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Mens Races
2 Miles Freshman
2.8 Miles Junior Varsity
2.8 Miles Varsity
2.8 Miles Varsity A Division
Womens Races
2 Miles Junior Varsity7:25 PM
2 Miles Varsity8:15 PM

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Mens Results

2 Miles Freshman  

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31.9Sykes Yeates12:47St John's
40.9Ben Shapiro13:05.40John Cooper
43.9Matthew Feigin13:13.37John Cooper
56.9Mitch Torczon13:33St John's
60.9Brandon Steele13:40St John's
70.9Cody Koelemay14:00Lutheran-South
79.9Justin Keeling14:28St John's
85.9Kevin Van Kirk14:48Lutheran-South
90.9James Pham14:58St John's
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2.8 Miles Junior Varsity  

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93.10Patrick Gibbs19:18Lutheran-South 21:33
104.10Joe Martinez19:32St John's
121.10Cody Pratt20:02Lutheran-South 22:22
122.11Chris Letsou20:02St John's
123.12Bubba Fish20:03St John's
131.10Zach Lunz20:13Lutheran-South 22:34
136.10Ryan Fletcher20:23Lutheran-South 22:45
12Jeff Lacy21:18.12John Cooper
160.10Gavin Peterkin21:28St John's
10Jordan Dewbre21:33.60John Cooper
184.12Austin Standley23:06Lutheran-South 25:47
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2.8 Miles Varsity  

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1.12Carlos Falcon15:11St John's
38.12Andrew Cruz16:30Lutheran-South 18:23
67.10Anthony Cruz16:54Lutheran-South 18:50
76.12Kane Kimler17:07.85John Cooper
77.10Alex Spaulding17:08.23John Cooper
83.11Ben Marek17:15St John's
100.10Ryan Eisenman17:33St John's
104.10Wyatt Pease17:42.20John Cooper
109.10Derek Fossi17:43St John's
114.10Philip Johnson17:57.09John Cooper
118.12Anthony Spaulding18:01Lutheran-South 20:07
121.11Eric Lange18:03Lutheran-South 20:07
128.10Parker Schiffer18:07St John's
129.11Varun Sablok18:14St John's
139.10Jonathan Schulz18:27St John's
181.12JT Ellis23:18Lutheran-South 25:28
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2.8 Miles Varsity A Division  

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9.11Anthony Urbanelli14:57.41John Cooper
13.11Tim Cousins15:06.00John Cooper
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Womens Results

2 Miles Junior Varsity  

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45.9Kate Woodward14:48Duchesne Academy
10Catherine McCarthy15:10.51John Cooper
12Molly Dressel15:37.87John Cooper
117.9Emily Donaldson16:32Duchesne Academy
137.9Julie Olivo16:49Lutheran-South
173.11Kayla Shaffer18:23Lutheran-South
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2 Miles Varsity  

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19.10Shannon Klenke12:49Duchesne Academy
11.12Kathleen Murphy13:01.98John Cooper
42.12Holly Marshall13:49Lutheran-South
69.12Emily Dunlap14:18.65John Cooper
70.11Meredith Hale14:20.26John Cooper
97.10Kathleen Bryan14:48Lutheran-South
98.10Alexis Steger14:49.96John Cooper
103.12Maripau Nunez14:54.13John Cooper
114.10Melissa Cruz15:05Lutheran-South
160.10Nika Tafarroji16:11Lutheran-South
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