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Mens Races

Barlow HS

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
3,000 Meters Frosh
Womens Races

Barlow HS

5,000 Meters Varsity
3,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.11Daniel Winn15:53.75Cleveland (OR)
4.10Yonny Castillo16:33.68Hood River Valley
5.11Ben Foubert16:45.04Barlow
6.10Ian Burgess16:55.54Franklin
7.12Isaac Miller16:57.09Cleveland (OR)
8.10Marcus Henry17:02.07Cleveland (OR)
9.12Adrian Lohr17:03.93Franklin
10.11Sam Box17:05.07Barlow
11.12Gary Thompson17:05.75Hood River Valley
12.9Jackson Baker17:07.30Franklin
13.12Han White-Duong17:42.79Franklin
14.12Frank Zartler17:46.36Hood River Valley
15.11Remove Remove17:49.04Cleveland (OR)
16.12Jason Valeen17:55.78Barlow
17.12Lee Rosch18:07.50Cleveland (OR)
18.11Jeff Krieger18:18.39Barlow
19.11Patrick Sadil18:19.60Hood River Valley
20.11Allistaire Koons-F...18:42.23Franklin
21.12Ryan Sipe18:51.44Cleveland (OR)
22.12Mitch Dethman18:55.97Hood River Valley
23.12David Frasier19:06.31Hood River Valley
24.12Will Hemstrom19:20.93Barlow
25.12Jesse Green19:25.32Barlow
26.11Matt Edel19:50.07Franklin
10Ian McNaughton19:54Hood River Valley
27.11Mike Potts20:43.46Barlow
11Jacob Heisler20:47Barlow
10Jakob Neuenschwander20:50Barlow
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

2.10Rocky Whitehill18:23.35Cleveland (OR)
3.12Aiden Forsi18:42.11Cleveland (OR)
4.11Remove Remove18:43.88Cleveland (OR)
5.11Jason Celino18:45.03Cleveland (OR)
6.10Taylor Kelley18:46.19Cleveland (OR)
7.10Nathanael Franks19:00.78Barlow
8.10Cole Kellermann19:10.49Cleveland (OR)
10.10Jacob Cocks19:13.31Cleveland (OR)
11.11Davis Weymann19:47.39Cleveland (OR)
12.12Jason Vanderslice19:54.57Hood River Valley
13.-Huh Daniel19:57.24Barlow
15.11Ben Romanaggi20:20.19Cleveland (OR)
16.11Remove Remove20:26.00Cleveland (OR)
17.12Nick Wilson20:29.76Barlow
18.12Danny Mendez21:25.56Hood River Valley
19.12Jarrett Clark21:43.71Cleveland (OR)
20.11Tim Chase22:46.72Barlow
21.11Garrett Bybee22:47.11Barlow
23.12Ben Rosen25:29.80Cleveland (OR)
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3,000 Meters Frosh  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.9Zane Eby11:17.39Cleveland (OR)
2.9Sage Deenik11:22.21Hood River Valley
3.9Muhammed Yusuf11:28.91Franklin
4.9Sean Crompton11:48.48Hood River Valley
5.11Remove Remove11:52.39Cleveland (OR)
6.9Alex Seymour11:53.08Barlow
7.9Brandon Risley11:53.59Cleveland (OR)
8.9Tyler Mcafee11:59.08Barlow
9.9Mark Schearer12:09.27Barlow
11.9Josh Edel12:23.56Franklin
13.9Ky Sharrer12:39.26Cleveland (OR)
14.9Justin Joy12:51.62Barlow
15.9Jedidiah Acott12:55.63Barlow
16.10Johnathan Talavera13:04.03Roosevelt
17.9Alekasay Tkachenko13:18.55Franklin
18.9Race Ross13:19.52Cleveland (OR)
19.10Ryan Knigge13:38.90Roosevelt
20.9Ben Fischer13:53.56Hood River Valley
21.9Jordan Derrer14:10.78Barlow
22.9Michael Smith14:14.15Franklin
23.9Mitchell Burgess14:34.86Barlow
24.9Ryan Kennell14:37.91Barlow
25.9Tommy Tran14:52.79Franklin
26.10David Cortez16:22.22Roosevelt
27.10Matt Cha16:24.02Roosevelt
28.10Kevin Ngo16:24.82Roosevelt
29.9Alex Batten18:21.34Franklin
30.9Solomon Barr18:25.93Roosevelt
31.10Tony Xiong19:20.97Roosevelt
32.11Cody Palmer19:21.43Roosevelt
33.12Max Castle20:01.34Roosevelt
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Alexandra Jones18:24.82St Mary's Academy
2.11Alexa Kearns19:11.91St Mary's Academy
3.11Lucy Whipps19:24.17St Mary's Academy
4.11Jen Olson19:27.30St Mary's Academy
5.9Julia Tawney19:35.11St Mary's Academy
7.10Erin Bergmann19:46.41St Mary's Academy
8.12Jamie Knapp20:02.30Barlow
9.10Grace Viuhkola20:16.11Hood River Valley
10.10Katie Warberg20:34.26Cleveland (OR)
11.12Joy Shufeldt20:35.49Franklin
12.10Mckenzie Kerr20:39.63Hood River Valley
13.10Elise Otteson20:55.30Barlow
14.10Alex Ostler20:58.20Hood River Valley
15.11Katie Skinner21:17.78Franklin
17.12Jeanette Edel21:27.39Franklin
18.10Emma Franz21:28.44Cleveland (OR)
19.11Allison Young21:36.95Franklin
20.10Sarah Scrivens21:52.33Cleveland (OR)
21.12Kate Rochat21:54.11Cleveland (OR)
22.12Lauren Bailey21:56.17Franklin
23.9Iris Higgins21:58.63Barlow
24.10Dannah Martin22:11.37Barlow
26.12Lana Brown22:42.99Franklin
27.11Kirsten Reisdorf23:19.31Barlow
28.12Andrea Steigerwald23:21.62Cleveland (OR)
29.12Crystal Lopez24:06.85Hood River Valley
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3,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Whitney Stevens12:52.63St Mary's Academy
2.9Nora Helfand13:06.83St Mary's Academy
3.12Jennifer Stiles13:25.64St Mary's Academy
4.9Mickayla Phillis13:26.67St Mary's Academy
5.9Katy Henkle13:27.76St Mary's Academy
6.9Taylor Tyynismaa13:35.79Hood River Valley
7.12Clare Gordon13:42.45St Mary's Academy
8.10Colleen Coleman13:51.56Franklin
9.10Martha Sonato13:57.66Hood River Valley
10.10Rachel Spaid14:02.84Barlow
11.12Hilary Hawkins14:05.35St Mary's Academy
12.9Phuong Nguyen14:12.06St Mary's Academy
13.10Maya Booth-Balk14:13.81St Mary's Academy
14.10Annajoy Gillis14:22.83Franklin
15.9Michaela Stevens14:26.01Barlow
16.11Allison Wisniewski14:28.79Cleveland (OR)
17.12Lizzy Harney14:30.02St Mary's Academy
18.11Rachelle Pauli14:31.03Barlow
19.11Amanda Young14:33.51St Mary's Academy
20.10Claire Mitchell14:33.98St Mary's Academy
21.10Ashley Barnhill14:35.06St Mary's Academy
22.11Natalie Rojas14:35.59Franklin
23.12Gwen Pitkin14:35.90Cleveland (OR)
24.9Bella Gazzola14:47.48St Mary's Academy
25.9India Downes-Le Guin14:52.76St Mary's Academy
26.11Emily Wright14:54.37St Mary's Academy
27.12Ellie Daniels14:56.05St Mary's Academy
28.11Aubree Humphreys15:00.22Barlow
31.10Claire Koepcke15:38.06Barlow
32.11Lisa Martin15:49.50Barlow
33.11Huong Bui15:49.93Cleveland (OR)
34.9Isabel Dammann15:50.72Cleveland (OR)
35.10Aislyn Booth15:51.23Cleveland (OR)
36.9Hannah Stagnitto15:53.42Cleveland (OR)
38.9Erin Patridge16:01.11St Mary's Academy
39.9Lena Bixby16:04.28Cleveland (OR)
40.11Zoe Winter16:13.76Franklin
41.10Liz Prishchenko16:15.09Barlow
42.11Emily Pellegrini16:16.36St Mary's Academy
43.10Remove Remove16:23.95Cleveland (OR)
44.11Danielle Marchant16:24.78Cleveland (OR)
46.11Elise Lagerstrom16:33.02Barlow
47.11Mia Edera16:37.58St Mary's Academy
49.9Emma Milward16:51.44Barlow
50.11Jenomi Montgomery16:52.09Franklin
51.11Jessica Craig17:02.80Franklin
53.11Alyssa Baker17:23.48Barlow
54.11Clarissa Karpinski17:25.15Barlow
55.10India Meyers17:29.41Cleveland (OR)
56.10Danya Shu17:33.15Cleveland (OR)
57.11Jessica Kibler17:50.59Barlow
58.9Meghan Daschel17:51.61St Mary's Academy
60.9Kate Shober17:58.47St Mary's Academy
62.10Remove Remove18:17.58Cleveland (OR)
63.9Angela Shevchenko18:21.93Barlow
64.10Remove Remove18:23.75Cleveland (OR)
66.9Katrina Arnold18:42.76Barlow
67.11Potts Julia19:45.16Barlow
68.10Dayany Ramirez19:49.89Roosevelt
69.9Deanna Carey19:53.26Roosevelt
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