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Southern Oregon Conference Pre-District Competition HS

Thursday, September 15, 2005

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Location - River Forks Park, Roseburg, OR - Map
Mens Races

River Forks Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
Womens Races

River Forks Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
3,000 Meters Junior Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.11Jakob Keyser16:38Crater
2.12Isaac Stoutenburg16:39Crater
3.12Cameron Barleen17:11Ashland
12Paul Rapet17:22South Medford
7.12Spencer Bonney17:30Ashland
12Zach Harris17:45South Medford
10.11Casey Mundell17:46Crater
12Matt Johnson17:47Grants Pass
12Graham Doody17:54Grants Pass
14.11AJ Riggs17:55Roseburg
15.10Ryan Santana17:56Crater
16.12Jake Wilton17:59Roseburg
18.12Dennis McCaffrey18:01Ashland
19.12Caleb Jacobson18:04Crater
21.10Mitchell Lofstedt18:16Roseburg
22.10Matt Miner18:18Ashland
11Dusty Parrish18:23Grants Pass
24.11Kevin Cook18:27Ashland
26.10Curtis Yungen18:31Crater
27.10Luke Peyralans18:33Crater
29.10Tanner Arndt18:42Ashland
11Brad Higgins18:51Grants Pass
12Cole Burgess19:06Grants Pass
36.10Trevyn Payne19:26Roseburg
37.12Darwin Durchanek19:36Roseburg
38.10Tyler Killeen19:39Ashland
12Kosta Horaites20:03South Medford
9Christian Welsh20:32South Medford
44.10Devin Dixon20:37Roseburg
12John Edwards20:52Grants Pass
9Josiah Marshal21:21South Medford
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

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1.12John Harris18:22Ashland
2.12Jon Buel18:58Crater
3.11Josh Baker19:13Ashland
4.9Ryland Karlovich19:14Ashland
6.12Scott Marshall19:24Crater
9Eric Seidlicki19:33Grants Pass
9.10Jerrod Puckett19:34Crater
14.12Nick Stephens19:58Roseburg
15.11Josh Keith20:06Crater
19.12Robbie Richardson20:10Roseburg
19.12Andrew Gamble20:17Crater
22.10Josh Houghton20:29Ashland
24.10Alex Miller20:33Crater
26.11Simon Podwika20:39Roseburg
29.9Tyler Lander20:49Roseburg
30.12Jerad Pedersen20:50Roseburg
31.12Dustin Bryson20:51Roseburg
33.10Adam Holdorph21:00Ashland
34.12Austin Carter21:03Crater
36.10Zane Stevens21:03Crater
37.12Hunter Goldberg21:08Roseburg
40.10Erik Adams21:08Roseburg
10Mike Cowell21:12Grants Pass
12Andrew Webb21:23South Medford
43.9Steven Evans21:33Roseburg
44.12Derek Baker21:38Roseburg
45.9Jeremy Artoff21:41Crater
11Laws Jespersen21:42South Medford
48.11Joshua Schulze21:47Roseburg
50.10Thomas Dannenhoffer21:49Roseburg
12Jukka Boyd22:06South Medford
12Patrick Weber22:06South Medford
55.11Devin Mecham22:08Roseburg
56.12Berry Boessenkool22:08Roseburg
9Ryne Burgess22:19Grants Pass
60.10Casey VanBastelaar22:33Roseburg
64.11Andy Tovey22:48Roseburg
65.11Eric Zubriski23:00Roseburg
66.12Travis Shrum23:02Roseburg
12Seth Hatfield23:47South Medford
12Eric Van Buskirk24:11South Medford
78.12Bryan Erickson24:31Crater
11Dan Kaufman24:34South Medford
80.11Jason Rabern24:35Roseburg
82.11Zach Kennedy24:46Roseburg
83.9Brad Mabie25:02Roseburg
9Clint Sergi25:29South Medford
87.9Ian Winter26:04Roseburg
88.9Curtis Guyer27:45Roseburg
89.9Jasper Erickson29:36Roseburg
9Ashton DarlandRoseburg made it 2.5 miles!
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.12Natalie Hemphill20:18Ashland
3.10Aria Hemphill20:40Ashland
4.10Katie Wilton20:40Roseburg
10Lorine Cruz20:56Grants Pass
7.11Kristen Haga21:12Crater
8.9Haley Beal21:16Ashland
10Laurel Parks21:26Grants Pass
12Jan Frodsham21:28South Medford
11.9Kayleigh Tyerman21:30Crater
14.11Alyssa Taylor21:38Ashland
15.10Laurie Stoutenburgh21:39Crater
17.11Lori Barrett21:59Crater
18.12Heather Gegenhuber22:03Roseburg
19.11Chelsey Boehnke22:15Ashland
20.11Sophie Distefano22:25Ashland
21.9Silver Seibert22:29Crater
12Amanda Straw22:50Grants Pass
26.11Victoria Mayfield22:56Ashland
12Sahmara Gonzalez23:17South Medford
9Kelly Weber23:19South Medford
12Lauren Sigel23:20Grants Pass
32.9Samantha Pettibone23:29Roseburg
33.9Lindsey Bascom23:30Crater
12Rachel Heck23:31Grants Pass
36.11Talana Morin24:01Roseburg
12Anna Lovelace24:18Grants Pass
39.10Olivia Clark24:20Crater
11Katlyn Sorensen24:31Grants Pass
10Alex Enriquez25:37South Medford
12Ana Enriquez25:46South Medford
9Katie Eastman26:04South Medford
11Dani Hooper26:40South Medford
47.10Natalie Rich27:21Roseburg
48.9Becki Lee28:00Roseburg
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3,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

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1.12Hannah Clark12:36Ashland
2.12Hannah Palmer12:56Ashland
3.10Erika Hultz12:57Ashland
4.10Jordan Kling13:02Ashland
5.10Micaela Bishop13:02.1Ashland
7.10Savannah Julian13:11Ashland
9.9Stephanie Poletti13:52Crater
11.9Dahna Black13:56Ashland
10Emily Carpenter13:59Grants Pass
14.10Carol Goyer14:16Crater
16.11Amanda Davis14:23Crater
18.12Mollie Goyer14:26Crater
12Katrina Stevens14:27South Medford
24.10Mya Kass14:36Ashland
9Rebecca Christie14:38South Medford
26.11Alyssa Richardson14:42Crater
11Erin McDonough14:49Grants Pass
9Mary Holzhauser14:53South Medford
32.12Bonnie Latham15:05Crater
38.10Kestral Laipply15:10Ashland
11Chelsey Willilams15:11Grants Pass
10Ashley Hand15:14Grants Pass
12Chelsea Coker15:16South Medford
42.11Debbie Hanussak15:17Roseburg
43.12Madison Hayward15:21Crater
9Alisha Brown15:23South Medford
9Pauline Goossens15:26South Medford
9Natalie Ludwig15:27South Medford
52.10Sydney Stevens15:40Crater
9Jessica Pariera15:42South Medford
12Marley Badolati15:59Grants Pass
10Erika Hageman16:00Grants Pass
57.11Julie McGraw16:02Roseburg
59.11Brit Tice16:06Roseburg
12Miranda Barrus16:09South Medford
12Jenna Delladio16:28South Medford
67.11Madison Kinney17:06Roseburg
12.10Holly Gamble17:36Crater
10Lyndsey Romick18:24Grants Pass
9Naselle Turk18:50South Medford
74.11Sarah Schultz19:02Roseburg
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