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Hells Gate State Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
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Hells Gate State Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.9Cody Helbling16:56Lake City Wow-only frosh
1.12Steve Teran17:07Sandpoint
2.12Nic Cotton17:20Lake City wow too-goin 2 miss hi
5.10Logan Frederickson17:31Lake City so close-next week
3.11David Householter17:37Sandpoint
6.11Gabe Downey17:47Lake City Wow-he can sprint!
8.12Colin Livingston17:51Lake City great finish closing
10.11John Coyle18:01Lake City wait till next week
5.12Adrian Mitchell18:08Sandpoint
11.12Zeb Smith19:02Sandpoint
12.9Tim Householter19:03 SRSandpoint
19.11Sam Hoggatt19:24Lake City tough day 2day
13.12James VanEssen19:42Sandpoint
15.11Jesse Javana20:16Sandpoint
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

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3.12AJ Buley19:00Lake City robbed of a medal
4.9Greg Drapeau19:01Lake City also robbed of a medal
6.10Cody Palmer19:11 SRLake City most improved runner
7.12Ben Higgs19:34Lake City a great year
1.12Chris Dunham19:48Sandpoint
9.11Mike Korczyk19:52Lake City also a great year
2.10Riley Millar20:12 SRSandpoint
11.9Taylor Rogers20:13Lake City next year even better
3.11Samuel Sisson20:22Sandpoint
13.11Shane Papineau20:27Lake City great improvement this
14.11Casey Fehrnstrom20:33Lake City amazing year
5.10Kevin Pfeifer20:34Sandpoint
8.10Jeremiah Prummer20:54 SRSandpoint
10.10Mathew Sisson21:25Sandpoint
11.12Tom Clark21:31Sandpoint
20.10Andrew Asper21:39 SRLake City best race ever!!
21.10Kyle Milholland21:42Lake City great run 2day
22.11Parker Gibson21:49 PRLake City best race ever!
25.9Scott Watford21:58 SRLake City best race ever!!
27.11Jesse Ohs22:05Lake City can do 400IH now
19.9Connor Robinson22:59Sandpoint
35.9Evan Caps23:26Lake City great season
22.10Josh Kopsa23:52Sandpoint
25.12Luke Foster24:16Sandpoint
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.10Megan Bartlett19:51Sandpoint
2.10Kathleen Vardell20:10 PRSandpoint
4.12Melissa Mitchell21:26Lake City been leading all year
5.9Rhianna Grossman21:31Lake City continues to improve
3.10Victoria Vardell21:47Sandpoint
6.9Emily Wyatt21:57Lake City most consistent frosh
7.12Hailey Meyer22:12Lake City having a strong season
10.9Cassie Kazemba22:20Lake City best race thus far
9.12Bri Gordon22:38Lake City having a blast
5.12Christine Miller22:52Sandpoint
10.10Molly Mitchell23:22Lake City struggling-but hanging
9.12Bailey Hein23:25Sandpoint
11.12Ali Miller23:49Sandpoint
15.11Rebecca Johnson24:28Sandpoint
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

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1.9Karlee Hergenreder23:57Sandpoint
1.9Maddi Mularski24:30Lake City awesome year
3.9Sarah Addington24:31 SRSandpoint
4.12Candice Chapin24:37 PRSandpoint
2.9Ashley Eachon24:54Lake City just a great year
8.10Leslie Teran25:02 PRSandpoint
10.12Meggie Cafferty25:33Sandpoint
11.12Jessica Laney25:39Sandpoint
14.11Brittney Kramer25:56 PRSandpoint
3.12Jenna Morris26:21Lake City super year-all 4 of th
17.12Kristina Mollenberg26:32Sandpoint
18.12Brinda Bunn26:41 PRSandpoint
4.10Kristen Smith27:02 SRLake City Best race ever
5.11Gayle Livingston27:25Lake City great season
21.12Sarah Wills27:50Sandpoint
22.12Jamie Diehl27:56Sandpoint
23.11Morgan Wills27:59Sandpoint
24.9Ashley Brush28:21Sandpoint
8.10Allison McCullough30:44Lake City a tough day-but finish
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