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Gothenburg Invitational HS

Thursday, October 02, 2008

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Location - Wild Horse Country Club, Gothenburg, NE - Map
Mens Races
1.2 Mile Middle School

Wild Horse Country Club

5,000 Meters Varsity4:30 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity5:00 PM
Womens Races
1.2 Mile Middle School
4,000 Meters Junior Varsity
4,000 Meters Varsity4:00 PM
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Mens Results

1.2 Mile Middle School  

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8Dereck Rosas5:49Cozad
8Marcos Avalos6:11Gothenburg
6.8Rory Burchell6:16Minden
8Alex Spencer6:20Gothenburg
9.8Trevor Pate6:25McCook
10.8Keegan Williams6:25McCook
8Charlie Grabbing B...6:36Gothenburg
-Christian Estrada6:37Cozad
15.7Hunter Felker6:38McCook
16.8Alex Raun6:40Minden
7Tyler Cassell6:45Paxton
19.7Lee Landrum6:45Minden
8Patrick Dillon6:51Kimball
27.8Dallas McMurtrey6:52McCook
31.7Zack Rehtus6:53Minden
-Richard Whitney7:01Gothenburg
37.8Austin Lambing7:08McCook
8Dillon Larson7:18Gothenburg
8Jon Rehmert7:29Gothenburg
54.7Andrew Hansen7:31Minden
56.7Reid Yelken7:32Minden
7Curtis Andres7:40Cozad
61.7Darius Bolli7:49McCook
72.7Collin Jensen8:07Minden
80.7Jay Richards8:26Minden
82.8Nate Hunzeker8:29Minden
90.7AJ Horner8:58Minden
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5,000 Meters Varsity  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.12Jarid Holliday16:47Minden
2.11Andrew Collins17:07Gothenburg
3.11Chance Miller17:08Ogallala
4.10Luke Rehmert17:12Gothenburg
5.11Beau Billings17:14Valentine
6.11Sam Adams17:15Ogallala
7.9Brett Dockweiler17:32Gothenburg
8.11Shawn Nagel17:46Kimball
9.11Lyle Janicek17:48Kimball
10.10Brian Custer17:56Cambridge
11.12Mark Mietus17:58Kimball
16.11Arron Odom18:12Cozad
16.9Joshua Clark18:12Gothenburg
18.11Spencer Ewert18:19Ogallala
19.9Shad Krajewski18:30Ogallala
20.9Koby Archuletta18:31Paxton
21.11Max Anderson18:31Minden
23.12Hank Lichtenwaldt18:42McCook
24.9Bryce Eggleston18:43Gothenburg
26.10Daniel Evertson18:47Kimball
28.10Sam Krzyzanowski18:50Valentine
29.12Jake Metcalf18:51McCook
30.11Cole Hartman18:52Cozad
32.10Curtis Stevens18:58Ogallala
33.11Seth Svoboda19:03Ogallala
35.9Lane Bergen19:08Paxton
36.10Nathan Priebe19:14McCook
39.9Alec Foster19:21Gothenburg
40.12Chase Christner19:23Cozad
41.11William Raun19:23Minden
43.12Dalton Blomme19:33Minden
44.-Terry Mowry19:34Cambridge
45.9Brandon Conyers19:35Minden
48.10Hugo Estrada19:38Cozad
49.11Robert Eby19:42Kimball
53.10Henry Henderson19:45Sutherland Public
54.11Nathan Morgan19:49McCook
55.10Garrett Blomstedt20:11Sutherland Public
56.10Cameron Park20:15McCook
57.10Jonathan Solorzano20:19McCook
59.11Lawrence Burns20:31Kimball
60.10Taylor Staggs20:34Sutherland Public
61.9Willie Welch20:36Paxton
64.11Zach Brown20:52Cozad
66.9Thomas Sinsel21:01Minden
69.9Salvador Lopez21:30Cozad
71.11Jon Machacek21:34Sutherland Public
73.10Taylor McPeak22:16Valentine
74.9Austin Kelly22:20Sutherland Public
9John Graham22:51Valentine
77.11Brandon Ormesher22:54Valentine
78.11Travis Wheeler22:57Valentine
79.10Jordan Blomstedt23:11Hershey
81.10Franky Vieyra Romero23:21Sutherland Public
10Brandon Sayer24:10Valentine
85.12Marcus Dean24:40Valentine
12Travis HarveyValentine Did not run
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.11Eric Stevens19:01Gothenburg
3.11Riley Haney19:17McCook
5.11Bryon Roberts19:38McCook
6.9Harry Adams19:40Ogallala
7.11Jordan Annen19:42Ogallala
8.10Chris Block19:55Gothenburg
9.10Ryan Flaming20:01Ogallala
10.9Jade Clement20:02Gothenburg
11.9Jake Jones20:05Cambridge
12.10Brennan Costello20:06Gothenburg
13.11Tyler Vaughn20:08Minden
14.11Evan Troxel20:08Ogallala
15.10Nathan Garcia20:13Ogallala
16.12Thomas Shirey20:15Ogallala
17.11Jon Hunzeker20:20Minden
18.11Vergil Nelson20:38Minden
20.9Kyle Gaston20:43McCook
21.9Jesus Gauna20:44McCook
23.11Matthew Stubbs20:54Minden
25.9Kyle Groshong20:57McCook
26.12Anthony Reinhard20:58Gothenburg
26.9Brian Calvin21:16McCook
27.12Clay Jordan21:16McCook
29.9Devin Jensen21:30Minden
31.9Aldon Thompson21:38Ogallala
33.9Ivan Troxel21:42Ogallala
34.10Spencer Luppen22:01Kimball
35.9Austin Swartz22:01McCook
36.10Carter Yelken22:07Minden
37.9Josh Portiner22:08Gothenburg
38.-Robert Guess22:14Cambridge
39.9Justin Larson22:15Gothenburg
40.9Ryan Ostendorf22:21Gothenburg
42.9Andrew Olson22:52Minden
43.9Devon Eschilman22:53Minden
44.9Bernardo Revelo23:01Cozad
45.9Matt Martinez23:10Sutherland Public
69.10Jake Bauer23:13Cozad
47.9Alix Meisinger23:55Gothenburg
48.10Weston Stokey25:25Sutherland Public
50.11Emil Kates26:52Sutherland Public
51.9Caleb Bonnell27:34Kimball
52.11Jay Hongsermeier36:14Sutherland Public
18.7Jayson Rezek6:44Sutherland Public
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Womens Results

1.2 Mile Middle School  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
8.7Molly Sughroue6:25McCook
20.8Sydney Phillips6:46Minden
21.7Megan Vetrousky6:47McCook
8Morgan Kowalewski6:48Gothenburg
23.8Jessica Dolan6:48Minden
8Sasha Walker6:55Cozad
35.7Abbey Jacobs7:05Valentine
7Erin Gibbens7:12Cozad
7Samantha Carlson7:21Cozad
48.8Kelsey Woitaszewski7:26McCook
7Laura Flores7:31Kimball
57.8Megan Ruppert7:39McCook
58.-Amanda Papez7:39Minden
8Kasee Copeland7:53Kimball
7Betsy Potter7:55Gothenburg
69.7Megan Swartz8:03McCook
7Abbie Mazour8:06Gothenburg
74.-Tyler Osterman8:11Valentine
79.7Bryn Carriker8:19McCook
8Maggie Reynolds8:41Paxton
84.-Briana Bussinger8:47Valentine
87.7Jennifer Sorensen8:52Minden
-Ashton Dugan8:59Cozad
8Dalton Luppen9:54Kimball
97.-Savanah Jackson11:22Valentine
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4,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
2.10Laura Brooks18:44McCook
3.12Diana Avalos19:16Gothenburg
4.9Theresa Richey19:43Gothenburg
6.12Jessica Peterson20:31Gothenburg
7.9Sydney Ulrich21:03McCook
11.12Sarah Nielsen21:44Minden
12.9Kayla Spilinek21:55McCook
18.11Anna Anderson22:50Minden
20.9Lisa Schoup23:11McCook
21.11Adrian Lambing23:58McCook
22.12Shelby Woitaszewski24:02McCook
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4,000 Meters Varsity  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.10Jessa Sughroue15:56McCook
2.9Emily Tolliver16:10McCook
12.10Kelsea Geschwentner17:14McCook
13.11Kayli Rageth17:21Kimball
14.10Kaitlin Moritz17:27Kimball
15.11Sadie Sullivan17:33Kimball
18.12Anna Keiser17:45Gothenburg
19.10Erin Baldridge17:48Hershey
21.11Haley Harpham17:51McCook
22.11Beth Burney17:58Minden
23.11Hailey Buddenberg18:05McCook
24.11Jena Hansen18:08Minden
25.12Chelsea Boyd18:08Valentine
27.10Emily Hult18:20Gothenburg
29.11Tabitha Paul18:26Gothenburg
30.12Molly Peck18:27McCook
32.10Lauren Schmeitt18:28Gothenburg
35.11Katie Shelton18:38Minden
36.12Stephanie Armstead18:39Cozad
38.10Tori Otzel18:58Hershey
39.9Mackenzie Nelsen18:58Minden
40.10Danni Jones19:00Cambridge
41.9Jessica Vasquez19:00Cozad
44.10Ashlee Bruntz19:11Gothenburg
45.9Miranda Lurz19:15Valentine
47.10Jordan Bussinger19:27Valentine
48.9Emily Simmons19:27Valentine
48.11Laura Fritson19:28Minden
50.11Caitlin Schmidt19:30Cozad
51.10Kayla Harm19:32Cozad
52.9Jordain Gawith19:39Kimball
55.9Erica Hartman19:42Cozad
55.11Sarah Simmons19:42Valentine
57.11Katrina Panec19:49Minden
62.12Kayla Tryon19:51Gothenburg
63.10Mariah Reeves19:54Hershey
64.12Chelsey Lapp20:12Ogallala
66.11Vera Klasen20:24Sutherland Public
70.11Kathryn Friesell20:59Hershey
71.12Jesse Lauer21:01Ogallala
75.12Amber Kutnink21:15Cambridge
75.12Sam Headley21:32Ogallala
79.12Chelby Fricke22:10Paxton
114.-Kayla Bahzhaf22:18Cambridge
80.10Kelli Price22:41Kimball
9Heidi Ryschon22:46Valentine JV
81.9Rachel Rademacher23:27Kimball
84.10Esther Petersen23:30Valentine
9Michaela Jackson24:43Valentine JV
85.12Kaitlin Duggan27:38Hershey
88.10MJ Kim30:29Sutherland Public
12Amy GrahamValentine Injured
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