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Mens xshow...

1.FrSteven Merritt4:34.0NC NCPeOct 29UNCP Mid-Season 2 M...
2.12Jeff Baklund4:34.5WA TJEFNov 4Miracle Mile X
3.12Jacob Kirk4:38.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
4.11Derrick Daigre4:39.0WA KMEROct 12TT Mile
FrDaniel Yeakley4:39.0NC NCPeOct 29UNCP Mid-Season 2 M...
6.12DJ Jigre4:41.0WA KMEROct 12TT Mile
7.12Andrew Arnold4:48.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
8.SoKevin Clancy4:50.0NC NCPeOct 29UNCP Mid-Season 2 M...
9.10Oscar Iraheta4:51.3WA TJEFNov 4Miracle Mile X
10.10Jacob Thoreson4:53.0WA TJEFNov 4Miracle Mile X
11.FrCedric Wilson4:55.0NC NCPeOct 29UNCP Mid-Season 2 M...
12.FrClayton Pierce4:56.0NC NCPeOct 29UNCP Mid-Season 2 M...
13.SoChristian Wiscovitc...4:56.1NC NCPeOct 29UNCP Mid-Season 2 M...
14.FrCory Cox4:57.0NC NCPeOct 29UNCP Mid-Season 2 M...
12Joe Chen4:57.0NJ HOLMNov 31600 Time Trial
16.11John Weber4:59.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
17.12Ben Hogan5:00.5WA TJEFNov 4Miracle Mile X
18.10Scott Bender5:01.0NJ HOLMNov 31600 Time Trial
19.11Joseph Dillon5:02.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
11Matt Bailey5:02.0WA KMEROct 12TT Mile
21.12Nick Lemmon5:03.0WA KMEROct 12TT Mile
FrJonathan Williams5:03.0NC NCPeOct 29UNCP Mid-Season 2 M...
23.12Jordan Roberts5:04.0WA KMEROct 12TT Mile
SoZach Bayless5:04.0NC NCPeOct 29UNCP Mid-Season 2 M...
10Michael Choie5:04.0NJ HOLMNov 31600 Time Trial
26.FrDarius Brantley5:04.1NC NCPeOct 29UNCP Mid-Season 2 M...
27.10John Klein5:05.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
12Dario Acevedo5:05.0WA KMEROct 12TT Mile
29.FrThomas McDonough5:06.0NC NCPeOct 29UNCP Mid-Season 2 M...
30.11James Ting5:07.0NJ HOLMNov 31600 Time Trial
31.11Quinton Metcalf5:10.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
12Sam Walter5:10.0NJ HOLMNov 31600 Time Trial
33.11Jordan Edwards5:11.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
34.12Caleb Davis5:12.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
11Kevin McCullough5:12.0WA KMEROct 12TT Mile
12Andrew Smith5:12.0WA KMEROct 12TT Mile
37.9Lionel Estrada5:12.6WA TJEFNov 4Miracle Mile X
38.9Edson Zaldivar5:16.0WA KMEROct 12TT Mile
11Kieran Hall5:16.0NJ HOLMNov 31600 Time Trial
10Vinay Nathan5:16.0NJ HOLMNov 31600 Time Trial
41.11Kevin Wills5:18.3WA TJEFNov 4Miracle Mile X
42.10Reece SanLuis5:20.2WA TJEFNov 4Miracle Mile X
43.12Peter Huss5:20.6WA TJEFNov 4Miracle Mile X
44.9Jason Laio5:22.0NJ HOLMNov 31600 Time Trial
45.11Turner Rodgers5:24.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
11Dallas Smith5:24.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
10Axel Cruz5:24.0WA KMEROct 12TT Mile
48.10RayShawn Scott5:25.0WA KMEROct 12TT Mile
49.10Matt Hatter5:27.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
10Tevin Thomas5:27.0WA KMEROct 12TT Mile
51.10Jared Johnson5:29.0WA KMEROct 12TT Mile
12Jack Trimble5:29.0NJ HOLMNov 31600 Time Trial
53.9Jonathan Hanson5:30.0WA KMEROct 12TT Mile
9Josh Smith5:30.0WA KMEROct 12TT Mile
55.11Tyler Arthur5:30.3WA TJEFNov 4Miracle Mile X
56.11Raghaz Malhotra5:31.0NJ HOLMNov 31600 Time Trial
57.9Blake LaFreniere5:32.6WA TJEFNov 4Miracle Mile X
58.9Eric Williams5:33.0NJ HOLMNov 31600 Time Trial
59.9Josh Thomas5:34.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
60.12Ryan Johnson5:35.0NJ HOLMNov 31600 Time Trial
61.9Brian Colella5:36.0NJ HOLMNov 31600 Time Trial
62.11Nima Jamalkhani5:37.0NJ HOLMNov 31600 Time Trial
63.9Jonathan Eng5:39.0NJ HOLMNov 31600 Time Trial
64.9Issachar Nistrian5:39.2WA TJEFNov 4Miracle Mile X
65.11Darrell Clinton5:40.0WA KMEROct 12TT Mile
11Evan Merrill5:40.0WA KMEROct 12TT Mile
67.11Matthew Eller5:41.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
10Paul Johnston5:41.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
9Pablo Arias5:41.0WA KMEROct 12TT Mile
70.11Vincent Langsy5:42.2WA TJEFNov 4Miracle Mile X
71.9Brandon Cullen5:44.0WA KMEROct 12TT Mile
72.10Brandon Rodriguez5:45.0WA KMEROct 12TT Mile
10Anthony Simuro5:45.0NJ HOLMNov 31600 Time Trial
74.11Johnny Fischbach5:46.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
75.11Nester Reyes5:48.0WA KMEROct 12TT Mile
11Nico Johnson5:48.0WA KMEROct 12TT Mile
9Andrew Tsai5:48.0NJ HOLMNov 31600 Time Trial
78.10Bryce Doyea5:48.7WA TJEFNov 4Miracle Mile X
79.9Alex Lin5:49.0NJ HOLMNov 31600 Time Trial
80.10Dan Tu5:54.0NJ HOLMNov 31600 Time Trial
81.11Trent Jones5:55.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
82.10Frank Rossetti5:56.0MI BWOOSep 17Kennedy/ Wyandotte/...
83.10Alex Slaymaker5:57.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
84.12Dane Duval-Dreblow5:58.0WA KMEROct 12TT Mile
85.10Tucker Smith5:58.7WA TJEFNov 4Miracle Mile X
86.9Carson Rowe6:01.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
87.10Wayland Potter6:03.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
10David Tervooren6:03.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
89.10Matt Kullberg6:03.5WA TJEFNov 4Miracle Mile X
90.9Reise Wayner6:04.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
10Camillo Massagli6:04.0WA KMEROct 12TT Mile
92.9Andrew Eller6:05.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
9Bryce Rodgers6:05.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
10Jayson Delacruz6:05.0WA KMEROct 12TT Mile
95.10Joe Galea6:06.0MI BWOOSep 3Melvindale/ Southga...
11Mark Jackson6:06.0NJ HOLMNov 31600 Time Trial
97.11Nikko Austria6:06.9WA TJEFNov 4Miracle Mile X
98.10James Liu6:07.0NJ HOLMNov 31600 Time Trial
99.11Evan Baerny6:10.0WA KMEROct 12TT Mile
10David Watson6:10.0WA KMEROct 12TT Mile

Womens xshow...

1.10Alexia Martin5:27.0WA KMEROct 12TT Mile
2.12Lacey Printz5:30.5WA TJEFNov 4Miracle Mile X
3.10Leah Kiyohara5:41.0WA TJEFNov 4Miracle Mile X
4.10Vanessa Church5:41.1WA TJEFNov 4Miracle Mile X
5.12Monica Jaenicke5:43.4WA TJEFNov 4Miracle Mile X
6.11Mariah Applegate5:45.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
7.10BethAnne Davis5:58.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
8.12Felicia Bunting5:58.3WA TJEFNov 4Miracle Mile X
9.9Monae Boyles6:04.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
10.12Jessica Dilley6:07.3WA TJEFNov 4Miracle Mile X
11.10Amanda Ditzhazy6:11.7WA TJEFNov 4Miracle Mile X
12.9Fiona Webber6:15.8WA TJEFNov 4Miracle Mile X
13.11Betsy Winkle6:17.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
14.9Anna Trujillo6:19.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
15.12Dannielle Whitcomb6:22.4WA TJEFNov 4Miracle Mile X
16.10Casey Yamasaki6:22.9WA TJEFNov 4Miracle Mile X
17.9Juliana Adams6:35.0WA KMEROct 12TT Mile
18.9Sarah Heer6:38.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
19.9Claire Trujillo6:43.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
20.12Blair Price6:44.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
21.9Shannon McNamara6:46.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
22.12Justine Smith6:53.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
9Sarah Ihde6:53.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
24.9Anna Heer6:56.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
25.10Lillian Bassler6:58.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
10Hannah Christensen6:58.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
27.12Chandalyn Soun6:59.0WA KMEROct 12TT Mile
28.11Cassie Gambill7:00.0WA KMEROct 12TT Mile
29.10Skye Allen7:02.0WA KMEROct 12TT Mile
30.10Mary Ann Kibbie7:11.0WA KMEROct 12TT Mile
31.9Katherine Manning7:11.7WA TJEFNov 4Miracle Mile X
32.9Aly Noble7:17.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
33.10Shelby Printz7:28.7WA TJEFNov 4Miracle Mile X
34.9Samantha Helfen7:38.5WA TJEFNov 4Miracle Mile X
35.11Jenna Crain7:50.0WA KMEROct 12TT Mile
36.11Monica Reid8:28.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
37.11Sarah Carter8:42.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
38.9Mary Alley9:07.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
39.10Kristina Gionet9:18.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
40.11Kate Winkle9:27.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
41.12Victoria Underwood9:39.0AK GRAAug 25South Side Scramble
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