oct 7Portage Invitational
41.12Drew Mullen18:17.0   OH Miamisburg   Aug 26Bob Schul Invitational
42.10Scott Bauman18:20.0   OH Napoleon   Sep 16Ottawa Glandorf Blue/Gold Invite
43.9Denton Thompson18:20.6   OH Hilliard Darby   Oct 7Portage Invitational
44.10Tyler Meinerding18:21.0   OH Fort Loramie   Aug 24Shelby County Preview
10Brandon Moore18:21.0   OH Toledo Start   Sep 16Galion Cross Country Festival
12Abel Mills18:21.0   OH Hawken   Oct 7Medina Cross-country Festival
47.10Peter Starnes18:24.0   OH Celina   Oct 7Portage Invitational
48.11Bobby Stites18:27.0   OH Napoleon   Oct 14Greater Buckeye Conference
49.12Travis Milligan18:28.0   OH Fort Loramie   Aug 24Shelby County Preview
50.12Dylan Rees18:30.0   OH Marietta   Aug 26Elizabeth S. Broughton Invitational
51.12Stephen Ferris18:32.0   OH Toledo Start   Oct 7TPS Invitational
52.9Dan Wilson18:33.0   OH Toledo Start   Oct 7TPS Invitational
53.12Mike Apke18:33.2   OH Sycamore   Oct 7Portage Invitational
54.12Joe Frazier18:36.7   OH Marietta   Sep 30Cambridge Invitational
55.12Scott Langenkamp18:37.0   OH Fort Loramie   Aug 24Shelby County Preview
56.10Adam Murray18:39.9   OH Marietta   Sep 30Cambridge Invitational
57.12Ray Allen18:41.3   OH Hilliard Darby   Oct 7Portage Invitational
58.11Josh Hilgefort18:42.0   OH Fort Loramie   Aug 24Shelby County Preview
59.12Chris Gerity18:43.0   OH Toledo Start   Oct 7TPS Invitational
60.9Kyle Browne18:43.4   OH Marietta   Sep 26Wood/Washington County Challenge
61.11Bryan Blagg18:44.0   OH Fort Loramie   Aug 24Shelby County Preview
11Ross Damman18:44.0   OH Napoleon   Aug 26Defiance Early Bird
63.9Richard Snyder18:50.0   OH Napoleon   Aug 26Defiance Early Bird
-Sean Smith18:50.0   OH Hilliard Davidson   Sep 30Divine Child Falcon Invite
65.10Jon Stewart18:50.9   OH Hilliard Darby   Oct 7Portage Invitational
66.9Josh Ayers18:51.0   OH Miamisburg   Aug 26Bob Schul Invitational
67.10Steven Jones18:55.7   OH Hilliard Darby   Oct 7Portage Invitational
68.10Kyle Niermann18:56.0   OH Napoleon   Sep 16Ottawa Glandorf Blue/Gold Invite
69.10Jesse Shankland19:04.4   OH Marietta   Sep 30Cambridge Invitational
70.9Josh Joosse19:14.0   OH Zane Trace   Oct 7Piketon Invitational
71.11Sam Byrum19:16.0   OH Hilliard Darby   Oct 7Portage Invitational
72.10Stephen Steingass19:18.0   OH Miamisburg   Aug 26Bob Schul Invitational
73.9Jon Smith19:19.0   OH Toledo Start   Oct 7TPS Invitational
74.11Brett Ewing19:21.0   OH Miamisburg   Aug 26Bob Schul Invitational
75.12Connor Briggs19:24.0   OH Toledo Start   Oct 7TPS Invitational
76.9Matt Boedeker19:25.0   OH Zane Trace   Oct 7Piketon Invitational
77.10Ross Saneholtz19:27.0   OH Napoleon   Oct 5Coldwater Lions Invitational
78.11Nick Hanner19:28.2   OH Marietta   Sep 26Wood/Washington County Challenge
79.12Tik Wong19:28.4   OH Marietta   Sep 26Wood/Washington County Challenge
80.11Craig Frilling19:33.0   OH Fort Loramie   Aug 24Shelby County Preview
81.11Justin Aselage19:38.0   OH Fort Loramie   Aug 24Shelby County Preview
11Dan Post19:38.0   OH Hawken   Oct 7Medina Cross-country Festival
83.12Jeremiah Wagner19:43.0   OH Cardington-Lincoln   Oct 21OHSAA Division III District Meet at Watkins
84.9Mark Frilling19:44.0   OH Fort Loramie   Aug 24Shelby County Preview
85.10Michael Mihal19:45.0   OH Miamisburg   Aug 26Bob Schul Invitational
86.12Andy Ellis19:47.0   OH Zane Trace   Sep 2Kiwanis Inv.
87.10Craig Langenkamp19:49.0   OH Fort Loramie   Aug 24Shelby County Preview
10Isaiah Wilds19:49.0   OH Miamisburg   Aug 26Bob Schul Invitational
89.9Weston Davis19:59.0   OH Zane Trace   Oct 7Piketon Invitational
90.10Bobby Ferdelman20:05.0   OH Miamisburg   Aug 26Bob Schul Invitational
91.10Sam Martin20:06.0   OH Toledo Start   Oct 7TPS Invitational
92.9Cody Wittekind20:06.4   OH Marietta   Sep 26Wood/Washington County Challenge
93.9Jon Garrett20:07.0   OH Miamisburg   Aug 26Bob Schul Invitational
94.12Brad Williams20:15.7   OH Marietta   Sep 26Wood/Washington County Challenge
95.11Alex Barengo20:17.6   OH Marietta   Sep 26Wood/Washington County Challenge
96.10Marcus Fahreny20:18.0   OH Miamisburg   Aug 26Bob Schul Invitational
97.12James Morton20:21.0   OH Miamisburg   Aug 26Bob Schul Invitational
98.12Jeff Lawless20:26.9   OH Ironton   Oct 3Fairland Mini Meet
99.11David Crossan20:27.6   OH Ironton   Oct 7Piketon Invitational
100.10Sam Wesche20:32.0   OH Napoleon   Aug 26Defiance Early Bird


1.12Caitlin Thomas18:32.0   OH Cardington-Lincoln   Nov 4State Championships
2.11Erika Alpeter18:34.7   OH Hilliard Darby   Oct 7Portage Invitational
3.10Holly Baird18:36.0   OH Wauseon   Sep 16Delta Invitational
4.10Lauren Agnew19:04.0   OH Boardman   Sep 30Clipper Invitational
5.9Rachel Huddle19:09.0   OH Napoleon   Nov 4State Championships
6.12Lindsey Keller19:24.6   OH St Joseph Academy   Oct 7Portage Invitational
7.-Becky Miller19:32.4   OH Old Fort   Sep 23Cardinal Stritch Invitational
8.10Kelly Gallagher19:32.6   OH St Joseph Academy   Oct 7Portage Invitational
9.11Melissa Roth19:36.7   OH Celina   Oct 7Portage Invitational
10.12Emmy Moore19:56.1   OH Marietta   Sep 26Wood/Washington County Challenge
11.9Alexa Stults19:56.3   OH Old Fort   Sep 23Cardinal Stritch Invitational
12.11Kenzie Bova19:56.5   OH St Joseph Academy   Oct 7Portage Invitational
13.10Linley Mescher19:59.1   OH Hilliard Darby   Oct 7Portage Invitational
14.-Annette Daniel20:10.9   OH Mohawk   Sep 23Cardinal Stritch Invitational
15.-Carly Reese20:11.0   OH Lakota (Kansas)   Sep 30Bettsville Invitational
16.10Kristin Karn20:11.4   OH St Joseph Academy   Oct 7Portage Invitational
17.-Ashley Fisher20:12.0   OH Gibsonburg   Sep 23Cardinal Stritch Invitational
18.-Caitlin Witt20:19.0   OH Pike-Delta-York   Sep 16Delta Invitational
9Darla Heimann20:19.0   OH Elmwood   Sep 30Bettsville Invitational
20.-Lucy Stults20:27.2   OH Old Fort   Sep 23Cardinal Stritch Invitational
21.10Melissa Bresnahan20:29.7   OH St Joseph Academy   Oct 7Portage Invitational
22.12Gretchen Wesche20:32.0   OH Napoleon   Oct 21OHSAA Div. II District Meet
23.-Amy Stutzman20:34.0   OH Wauseon   Sep 16Delta Invitational
24.-Hollis Barber20:37.9   OH Ottawa Hills   Sep 23Cardinal Stritch Invitational
25.9Sara Lauf20:40.0   OH Napoleon   Oct 21OHSAA Div. II District Meet
26.10Hillary Seely20:40.9   OH Hilliard Darby   Oct 7Portage Invitational
27.9Kara Gasson20:41.0   OH Fort Loramie   Aug 26Celina Invitational
28.11Sara Armstrong20:43.2   OH Emmanuel Christian (Toled...   Sep 23Cardinal Stritch Invitational
29.-Lexie Baird20:44.0   OH Wauseon   Sep 16Delta Invitational
-Dani Rufenacht20:44.0   OH Pettisville   Sep 16Delta Invitational
31.9Julia Windom20:46.0   OH Lakota (Kansas)   Sep 30Bettsville Invitational
32.11Kim Swartz20:46.2   OH Tiffin Calvert   Sep 23Cardinal Stritch Invitational
33.-Kaye Bockbrader20:50.0   OH Elmwood   Sep 30Bettsville Invitational
34.-Sarah Girand20:52.0   OH Lakota (Kansas)   Sep 30Bettsville Invitational
35.10Ashley Fitch20:54.0   OH River Valley (Bidwell)   Mar 1Piketon Invitational
36.9Nicole Mangas20:55.0   OH Sylvania Northview   Sep 2Runnin' With The Devils
37.11Hannah Cox21:02.0   OH Zane Trace   Oct 7Piketon Invitational
38.9Elizabeth Buchman21:02.3   OH Tiffin Calvert   Sep 23Cardinal Stritch Invitational
39.12Emmeline Gattie21:02.8   OH Hilliard Darby   Oct 7Portage Invitational
40.12Kelly Grieve21:03.0   OH Sylvania Southview   Sep 2Runnin' With The Devils
41.9Emily Young21:04.9   OH Hilliard Darby   Oct 7Portage Invitational
42.11Abby Nearhood21:05.2   OH Toledo Christian   Sep 23Cardinal Stritch Invitational
43.9LaRae Dorsten21:05.6   OH Celina   Oct 7Portage Invitational
44.-Danielle Wyse21:07.0   OH Gorham-Fayette   Sep 16Delta Invitational
-Ashley Brockschmidt21:07.0   OH Lakota (Kansas)   Sep 30Bettsville Invitational
46.-Alaina Haubert21:07.7   OH Gibsonburg   Sep 23Cardinal Stritch Invitational
47.12Adelae Bell21:08.0   OH Napoleon   Sep 16Ottawa Glandorf Blue/Gold Invite
10Kacy Kunst21:08.0   OH Rossford   Sep 16Delta Invitational
49.10Alexia Turissini21:11.0   OH Anthony Wayne   Sep 16Delta Invitational
-Antonia Alcala21:11.0   OH St Joseph Central Cath   Sep 23Cardinal Stritch Invitational
51.9Gabby Kreuz21:12.1   OH St Joseph Academy   Oct 7Portage Invitational
52.11Courtney Miller21:13.0   OH Springfield Local (Hollan...   Oct 7Hudson Booster Invitational
53.11Amelia Hinkleman21:14.0   OH Napoleon   Oct 5Coldwater Lions Invitational
54.11Rachel Borowski21:14.6   OH St Joseph Academy   Oct 7Portage Invitational
55.10Alixe Korsnack21:17.0   OH Sylvania Southview   Sep 2Runnin' With The Devils
56.12Heather Petrie21:17.2   OH Celina   Oct 7Portage Invitational
57.-Libbey Wilhelm21:19.0   OH Wauseon   Sep 16Delta Invitational
12Lindsey Main21:19.0   OH Springfield Local (Hollan...   Oct 7Hudson Booster Invitational
59.12Amanda Miller21:20.0   OH Cardinal Stritch   Sep 30Bettsville Invitational
10Lydia Weaver21:20.0   OH Zane Trace   Oct 7Piketon Invitational
61.12Kirstie Iadicicco21:21.0   OH Marietta   Sep 26Wood/Washington County Challenge
62.-Audrey Neal21:21.8   OH Mohawk   Sep 23Cardinal Stritch Invitational
63.10Taylor Stichter21:22.0   OH Sylvania Southview   Sep 2Runnin' With The Devils
64.11Kelsey Seymour21:22.2   OH Hilliard Darby   Oct 7Portage Invitational
65.-Jen Bundschuch21:22.5   OH St Paul   Sep 23Cardinal Stritch Invitational
66.9Meradith Wagner21:23.0   OH Sylvania Northview   Sep 2Runnin' With The Devils
67.9Erica Goeltzenleuch...21:24.0   OH Gorham-Fayette   Sep 16Delta Invitational
68.-Clare Berry21:27.0   OH St Wendelin   Sep 30Bettsville Invitational
69.-Abby Overhulse21:31.0   OH Wauseon   Sep 16Delta Invitational
-Meghan Widmer21:31.0   OH Gibsonburg   Sep 30Bettsville Invitational
71.11Rachel Hoops21:33.0   OH Napoleon   Sep 9Tiffin Cross Country Carnival
72.-Lauren Vandusen21:35.0   OH Anthony Wayne   Sep 16Delta Invitational
12Katie Stoll21:35.0   OH Boardman   Sep 30Clipper Invitational
74.11Alyssa Antram21:38.7   OH Hilliard Darby   Oct 7Portage Invitational
75.-Emily Short21:40.0   OH Pettisville   Sep 16Delta Invitational
-Andrea Bender21:40.0   OH Bettsville   Sep 30Bettsville Invitational
77.-Ellen Foos21:40.3   OH Gibsonburg   Sep 23Cardinal Stritch Invitational
78.10Jazmine Patton21:41.5   OH Hilliard Darby   Oct 7Portage Invitational
79.9Colleen Kratofil21:44.0   OH Boardman   Sep 30Clipper Invitational
80.12Heather Seely21:44.1   OH Hilliard Darby   Oct 7Portage Invitational
81.11Brittany Wagner21:47.0   OH Anthony Wayne   Sep 16Delta Invitational
-Alexis Godeke21:47.0   OH Antwerp   Sep 16Delta Invitational
83.-Rachel Conley21:47.8   OH Mohawk   Sep 23Cardinal Stritch Invitational
84.10Kylie Iadicicco21:49.0   OH Marietta   Sep 30Cambridge Invitational
85.-Courtney Lantz21:50.0   OH Pettisville   Sep 16Delta Invitational
-CariAnn Newby21:50.0   OH Elmwood   Sep 30Bettsville Invitational
87.9Marissa Lasky21:52.4   OH Mohawk   Sep 23Cardinal Stritch Invitational
88.12Lainee Carnahan21:53.0   OH Napoleon   Oct 21OHSAA Div. II District Meet
89.-Abby Boes21:54.7   OH Mohawk   Sep 23Cardinal Stritch Invitational
90.-Alycia Robinson21:55.0   OH Pike-Delta-York   Sep 16Delta Invitational
91.11Megan Betts21:55.8   OH Marietta   Sep 30Cambridge Invitational
92.11Allison Lawrence21:56.0   OH Sylvania Southview   Sep 2Runnin' With The Devils
93.-Kate Brinker21:58.0   OH Gibsonburg   Sep 30Bettsville Invitational
94.-Alysha Vehre21:59.0   OH Carey   Sep 30Bettsville Invitational
95.9Becca Hoffman21:59.6   OH Hilliard Darby   Oct 7Portage Invitational
96.-Danielle Jacoby22:01.0   OH Carey   Sep 30Bettsville Invitational
97.10Jene Marillier22:02.0   OH Sylvania Southview   Sep 2Runnin' With The Devils
11Darci Durham22:02.0   OH Napoleon   Oct 14Greater Buckeye Conference
99.10Alyson Stalter22:02.2   OH Marietta   Sep 26Wood/Washington County Challenge
100.12Elissa Sonnenberg22:03.0   OH Napoleon   Sep 9Tiffin Cross Country Carnival
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