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Mens Races


5,000 Meters Class 1
5,000 Meters Class 29:20 AM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity10:10 AM
Womens Races


5,000 Meters Class 1
5,000 Meters Class 29:45 AM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity10:35 AM

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Class 1  

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2.11Jacob Hord16:16.0Linden
7.11Brendan Sage16:44.0Linden
8.12Kyle LeMieux16:47.0Linden
10.11Dylan Ryan16:50.0Linden
29.11Garret Chappell17:26Linden
37.10Mark Wright17:47Linden
59.12Keith Galbraith18:34.0Linden
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5,000 Meters Class 2  

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12Brandon Hoffman16:37Parma Western
6.12Joseph Hemingway16:41Holt
12.12Eric Spitz16:53Holt
26.12Kyle Hanton17:22Holt
24.12Joey Rizzolo17:38Stockbridge Medalled
32.11Thomas Lovachis17:46Stockbridge
10.9Tyler Harrison17:54Leslie
36.11Tyler Graustein18:01Stockbridge
55.11Philip Batterson18:23Holt
58.12Justin Gibbs18:32Holt
60.12Ryan Thumser18:39Holt
54.12Keith Huss18:43Parma Western
57.10Mason Cutler18:53Stockbridge
65.10Cole Caron18:57Holt
63.10Corey Fleming19:12Parma Western
68.9Michael Krebill19:23Parma Western
73.11Zach Olson19:33Stockbridge
77.10Gabe Ojeda19:38Parma Western
42.9Josh Steckelberg19:45Leslie
82.9Jacob Lafferriere19:49Parma Western
54.9Justin Gibbs20:29Leslie
91.11Kyle Kramer20:38Stockbridge Runner of the Week
94.11DJ Radtke20:45Parma Western
60.11Zach Bliven21:25Leslie
99.11Brian Sears21:45Stockbridge
64.10Chase Tropf22:10Leslie
68.10Ben Doane22:59Leslie
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

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11John Herdman18:17Linden
13.10Skyler Dutkiewicz18:17Holt
18.12Caleb Shaw18:27Holt
21.10Shaun Bashore18:30Holt
22.11Zach Platte18:33Stockbridge
10Adam Dietz18:34Linden
12Eric Hinton18:46Linden
12Carl Lindman19:01Linden
11Kyle Eppler19:09Linden
11Ethan Pepper19:11Leslie
47.9Everett Rawlings19:24Holt
10Jacob Hoyes19:45Linden
11Jacob Tomek19:49Linden
9Matt Hotchkiss19:50Parma Western
11Bobby MacDermaid19:51Linden
11Luke Kennedy19:53Linden
82.10Zach Hodgman19:56Holt
89.10Miles Ranke20:04Holt
11Dan Weller20:05Linden
92.9Matt Snay20:05Holt
11Ian Marsh20:18Linden
148.9Patrick Carrier21:07Holt
9Thomas King21:19Parma Western
11Kelsey Hyde21:42Linden
9Jace Roffler21:50Parma Western
12Kody Neuville22:39Linden
210.9Tyler Carpenter22:48Stockbridge
10Harry Light22:52Linden
219.9Jordan Rasico23:00Holt
233.9Anthony Rickle23:36Stockbridge
247.9Chris Hefty24:36Holt
263.11Chris Adams26:05Stockbridge
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Class 2  

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1.12Meggan Freeland18:30Parma Western
2.12Anna Rudd19:23Leslie
3.9Audrey Tremaine19:31Leslie
7.10Kayla Smith20:47Leslie
21.10Jacqueline Fillmore20:52Stockbridge
8.11Ashley Steers20:55Leslie
25.10Mayce Varacalli21:15Linden
33.10Mindy Freeland21:19Parma Western
35.10Kristen Fillmore21:20Stockbridge
27.10Heidi Sack21:28Linden
44.12Jessie Ykimoff21:46Parma Western
46.9Jasmine Holloway21:55Stockbridge
13.9Brooke Prieskorn22:00Leslie
14.10Sydney Tremaine22:00Leslie
52.12Lauren McUmber22:03Parma Western
58.9Kellie Rizzolo22:15Stockbridge
38.12Sara Ward22:25Linden
68.12Katie Salow22:34Stockbridge
44.10April La Londe22:37Linden
45.12Sydney Lorey22:41Linden
46.10Brandi Juengel22:42Linden
71.11Kate Coleman22:42Parma Western
55.10Danielle Starrs23:30Linden
84.11Hanna Stewart23:31Parma Western
86.12Whitney Williams23:38Stockbridge
88.12Lauren Walker23:54Stockbridge
32.11Rachele Hayes24:13Leslie
96.9Kyler Huss24:37Parma Western
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

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10.11Sayre Jedele22:27Linden
23.10Celene Howard22:55Linden
25.12Chelsea Maupin22:59Linden
35.10Chelsea Khirfan23:16Linden
54.12Jessica Saint John23:40Linden
9Hailey Willett23:41Leslie
57.11Emily TenEyck23:44Stockbridge
11Anna Tobias24:01Parma Western
73.10Erin McLeod24:11Linden
74.12Shelby Skinner24:12Linden
75.9Cassidy Dolby24:13Linden
80.9Alexis Tester24:23Linden
11Taylor Woodruff24:27Parma Western
9Lauren Easton24:29Parma Western
10Ashley Grodi24:37Parma Western
10Bethany Peterson24:41Parma Western
97.10Angela Bertolini24:43Linden
102.9Julia Snider24:46Stockbridge
105.10Kate Tucker24:49Linden
9Abby Kono24:59Parma Western
9Sarah Ellis25:58Parma Western
11Brittany Easton26:04Parma Western
11Kassey McClymont26:11Leslie
145.10Morgan Ward26:18Stockbridge
11Michelle Maher27:01Parma Western
12Kelsie Cox27:03Leslie
9Hannah Blume27:15Parma Western
177.12Genna Hoard27:19Stockbridge
195.10Madison Mclelland28:21Stockbridge
196.10Amellia Versola28:25Linden
215.12Karen Tolly30:31Stockbridge
11Sylvan Edwards31:04Linden
225.12Delaney Andrews31:31Linden
231.10Jackie Bowles32:45Linden
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