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Champoeg Invitational HS

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Meet Info & Blog

Meet Host - Newberg HS
Location - Champoeg State Park, Newberg, OR - Map
Mens Races

Champoeg State Park

5,000 Meters Open
5,000 Meters Varsity12:00 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity1:00 PM
Womens Races

Champoeg State Park

5,000 Meters Varsity12:30 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity1:30 PM
5,000 Meters Open2:00 PM
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Open  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

3.12James Feist19:30Clackamas
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Roman Kirkov16:32Union
2.12Santana Alvarez16:36Newberg
4.12John Culver16:58.26Yamhill-Carlton
12Carey Miller17:03North Salem
6.11Kedir Hussen17:04Madison
8.12Jeff Hopkins17:11Clackamas
9.12Gabe Garza17:21Clackamas
10.11Danny Minor17:23Newberg
12.12Zach Seely17:32.6Wilson
13.9Tanner Sork17:35Union
14.10Reese Lile17:35.85Southwest Christian
15.11Ben Bruns17:37.03Southwest Christian
17.11Jacob Scoville17:41Union
19.11Graham Kinzel-Grubbs17:48.1Wilson
20.11Marcus Lindsey17:49Clackamas
20.10Philip Gravatt17:52Newberg
22.9Austin Howard17:53Clackamas
23.10Micah Bishop17:55Clackamas
25.9Alan Johnston18:00Clackamas
10Matt McConnell18:04Madison
11Ian Smith18:07North Salem
27.12Cade Cardwell18:10Newberg
28.11Stephen York18:12Newberg
29.12Tanner Clarke18:13Newberg
10Jonathan Castro18:18North Salem
31.10Dan Webb18:23.88Southwest Christian
33.11Anthony Smith18:25.9Wilson
34.11Chris Coons18:39.68Southwest Christian
12Eric Foster18:48North Salem
10Cody Franklin18:49North Salem
11Jess Atkinson18:56North Salem
11Ibrahim Ajibade19:02Madison
40.10Damon Erickson19:03Union
42.9Gabriel Penk19:04.1Wilson
10Bakrin Ajibade19:09Madison
44.12Matt Klein19:14.6Wilson
44.9Zach Lemberg19:19Union
12David Valdivia19:22North Salem
10colin ehr19:23Madison
47.12Nick Hancox19:42.38Yamhill-Carlton
48.10Ben Lyons19:43.0Southwest Christian
48.9Simon Crocker19:47.53Yamhill-Carlton
51.10Jesse Challinor20:36.02Yamhill-Carlton
52.9Josh Bruns20:48.69Southwest Christian
10Silas Lortz21:27Portland Lutheran
9Mark Stanciu21:34Madison
56.12Kyle Dolinar21:34.2Wilson
55.11Justin Vanier21:37.03Southwest Christian
56.10Jeff Bernards21:44.06Yamhill-Carlton
58.10Stephen Chung21:50Union
11Mike Huyen21:51Madison
59.12Dan Deboever22:11Union
11Aldo Rodriquez22:12Madison
61.12Nick Kelly22:53Clackamas
10Drafin Xthona31:00Yamhill-Carlton
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Clark Weber19:05Newberg
2.11Will Olson19:06.8Wilson
3.11Zach Snyder19:08.3Wilson
4.10Connor Hall19:13.1Wilson
9Jean Breton19:14North Salem
6.11Sam Mihelic19:15.8Wilson
7.11Logan Ballard19:20.8Wilson
8.10Matt Burr19:21Clackamas
9.12Aaron Poplack19:25.4Wilson
10.10Cody Evans19:29Newberg
11.10Nathan Swanson19:33Newberg
12.10Mitchell Koblitz19:34Clackamas
14.12Thomas VanHevelingen19:44Newberg
12Spencer Kaufman19:46North Salem
11Jose Garcia19:49North Salem
9Matthew Loberg19:51North Salem
18.9Evan Taylor19:56Newberg
19.11Demetrio Newey20:04.9Wilson
20.11Eric Hines20:08Clackamas
21.9Kyle Fish20:12Newberg
11Dustin Muravez20:13North Salem
11Brian Weaver20:14North Salem
26.12Thomas Miller20:15Newberg
28.12Josh Shake20:17Union
31.11Garrett Stanford20:30.5Wilson
32.11Itai Buxbaum20:31.2Wilson
11Dan Dixon20:37North Salem
34.12Brian Brown20:39Clackamas
35.9Joseph Whalen20:42Union
36.9Jordan Sebers20:43Clackamas
10Kai Ovesen20:46North Salem
38.10Christian Hayes21:05Newberg
39.9Shiva Miller21:06.2Wilson
40.11Nick Haggerty21:13Union
41.9Josh Powell21:15Newberg
42.11Henry Olson21:18.2Wilson
43.9Preston Edde21:19Union
10C.J. Nicolas21:28North Salem
10Hayden Muhs21:38North Salem
46.11Zach Strater21:43.8Wilson
47.12Daniel Hoffman21:44Clackamas
12Iain Collins21:55North Salem
50.11Jonathon Insley21:59Newberg
51.9Matt Zakrevsky22:01Newberg
52.10Daniel Cohen22:09Union
53.10Hunter Cantrell22:10Union
54.10Ozzy Arrey22:17Newberg
11Tim Feshchenko22:18North Salem
57.10Richard Twelves22:19Union
58.11Michael Burton22:20Union
59.10Joe Runde22:22.5Wilson
60.11Jonathan Tullis22:22.7Wilson
62.9Robert Acock22:29.0Wilson
63.11Lucas Hazel22:32.2Wilson
64.10James Hines22:36Newberg
65.9Max Randall22:39Newberg
9Jacob Braun23:05North Salem
68.10Daniel Johnson23:05.6Wilson
9Michael Tomscha23:09North Salem
12Josh Johnson23:14North Salem
71.9Trevor Mooney23:21.6Wilson
72.9Conner Garcia23:22Union
73.10Austin Deaville23:22.5Wilson
74.9Mike Cole23:25.3Wilson
78.11Dustin Riddle23:37Clackamas
79.9Kyle Pykonen23:46.1Wilson
75.12Patrick Hanson23:55Clackamas
76.11Ryan Laird23:57Clackamas
80.9Daniel Hipshman24:09Clackamas
81.10Henry Fortuna24:12.8Wilson
83.10Cody Beard24:22Clackamas
84.9Alex Feytser24:38Union
85.12Forest Clay24:49Union
86.11Cameron Shishido24:49.3Wilson
88.12Lucas Richardson25:08.4Wilson
89.9Caleb Walterman25:23Clackamas
90.11Chris Miller25:27.6Wilson
91.9Jace Fuller25:31Newberg
92.9Nick Evans25:57Newberg
12Andrew Sullenger26:10North Salem
94.9Ian Mahar26:40.0Wilson
95.10Simon Maschinchi27:10Clackamas
96.9Jake Vanier28:41.1Southwest Christian
97.9Ethan Hazel29:18.4Wilson
98.11Austin Jones29:23.2Wilson
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Netanya Beard20:22.5Wilson
2.11Ally Shackelford20:29Madison school record
3.11Kate Jette20:37Clackamas
4.11Emily Shelton20:51Newberg
5.9Talli Koskela20:55Newberg
6.9Rebecca Anna21:14.29Southwest Christian
7.10Katherine Janicke21:21.75Southwest Christian
8.11Meg Gilbertson21:54Clackamas
10Sarah Lopez22:06North Salem
10.10Madison Hutchinson22:06Clackamas
11.9Patricia Stein22:12Portland Lutheran
11Melissa Mayfield22:25Madison
13.11Alyssa Rowland22:28Clackamas
14.10Shannon Edwards22:29Newberg
15.10Katherine Cochran22:47Union
16.10Cassy Bieker23:10Clackamas
17.11Emily Schmiedel23:11.56Yamhill-Carlton
18.11Megan McInnis23:12Clackamas
19.11Kerstyn Miller23:17Newberg
11Kali Wheeler23:19North Salem
10Omiaryo Ashenafi23:20Madison
23.9Madeleine Kern23:24Newberg
24.11Karen Keniston23:25Union
25.11Mikaila Montgomery23:28.0Wilson
27.9Alyssa Kiriakedis23:38.2Wilson
28.11Elizabeth Staat23:41.76Southwest Christian
30.10Karen Mori23:51Union
31.11Kathryn Persaud23:57Clackamas
32.11Melissa Bartmess24:02Union
33.10Jessica Waltz24:04Union
34.11Anna Thackery24:13Newberg
11Sonia Sandoval24:17North Salem
36.10Whitney Seifert24:26Union
37.10Andrea Chin24:31.4Wilson
38.11Sarah Drake24:33.9Wilson
39.9Tara O'Malley24:34.1Wilson
40.11Katie Miller24:34.3Wilson
41.12Kristi Werner24:35Newberg
11Stephanie Saunders24:37North Salem
12Ashley Keerins24:52North Salem
12Cierra McBride24:59North Salem
46.10Morgan Montehermoso25:11Union
10Chieri Naito25:20Portland Lutheran
48.12Andia Mirbagheri25:32.92Yamhill-Carlton
50.9Emily Severson26:08.04Yamhill-Carlton
51.11Jessica Thorschmidt26:10.28Southwest Christian
52.9Danielle Rettger27:05.26Yamhill-Carlton
54.9Marie Smith27:42.34Southwest Christian
55.10Carrie Skuzeski27:42.79Yamhill-Carlton
56.9Brittany Wells29:25.64Yamhill-Carlton
10Emily Bonazzola30:21Portland Lutheran
58.12Victoria McCoy32:02Union
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Sarah Guenther23:22Clackamas
2.10Chelsea Folker23:24Clackamas
3.9Josie Reber23:43.28Yamhill-Carlton
4.10Maisie Marek23:46Clackamas
5.9Avery Farley24:27Clackamas
6.9Bailey Powe24:45.76Yamhill-Carlton
7.10Anna Jolliff24:50Newberg
8.9Lauren Kelly24:54Clackamas
9.9Kate Massinger25:02Clackamas
10.9Sara Creighton25:09Newberg
11.9Kathleen Tran25:43Clackamas
12.11Christine Jordan25:44Clackamas
12Shalie Bogenoff25:45North Salem
14.10Colleen Newey25:54.8Wilson
11Tanya Feshchenko26:07North Salem
16.10Sara Smith26:23Newberg
17.11Nichole Galloway26:40Clackamas
18.12Emily Watts26:56Clackamas
19.11Meara Foster27:10Newberg
20.11Emily Scrabeck27:24Newberg
11Jasmin Reyes28:24North Salem
22.10Brittany Divincenzo28:33Clackamas
23.11Erika Purcell29:05Clackamas
24.9Sydney Gilday29:26.3Wilson
25.10Casey Williams29:30Newberg
21.9Ariel Oliver29:34.50Yamhill-Carlton
27.9Gabby McBride29:52Clackamas
28.11Diane Kim29:52Clackamas
29.11Julia Gartner30:06Clackamas
30.11Katie Insley30:25Newberg
31.10Carlie Schaad31:37.3Wilson
9Suzanne Johnson37:00North Salem
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