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SOMSAC XC multi-team meet MS

Thursday, October 09, 2008

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Meet Host - Hedrick MS
Location - Bear Creek Little League Fields, Medford, OR - Map
Mens Races

Bear Creek Little League Fields

3,000 Meters Middle School5:00 PM
Womens Races

Bear Creek Little League Fields

3,000 Meters Middle School4:30 PM
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Mens Results

3,000 Meters Middle School  
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1.8David Johnson10:25New Hope Christian
2.8Alex Cummings10:39Grace Christian
3.8Connor Lauffenburger10:46New Hope Christian
4.8Christian Huttema11:04New Hope Christian
5.6Chris Merlos11:29New Hope Christian
6.8John Daniel Sutton11:30Grace Christian
7.8Hunter Bradshaw11:33Ashland
8.7Conner Stanek11:34Ashland
9.7MacGregor Reed11:42Grace Christian
10.6Chase Ganim11:46Ashland
11.8Nolan Bradley12:04Ashland
12.7Benjamin Orndoff12:07Hedrick
13.7Kyle Campbell12:08Hedrick
14.7Tristan Akery12:14Grace Christian
15.7Ray Schireman12:20Hedrick
16.7Bryce Rogan12:24Ashland
17.7Gabriel Stanley12:30Hedrick
18.7Ethan Cannon12:38Hedrick
19.6Zack Easter12:41Talent
20.8Pierce Prozy12:44New Hope Christian
21.6James Carpenter12:45Grace Christian
22.7Grady Killeen12:48Ashland
23.8Tanner Cockell12:54Ashland
24.7Garrett Byrd12:55.23Grace Christian
25.7Sam Hough12:55.57Ashland
26.8Reid Gibson12:57Hedrick
27.8Brendon Surgeon12:59Hedrick
28.7Lars Rockwell13:01.25Ashland
29.7John Paul Lafont13:01.87Hedrick
30.5Ben Shields13:05New Hope Christian
31.8Spencer Ebert13:06Hedrick
32.7Arran Fagan13:11Hedrick
33.6Evan Anderson13:18Ashland
34.7Eric Oliveri13:19Grace Christian
35.7Philip Todak13:22Talent
36.7Henry Krant13:23Ashland
37.7Spencer Schmidt13:28Hedrick
38.6Colin Updegraff13:30Eagle Point
39.6Chris Rife13:36Ashland
40.7Glenn Patchett13:37Eagle Point
41.8Neil Texiera13:41Ashland
42.6Nathan Panagos13:49Eagle Point
43.8Jesus Quirarte13:50.48Talent
44.8LJ Denn13:50.88Grace Christian
45.8Jacob Laurence-Tho...13:52.28Ashland
46.7Justin Boringot13:52.89Hedrick
47.7Cole Ziegler14:01Hedrick
48.7Justin Casebier14:05Grace Christian
49.7Gordon Grafton14:09.21Ashland
50.8Eddy McVarish14:09.77Ashland
51.7Christopher Stover14:10Hedrick
52.8John Walker14:16Hedrick
53.7Andy Smith14:20Hedrick
54.6Tim Kiesling14:24Ashland
55.7Bryce Thornton14:34Eagle Point
56.7Tyler Atkins14:35Hedrick
57.6Gabe Roman14:39Talent
58.6Knute Thompson14:56Talent
59.7Justin Park14:57New Hope Christian
60.7Alec Kauffman14:58Talent
61.7Liam Cislo15:12Ashland
62.7Nathan Johnson15:18Hedrick
63.6Anthony Day15:24Talent
64.6Jack Feinberg15:32Ashland
65.7Peter Bach15:33Ashland
66.6Caleb Strong15:45Eagle Point
67.8Logan Thirkill15:49Talent
68.8Ross Begg16:01Hedrick
69.7Mitchell Button16:06Hedrick
70.8Brad Zentgraf16:18Talent
71.7Sam Miller16:36Hedrick
72.7Daniel Navarrete16:41Ashland
73.6Bud Schenk17:09Eagle Point
74.7Erin Villasenor17:32Hedrick
75.8Zack Radford17:36Hedrick
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Womens Results

3,000 Meters Middle School  
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1.8Julia Ribeiro12:10Hedrick
2.8Maddie Chaves12:12Ashland
3.7Jessica Pettegrew-...12:52Hedrick
4.6Clara Honsinger13:03Ashland
5.7Stephanie Croy13:11Grace Christian
6.8Zahreh McClure13:15Hedrick
7.7Lindsey Vermillion13:18Talent
8.6Nevina DeLuca13:24Talent
9.8Kelly Ireland13:26Hedrick
10.8Kyndall Wiley13:32.24Hedrick
11.8Morgan Lasota13:32.63Hedrick
12.8Megan Ganim13:57Ashland
13.6Ashlee Vos14:10Talent
14.8Rylie Wolff14:21Hedrick
15.7Kylie Santos14:28Hedrick
16.7Kenna Gillock14:29Grace Christian
17.6Dominique Moore14:30Ashland
18.6Brooke Hanks14:51Eagle Point
19.7Renae Rivero14:54Hedrick
20.8Taylor Merritt14:55Hedrick
21.8Demi Rochon14:57Hedrick
22.8Sara VanNatta15:03Talent
23.7Aubrie Georgevich15:05Ashland
24.8Jaidyanne Podsobin...15:07Talent
25.7Tori Romig15:12Talent
26.8Tara Thompson15:15Hedrick
27.7Kaitlin McRae15:16.12Talent
28.8Itzy Valle15:16.69Ashland
29.6Bailee Tally15:19Talent
30.7Ruthy Scott15:21Talent
31.7Elizabeth Finwall15:23Ashland
32.7Kaysha Dollarhide15:28Hedrick
33.8Sommer Humphreys15:30Ashland
34.8Sarena Campbell15:37Hedrick
35.8Emily Wood15:39Hedrick
36.7Katie Shammel15:51Ashland
37.8Shelby Retherford15:54Eagle Point
38.7Kristen Hanson16:05Eagle Point
39.6Britni Barger16:18Talent
40.6Ashley Knecht16:22.04Ashland
41.6Sydney May16:22.86Eagle Point
42.6Madigen Smith16:25.38Grace Christian
43.6Katelyn Smith16:25.76Grace Christian
44.6Hannah Barton16:30Grace Christian
45.7Ashley Simas16:52Eagle Point
46.7Sita McGuire17:04Ashland
47.6Alexis McDonald17:09Grace Christian
48.6Hannah Mathewson17:40Talent
49.7Isabella Duncan17:56.1Hedrick
50.8Courtney Laford17:56.43Hedrick
51.7Kenzie McKillip18:16Eagle Point
52.6Holly Ragsdale18:53Talent
53.6Kristen Shupe19:43Grace Christian
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