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Mens Races

Dana Hills

3 Miles Freshman8:00 AM
3 Miles Sophmores8:30 AM
3 Miles Junior9:00 AM
3 Miles Senior9:30 AM
3 Miles Junior/soph12:30 PM
Womens Races

Dana Hills

3 Miles Senior/Junior
3 Miles Sophomores
3 Miles Senior9:45 AM
3 Miles junior/soph12:45 PM
3 Miles Freshman1:00 PM

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Mens Results

3 Miles Freshman  

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11Bret Hasvold14:52.8Fallbrook
2.9Parker Stinson15:38 PRRancho Bernardo
8.9Kevin Schubert16:58 PRRancho Bernardo
20.9Ross Candelore17:18 SRRancho Bernardo
37.9Noah Resto17:41 SRRancho Bernardo
66.9Ryley Webb18:19 SRRancho Bernardo
21.9Mason Brown18:25 SRTemescal Canyon out of 130
9Cameron Mannino18:27Fallbrook
9Carlos Cabrera18:30 SRGuajome Park Acad
9Eugene Maldonado18:45 SRGuajome Park Acad
9Ray Sahagun19:46 SRGuajome Park Acad
9Joe Edwards20:05 PRFallbrook
9John Hansen20:25 PRFallbrook
75.9kyle Collingwood20:28Temescal Canyon
83.9Ryan Collins20:41 SRTemescal Canyon
9Tim Skidmore20:50 PRGuajome Park Acad
9Chris Beck21:31Fallbrook
9Carl Truchsess21:31 PRFallbrook
9Peter Mertens21:58Fallbrook
9Jordan Rowley22:29Fallbrook
253.9Ryan Hudging22:55 PRRancho Bernardo
116.9Dylan Cortes23:18Temescal Canyon
118.9Preston Price23:28Elsinore
9Nick Straub23:51Fallbrook
9Michael Magner23:59 SRGuajome Park Acad
9Ian Sternberg24:00 SRGuajome Park Acad
127.9Zeke Campos26:18Temescal Canyon
9Leo Leon37:15 SRGuajome Park Acad
-Kelsey St. Amant PRGuajome Park Acad DNR-SICK
9Alan Hamilton SRGuajome Park Acad DNR-INJURED
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3 Miles Sophmores  

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10Ismael Armenta16:44 PRGuajome Park Acad
72.10Steven Kamen17:41 SRRancho Bernardo
70.10Victor Sandoval18:19Elsinore
10Kevin Adams18:21 PRFallbrook
71.10Anthony Hernandez18:21Temescal Canyon
72.10Daniel Basubas18:23Temescal Canyon
10Scott Robison19:03 SRRancho Bernardo
10Casey Sumner19:15 PRRancho Bernardo
10Bryan Flynn22:41Fallbrook
169.10Kyle Hutton24:01 PRTemescal Canyon
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3 Miles Junior  

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11Andrew Flood15:53 PRRancho Bernardo
11.11Tony Martinez16:05 PRElsinore
11Sean Proehl16:20 PRRancho Bernardo
11Kevin Strickfaden16:26Fallbrook
11Tyler Davis16:54 PRRancho Bernardo
11Aaron Fenlason16:54 PRRancho Bernardo
11Joey Prentiss18:07 PRFallbrook
86.11Josh Birnbaum19:26 PRElsinore
11Macklin Lethin19:57Fallbrook
11Brent Harvey20:24 PRRancho Bernardo
11Daniel Nelson20:38 PRRancho Bernardo
10Peter Benito20:40 SRRancho Bernardo
111.11Amir McGinness21:45Elsinore
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3 Miles Senior  

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1.11Bret Hasvold14:52.8Fallbrook
12Vinny Granata15:10 PRFallbrook
1.12Jon Patino15:25 PRMira Mesa
8.12Jared Fenlason15:44 PRRancho Bernardo
11Josh Smith15:50.0Fallbrook
2.12Jesus Romo15:55 PRGuajome Park Acad
11.12Jake Wertner15:55 PRRancho Bernardo
12Forrest Whitfield15:58Fallbrook
12Tim Eves16:06Fallbrook
19.12Bryce Holewinski16:06 PRRancho Bernardo
11Todd Van Duzer16:13.5Fallbrook
10Uriel Aguirre16:13.5Fallbrook
11Sam Liner16:25.6Fallbrook
11Sean Wood16:35.2 SRFallbrook
12Darren Hansen16:57 PRFallbrook
12James Bunts17:02 PRFallbrook
54.12David Carlson17:07 PRRancho Bernardo
9Richard Wojan17:35.0 SRFallbrook
10Will Shada17:45.1 SRFallbrook
48.12Jacob Taylor17:48Temescal Canyon out of 81
11Vastal Shah18:13 PRRancho Bernardo
10Alex Noble18:21.8 SRFallbrook
12So Adachi18:33 PRRancho Bernardo
59.12Anthony Garcia18:47 PRTemescal Canyon
10Chris Rumsey18:49.5Fallbrook
10Alex Reich18:53.4Fallbrook
9Matt Day19:19.0 SRFallbrook
9Tommy Bunts19:20.0 SRFallbrook
12Soha Jafaszade19:22 PRRancho Bernardo
12Brian Perri19:36 PRFallbrook
9Dane McKissick19:54.0 SRFallbrook
12Kevin Jercinovich20:12Fallbrook
9Ed Casey20:25.0 SRFallbrook
10Blake Brady20:34.9Fallbrook
73.12Dominic Campos20:49Temescal Canyon
12Trey Hitchcock21:15 PRGuajome Park Acad
10Alex Cramer21:28.6 SRFallbrook
12Brett Ramin21:34 PRRancho Bernardo
9Brad Hansen21:54.0Fallbrook
9Skylar Warren22:08 SRRancho Bernardo
12Kelvin Lam22:10 PRGuajome Park Acad
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3 Miles Junior/soph  

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3.10Marco Ramirez16:28 SRGuajome Park Acad
11Antwan Clark29:02 PRGuajome Park Acad
11James Rinehart SRGuajome Park Acad DNR
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Womens Results

3 Miles Senior/Junior  

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11Briana Lopez18:46 PRFallbrook
17.12Stacie Nowak19:06 PRTemescal Canyon out of 216
11Leslie Grantham19:13 PRFallbrook
25.11Erika Castillo19:32 PRElsinore
49.11Carissa Campos20:23Temescal Canyon
11Cassie Mulkey20:32Fallbrook
11Jade Lawrence21:16 PRFallbrook
11Madison Donoghue23:06Fallbrook
146.11Alison Roeder23:53Elsinore
11Kate Votapka24:16 SRFallbrook
194.11Olympia Aguilar25:49Elsinore
216.-Bianca Lemus29:14 PRElsinore
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3 Miles Sophomores  

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10Noelle Garcia18:49 SRFallbrook
28.10Rebecca Droher20:31 SRElsinore
10Taty Liepelt21:22Fallbrook
10Carrie Jercinovich21:27 PRFallbrook
10Nicole Vedenoff22:12Fallbrook
10Caitlin Froboese23:36 PRFallbrook
102.10Devyn Munoz23:49 PRElsinore
104.10Anelah McGinness24:01Elsinore
118.10Brittany Segrest25:09 PRElsinore
125.10Lauren Larsen26:02Temescal Canyon
126.10Mariah Olivera26:05Temescal Canyon
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3 Miles Senior  

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2.10Caroline Draper17:44 PRRancho Bernardo
12Carley Bliss19:01 PRRancho Bernardo
11Michelle Black19:08 PRRancho Bernardo
12Amy Hansen19:09Fallbrook
11Krista Egense19:13 PRRancho Bernardo
11Jenny Zhuang19:19 PRRancho Bernardo
19.10Cassie Wicoff19:26 PRRancho Bernardo
12Alex Nygren19:29Fallbrook
11Taylor Parker20:02 PRRancho Bernardo
9Nina Scheepers20:14 PRRancho Bernardo
10Natalie Uduwella20:26 PRRancho Bernardo
11Kara Yap20:42 PRRancho Bernardo
11Tara Cowen21:00 PRRancho Bernardo
60.10Tara Connell21:05 PRRancho Bernardo
19.10Michelle Rugg21:09 PRRancho Bernardo
80.10Casey Burgess21:49 SRRancho Bernardo
10Chantae Reden22:05 SRRancho Bernardo
10Olivia Krzeminski22:12 SRRancho Bernardo
11Dana Mohammad-Zadeh22:34 SRRancho Bernardo
10Kelsey Erskine22:40 PRRancho Bernardo
12Lauren Edwards23:18Fallbrook
11Rachel Burgess23:39 PRRancho Bernardo
11Chloë Leffas-Lopes24:09 PRRancho Bernardo
11Lily Malek24:51 PRRancho Bernardo
12Joyce Vasquez27:28 PRGuajome Park Acad
12Kylie Coughlin39:43 PRGuajome Park Acad
12Catherine Dick PRGuajome Park Acad DNR
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3 Miles junior/soph  

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11Elizabeth Sheehan24:52 PRGuajome Park Acad
10Brittany Peterson26:55 SRGuajome Park Acad
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3 Miles Freshman  

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3.9Carley Barton19:16 PRTemescal Canyon out of
12.9Sofia Hernandez20:45Elsinore
9Kayla James21:52 PRFallbrook
29.9Colleen Duckworth22:12Temescal Canyon
58.9Sarah Ash23:56 PRElsinore
9Kayla Clift25:16 PRFallbrook
97.9Madison Quiroga27:49 SRTemescal Canyon ??
101.9Tayna Puttisri27:49 PRTemescal Canyon ??
9Naycari De Luna SRGuajome Park Acad DNR
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