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Mercersburg Invitational HS

Saturday, September 29, 2001

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Location - Mercersburg Academy , Mercersburg, PA - Map
Mens Races

Mercersburg Academy

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
Womens Races

Mercersburg Academy

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
Upgrade Meet Host
The Mercersburg Academy

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1.12Ben Stern16:19.1Georgetown Day
2.11Joey Norcio16:35.5Our Lady Of Good Cou...
3.12Kevin Graves16:39.4Our Lady Of Good Cou...
4.12Dan Ryan16:42.4Our Lady Of Good Cou...
5.11James Hawthorn16:44.6Potomac School
6.11Mike Rooney16:51.6Gonzaga College
7.11Matt O'Brien17:02.7St Albans For Boys
8.12Mike Benedetti17:05.2Our Lady Of Good Cou...
9.12Walter Krolman17:06.0Gonzaga College
10.12Luke Clay17:10.1Episcopal
11.10Mike Ulaky17:13.8Our Lady Of Good Cou...
12.-Mike Graves17:19.3St John's College
13.12Peter Asbill17:20.2St Albans For Boys
14.11Benjamin Oldfield17:21.2Sidwell Friends
15.9Ryan Woodlee17:22.9Gonzaga College
16.-Paul Dupuy17:24.6St Albans For Boys
17.11Matt Rhodes17:31.4Episcopal
18.10Peter Muller17:35.1St Albans For Boys
19.11Greg Koffel17:35.7Glenelg Country
20.12Judson Ragsdale17:39.8Episcopal
21.12Alex Maxa17:41.9St Albans For Boys
22.12Chase Bourke17:42.3Landon
23.11Ross Weller17:46.9The Mercersburg Acad...
24.11Kevin Baum17:48.7St Albans For Boys
25.12James Christian17:49.1St Albans For Boys
26.12Breudan Williams17:53.6Sidwell Friends
27.12Nathaniel Elberfeld17:54.9St Stephens and St A...
28.12Byron Mccann17:57.8Woodberry Forest
29.11George Tozzer17:59.1Bullis
30.11Ian MaCLeod18:03.1Potomac School
31.12Tim Gibson18:05.2Potomac School
32.9Jacob Travers18:05.5Sidwell Friends
33.12Max Brandon18:05.8Woodberry Forest
34.12Mike Convery18:08.2Gonzaga College
35.12Joe Goodell18:12.5Landon
36.-Dan Shusinsky18:18.5The Heights
37.12Stephen Sutton18:19.5Woodberry Forest
38.12Harrison Vigersky18:23.5Georgetown Day
39.10Andrew Sovonick18:26.0Sidwell Friends
40.12Patrick Waldo18:26.5Sidwell Friends
41.-Kent Wills18:27.9St John's College
42.12Jon Pareti18:28.7Episcopal
43.11Danny Smolka18:30.6St John's College
44.12Anthony Bowden18:31.4DeMatha Catholic
45.11Marc Tracy18:32.1Georgetown Day
46.11Dan Locb18:32.4Glenelg Country
47.11Randy Hardy18:35.9DeMatha Catholic
48.11Dan Henebrey18:39.0The Heights
49.12Tommy Syverson18:40.8Saint James
50.-Julian Leinemann18:41.4Saint James
51.12Scott Harper18:44.7St John's College
52.11Matthew Steele18:45.3DeMatha Catholic
53.11David Levy18:45.7Edmund Burke
54.9Ben Ganzfried18:46.2Landon
55.9Alex Rhoads18:47.0Landon
56.12David Posner18:47.3The Mercersburg Acad...
57.11Manly Norris18:52.2Episcopal
58.9Sam Richie18:52.9Maret
59.10Mudit Gilotra18:53.7Bullis
60.11Emile Petrone18:54.9Woodberry Forest
61.10Clark Menge18:55.2Woodberry Forest
62.11Will Clifton18:55.6Woodberry Forest
63.12Andrew Balkam18:55.9Gonzaga College
64.10Matt Simonson18:56.5Georgetown Day
65.12Eric Dawson18:58.0Sidwell Friends
66.10Alex Owens18:58.9Glenelg Country
67.11Matt Jablonski18:59.3St John's College
68.11Peter Nash19:00.1Glenelg Country
69.11Patrick O'connor19:02.9St Stephens and St A...
70.9Benjamin Hunt19:05.3Sidwell Friends
71.10Rob Savitsky19:06.3Georgetown Day
72.10Jimmy Daly19:13.8Gonzaga College
73.12Daniel Lipton19:14.5Maret
74.10Kensuke Kasaka19:17.3The Mercersburg Acad...
75.10C.J. Orr19:19.0Landon
76.11Charles Baldwin19:19.5St Stephens and St A...
77.10Michael Amann19:20.6Potomac School
78.-Michael Fagan19:20.8The Heights
79.10Oliver Cannell19:23.6Potomac School
80.12Giles Spurling19:24.6Episcopal
81.11Garry Burke19:25.1St Stephens and St A...
82.10Peter Hadley19:25.5The Heights
83.-Danny Mccarthy19:28.5The Heights
84.11Ben Brokaw19:31.1Edmund Burke
85.12Joseph Jamaar19:38.7Maret
86.12Ernie Mitchell19:39.1Potomac School
87.11David Hall19:42.2St Stephens and St A...
88.-Steven Richitt19:46.6St John's College
89.12Andrew Hippensteele19:55.2Saint James
90.12Kelley Shepherd19:55.6Woodberry Forest
91.12Johnny Sadoff19:56.5Edmund Burke
92.12Peter Park19:56.9Episcopal
93.10William Gridley19:59.4The Mercersburg Acad...
94.12Allejandro Lulli20:04.6The Heights
95.11Richard Ousley20:08.2DeMatha Catholic
96.-Robin Fu20:10.5Randolph-Macon Academy
97.10John Puckett20:10.7The Mercersburg Acad...
98.-Kevin Brown20:11.3Georgetown Day
99.10Thomas Beyle20:15.2Edmund Burke
100.12David Mandel20:15.9Maret
101.12John Oyaizu20:17.8Saint James
102.12Peter Tillman20:18.3Bullis
103.-John Clark20:19.6Saint James
104.12Mike King20:22.9St Stephens and St A...
105.10Zach Tcheyan20:23.2Maret
106.-Derek Sanford20:24.0Saint James
107.9Kevin Bender20:25.4Potomac School
108.10Brandon Balthrop20:25.6Edmund Burke
109.11Carlos Nido20:27.7St Stephens and St A...
110.-Boris Roslov20:32.4Randolph-Macon Academy
111.9Eric Peterson20:36.8Maret
112.-Aaron Shapiro20:45.5Randolph-Macon Academy
113.11Joe Sullivan20:47.7Maret
114.12Keven Thompson20:49.9Bullis
115.-Shaun Baghai20:53.5The Heights
116.10Theodore Schlanger20:55.80Landon
116.10Theodore Schlanger20:55.8Landon
117.9Chris Keiffer21:00.0Glenelg Country
118.-Nick Graling21:00.2Randolph-Macon Academy
119.-Basil Carr21:11.9Georgetown Day
120.11Malcolm Jackson21:23.7Edmund Burke
121.10Sarab Singh21:24.7Landon
122.9Nick Lehan21:28.1Glenelg Country
123.10Paul Carmichael21:36.1DeMatha Catholic
124.11Mike Eisenberg21:42.6Bullis
125.11Dan Taubman21:43.5Glenelg Country
126.10Kris Mehrling21:46.4Bullis
127.12Jack Fisher21:52.4DeMatha Catholic
128.12Teddy Wiggers21:56.0Edmund Burke
129.10Stuart Kegan23:02.9Saint James
130.12Jac Ullman Iii23:03.3The Mercersburg Acad...
131.9Henderson Tozer23:31.7Bullis
132.-Brandon Wilkins23:50.0Randolph-Macon Academy
133.-Brandon Fleetwood23:51.5Randolph-Macon Academy
134.12Andrew Walton24:34.7The Mercersburg Acad...
135.-Alex Simpson24:57.7Randolph-Macon Academy
136.-Ray Leong29:37.5Randolph-Macon Academy
137.-Jamar Wilson33:32.8Randolph-Macon Academy
138.-Robert Nelson33:33.1Randolph-Macon Academy
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
Upgrade Meet Host
The Mercersburg Academy

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.12Maureen Glah19:53.8The Mercersburg Acad...
2.12Emily Fertig20:54.0Sidwell Friends
3.-Caroline Pareti21:04.7Episcopal
4.10Laura Walls21:09.7Glenelg Country
5.10Annie Shippen21:19.3Glenelg Country
6.11Cassy Lytle21:27.7Our Lady Of Good Cou...
7.12Ariel Berkower21:31.4Sidwell Friends
8.11Elisabeth Black21:45.8Madeira
9.9Hannah Galey21:46.5The Mercersburg Acad...
10.12Ellen Fedors21:48.1Georgetown Day
11.11Talila Lewis21:57.5St John's College
12.12Kim Nguyen22:01.1National Cathedral f...
13.-Caitlin Preas22:06.5Our Lady Of Good Cou...
14.-Micaela Doyle22:08.8National Cathedral f...
15.11Emily Paul22:13.0Maret
16.10Kat Glass22:14.4National Cathedral f...
17.-Jessica Williams22:23.4Episcopal
18.10Amelia Buczinski22:30.2St Stephens and St A...
19.10Amanda Imbimbo22:30.5Glenelg Country
20.-Jasmine Morgan22:30.7Potomac School
21.9Charlotte Lawson22:34.7Potomac School
22.-Defne Ozgediz22:36.0National Cathedral f...
23.-Caitie Reed22:48.5Our Lady Of Good Cou...
24.-Tucker Ewing22:57.2National Cathedral f...
25.-Maia Stern23:04.1Georgetown Day
26.10Kate Hayes23:13.0National Cathedral f...
27.9Jennifer Esch23:20.5Sidwell Friends
28.9Katherine Wallace23:29.4Sidwell Friends
29.10Laura Landstra23:31.8Glenelg Country
30.11Lizzie Cowan23:33.0Our Lady Of Good Cou...
31.-Alison Kentworthy23:36.8Georgetown Visitatio...
32.10Sarah Westervelt23:47.7Glenelg Country
33.-Molly Langer23:48.9Potomac School
34.12Rachel Nicholson23:49.7The Mercersburg Acad...
35.10Karen Simpson23:53.1Glenelg Country
36.-Alina Del Castillo23:58.5Our Lady Of Good Cou...
37.-Claire Banham24:11.6Foxcroft
38.-Emily Pontzer24:13.6Georgetown Visitatio...
39.9Brooks Swett24:17.1National Cathedral f...
40.10Lauren Timoney24:26.0The Mercersburg Acad...
41.-Maya Jaafar24:27.6Potomac School
42.10Genevieve Holland24:29.6Georgetown Visitatio...
43.-Chrissy Holt24:37.4Our Lady Of Good Cou...
44.9Hannah Coolidge24:42.4Sidwell Friends
45.-Lindsey Gravioli24:49.9Episcopal
46.-Julie Stewart25:08.1Potomac School
47.12Wendy Degorter25:17.6Madeira
48.11Ah-Young Baek25:17.9Madeira
49.12Melinda Delis25:18.7Madeira
50.12Amy Friedman25:24.4Bullis
51.12Jessie Reichler25:26.0Bullis
52.-Stefanie Thomas25:27.4Potomac School
53.11Sohee Park25:39.3Episcopal
54.-Katie Fabiani25:57.8Potomac School
55.11Kristi Demartino26:00.8The Mercersburg Acad...
56.9Maudie Braswell26:06.1St Stephens and St A...
57.-Valeri Vasquez26:15.0Georgetown Visitatio...
58.10Lauren Donowa26:23.7Madeira
59.12Gina Suslick26:29.9St Stephens and St A...
60.10Sanna Ronkainen26:35.4St Stephens and St A...
61.9Stephanie Armitage26:36.5St Stephens and St A...
62.12Jessi Lipschitz26:48.4Sidwell Friends
63.11Avery Salisbury27:00.2Maret
64.12Mary Rice27:04.0Glenelg Country
65.-Michelle Liu27:32.1Episcopal
66.10Dana Whitten28:00.8Episcopal
67.-Jackie Bohon28:03.1Foxcroft
68.10Camilla Cippa28:04.0Bullis
69.-Liz Moore28:16.8Foxcroft
70.-Kristin Damo28:17.1Georgetown Visitatio...
71.-Katie Khoury28:19.2Georgetown Visitatio...
72.10Kathryn Hamilton28:33.1Maret
73.9Carolyn Rosenthal30:05.8Georgetown Day
74.-Shannon Calnan30:11.0Georgetown Visitatio...
75.9Jessica Ke31:48.1Bullis
76.11Jessalyn Maguire33:17.3Bullis
77.10Alex Mckenna34:41.9Maret
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