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McIver Park

5,000 Meters Open
5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
Womens Races

McIver Park

5,000 Meters Open
5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
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Hello all you enthusiastic runners and racers!

On October 11, 2008, Estacada High School will host the Estacada Invitational Cross-Country Meet at Milo McIver State Park.  We will meet in Picnic/Parking area "C".  The covered pavilion will be used primarily for registration, meet officials, and awards, so please bring coverage for your team from the weather, if desired.  There are public restrooms available. 

The meet is scheduled to start with an open race at 10:30 am.  The course will be available to walk through at 9 am.

There will be a coach's meeting at 10:00am, where you will receive your packets with numbers.  This year we will be using the Hy-Tec scoring system and tear-away tags, so please have your rosters to me by October 9, or entered and registered on by that date.

The time schedule will be:

10:30 am Open Race ($5 per person, any age, any gender, register on site at 10:00pm)

11:15 am JV/Varsity Girls (or up to 15 minutes earlier depending on the previous race)

12:00 pm JV/Varsity Boys  (or up to 15 minutes earlier depending on the previous race)

1:15 pm awards (or as soon as possible)

All races are 5k and are on mowed grass and dirt surfaces.  The entry fee is $60.00 per school; the open race is a separate event and may be paid for at the time of entry on the day of the race.  Please submit your check to Estacada High School.

We will present team trophies to the winning boy's and girl's teams; there will also be medals for the top 3 places in each race.  We have decided not to present awards for the open race this year.

As this is a state park, a $3 use fee per vehicle will be required at the gate.

We are looking forward to a great meet. See you on Saturday, October 11, 2008 at Milo McIver Park.

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact me (coach: Bonnie Day) at Estacada High School.  (503) 630-8515 ex. 2870  or

Hope to see you there!

Bonnie and the Estacada X-C Team



Course Description:

A double-loop course with the start/finish in the middle. Mostly grass with low rolling hills, entirely marked inside/outside with painted lines and is a minimum of 15-feet wide. Start has 20+ boxes and does not narrow until after first 600m.

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.11Brad Prettyman16:47.10Estacada
2.11Josh Slate17:08.10Cascade
3.11Jeremiah Koellmann17:19.00Stayton
4.12Alex Williams17:24.90Gladstone
5.12Brian Youngern17:39.90Cascade
6.12Cory Marcus17:51.50Estacada
7.11Troy Prettyman17:54.90Estacada
8.10Prajedes Curiel17:55.30Cascade
9.9Ben Lippold17:57.00Cascade
10.11Sam Wiltse18:18.80Stayton
11.9Morrison Chappell18:21.10Stayton
12.9Tyler Dailey18:22.00Stayton
13.12Tanner Koellmann18:25.00Stayton
14.11Mac Berg18:31.70Estacada
15.11Jeff Sturzenegger18:48.40Gladstone
16.11Cody Johnson18:54.00Estacada
17.11Austin Shelton19:04.80Colton
18.9Zack Soto19:05.10Cascade
19.11Tamlin Bley-Dawson19:08.40Portland Waldorf
20.12Thayne Crowther19:18.30Stayton
21.11Quinton Phelps19:20.20Cascade
22.11Wade Humphrey19:29.10Cascade
23.10Stephen Zumwalt19:32.30Portland Waldorf
24.10Dylan Foeller19:33.60Gladstone
25.9Karl Dotter19:39.70Cascade
26.11Brent Hofmann19:41.50Stayton
27.12Justin Lundgren19:47.60Gladstone
28.11Travis Hartung19:48.10Estacada
29.11Jacob Snyder20:20.40Stayton
30.10Austin Smith20:41.40Stayton
31.10Keenan Koellmann20:43.30Stayton
32.11Tyler Linfesty20:44.50Colton
33.10Kevin Zerzan20:45.60Gladstone
34.11Tyler Adams20:46.20Colton
35.11Dillon Anderson20:47.50Estacada
36.-Jermane Calvo20:57.30Cascade
37.9Cameron Cseko20:58.40Portland Waldorf
38.9Collin Churchill20:59.00Portland Waldorf
39.9Trevor Mack21:05.70Stayton
40.11Kevin Davidson21:17.70Cascade
41.11Max Theinel21:18.20Stayton
42.11Tyler Adams21:38.10Colton
44.10Anderson Jared21:57.60Gladstone
45.9Ryan Anderson22:01.50Estacada
46.10Taylor Rice22:06.10Cascade
47.12Jordan Rains22:09.80Stayton
49.10Cory Swindle22:46.70Cascade
50.12Blaine Gallaway23:03.10Stayton
51.10Alexander Hitchcock23:14.20Portland Waldorf
52.12Jon Howard23:18.60Estacada
53.9Kile Nutzmann23:20.00Gladstone
54.10Forrest Gamba23:25.80Portland Waldorf
55.10Brandon Rains23:27.20Stayton
56.12Ryne Buchanan24:03.60Gladstone
57.12Kenny Hall24:09.30Gladstone
58.11Jason Pluemke24:29.30Estacada
59.11Cory Miller25:13.30Cascade
60.9Mathew Gyure25:26.80Estacada
61.9Jacob Tombleson25:31.00Colton
62.9Mikkel Gilsrud25:39.30Gladstone
63.10Jacob Graber26:05.00Cascade
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Emily Hendricks20:28.10Stayton
2.11Emily Everetts21:12.20Cascade
3.10Hayden Kaser21:13.20Stayton
4.11Ashley Kinney21:49.30Cascade
5.9Alexis Mitzel21:50.20Cascade
6.10Helen Adamson22:22.00Estacada
7.12Annaliese Wilson22:37.50Portland Waldorf
8.10Hannah Burks23:08.30Cascade
9.11Katie Voelker23:26.20Gladstone
10.11Reice Bennett23:41.20Estacada
11.12Roslyn Albee23:47.90Stayton
12.10Christina Ciampi24:19.80Cascade
13.12Jenny Hophan24:20.30Stayton
14.12Sarah Foster24:22.20Gladstone
15.9Erin Doherty24:26.10Gladstone
17.11Alana McKenzie24:46.80Portland Waldorf
18.10Jessica Soto24:56.30Cascade
19.10Katie Peters25:20.50Stayton
20.11Beth Wynn25:46.10Estacada
21.10Jerrica Mack25:49.20Cascade
22.9Dana Parker26:09.00Portland Waldorf
23.10Robyn Brigham26:11.50Portland Waldorf
24.11Elisa Simon27:15.20Estacada
25.10Bailey Rathbun27:17.90Estacada
26.10Chancey Summers27:28.20Estacada
27.9Sheila Muchow27:50.10Gladstone
28.11Gretchen Noll27:59.10Portland Waldorf
29.12Allison Everson29:08.70Gladstone
30.10Amelia Stevens31:01.30Estacada
31.11Tara Zeman32:17.60Portland Waldorf
32.9Judy Simon33:30.90Estacada
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