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Mens Races

Lincoln Park 3A METRO

5,000 Meters Varsity3:40 PM
Womens Races

Lincoln Park 3A METRO

5,000 Meters Varsity4:10 PM

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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2.12Kyle MacDonald17:47West Seattle SeaPrep ran threshold
26.11Eli Swedlow19:56West Seattle
40.12Ian Keithly20:20West Seattle
43.9Michael Wickham20:37West Seattle
46.11Lars Stromberg20:42West Seattle
58.12Jules Guay-Binion21:30West Seattle
62.12Cuzak Bailey21:32West Seattle
83.11Paul Tenge23:05West Seattle
89.10Jesse Tarabochia23:29West Seattle
92.12Delano Jordan23:53West Seattle
96.10Nick Barnecut24:20West Seattle
98.9Max Zimmerman26:01West Seattle
12David Geiss27:11West Seattle
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