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Fillmore Central Invitational HS

Thursday, September 18, 2008

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Location - Hidden Hills Country Club, Geneva, NE - Map
Mens Races
1,600 Meters Junior High

Hidden Hills Country Club

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Varsity5:00 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity6:00 PM
Womens Races
1,600 Meters Junior High

Hidden Hills Country Club

5,000 Meters Varsity
4,000 Meters Varsity5:50 PM
4,000 Meters Junior Varsity6:00 PM
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Mens Results

1,600 Meters Junior High  

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1.8Marcos Avalos5:47Gothenburg
4.8Alex Spencer6:04Gothenburg
8.8Charlie Grabbing B...6:17Gothenburg
-Richard Whitney6:46Gothenburg
8Dillon Larson6:50Gothenburg
8Jon Rehmert6:50Gothenburg
7Joe Neville7:41McCool Junction
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5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.12Jim O'Keeffe16:20St Cecilia
2.12Nick Hinrichs16:35St Cecilia
4.11Andrew Collins16:50Gothenburg
5.12Chris Riesen17:00Tri County
6.10Luke Rehmert17:07Gothenburg
8.12Stephen Christensen17:18Milford
9.9Brett Dockweiler17:19Gothenburg
10.11Josh Willnerd17:21St Cecilia
11.10Spencer Zysset17:21St Cecilia
12.12Steve Krupicka17:22Malcolm
13.12Preston Bolte17:24.4McCool Junction Medalist
14.12Chase Wiedel17:28Thayer Central
16.11Caleb Uerling17:32St Cecilia
17.10Dillon Williams17:47Milford
18.10Kesston Fink17:54Thayer Central
19.9Bryce Eggleston18:01Gothenburg
20.12Tyler Wilhelms18:05St Cecilia
22.9Joshua Clark18:08Gothenburg
23.11Adam Skrdlant18:09South Central Unifie...
26.11Matt Collins18:25Tri County
27.11Jacob Bolte18:30Malcolm
28.9Derek Tegtmeier18:32Milford
30.12Ryan Meyer18:35Malcolm
31.9Garrett Kowalski18:35Tri County
33.10Jared Reiman18:36South Central Unifie...
37.11Kory Klover18:36Thayer Central
34.12Jair Perez18:37Clay Center
38.10Jacob Weber18:48Milford
40.9Cyle Loupin19:01.36Deshler
42.9Alec Foster19:06Gothenburg
43.12Seth Dallmann19:08Wilber-Clatonia
45.11Seth Deinert19:08Malcolm
40.10Andrew Craig19:13Thayer Central
47.10Juvenal Mireles19:22Tri County
48.12Jordin Franklin19:28Clay Center
50.10Brandon Suhr19:31.9McCool Junction Season PR for 5K
51.11Brandon Staroscik19:32Tri County
52.11Ryan Yates19:36Clay Center
54.9Dylan Tegtmeier19:40Milford
57.9Taylor Summers19:47Tri County
60.9Ryan Larson19:50Malcolm
61.10Kalib Faltys19:50Clay Center
62.9Josh Berg19:51Milford
63.12Elijah Fanning19:57South Central Unifie...
67.11Brady West20:17.3McCool Junction 1:43.8 imp frm lst yr
68.9Chad Herring20:19.98Deshler
70.10Nathan Seaman20:27Thayer Central
71.12Caleb Rader20:28Malcolm
72.12Travis Doht20:41.1McCool Junction
74.11Blake Whitecomb20:54Clay Center
75.10Ryan Hinds21:01.97Deshler
79.10Micah Drewes21:21Wilber-Clatonia
80.10Thomas Vonderfecht21:31.02Deshler
83.12Logan Baum21:50.1Johnson County Central
84.12Isaiah Burger22:15.65Deshler
86.9Cole Hamilton22:56.85Johnson County Central
89.9Brenden Doht23:37.1McCool Junction
90.11Danny Row29:18.57Deshler
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

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1.9Jordan Potrzeba18:03St Cecilia
2.12Casey Lewis18:34St Cecilia
3.11Davis Weideman19:09.45Deshler
4.11Eric Stevens19:29Gothenburg
5.10Brennan Costello19:33Gothenburg
6.10Chris Block20:11Gothenburg
7.12Kris Hall20:17St Cecilia
15.10Ryne Frey20:30Milford
9.10Tyler Guernsey20:34Malcolm
12.12Jon Ferguson20:39Malcolm
10.10Alex Schendt20:40St Cecilia
11.12Anthony Reinhard20:47Gothenburg
11.12Cameron French20:48Malcolm
16.10Jason Lynn21:12Malcolm
17.10Kaleb Streeter21:15Malcolm
31.11Caleb Stahly21:31Milford
21.9Jade Clement21:37Gothenburg
22.11Christian Garcia21:45South Central Unifie...
25.10Travis Robey22:13Malcolm
26.9Jason Ries22:13Malcolm
28.9Ryan Ostendorf22:18Gothenburg
28.12Ben Leach22:24Malcolm
29.9Dillon Brunner22:25Malcolm
31.9Josh Portiner22:28Gothenburg
32.9Justin Larson22:28Gothenburg
33.9Alix Meisinger22:33Gothenburg
33.11Scot Eaton22:53Malcolm
35.12Drew Ahlers22:58St Cecilia
35.9Mark Nickel23:16Malcolm
37.9Tanner Yost23:19South Central Unifie...
37.10Kyle Bohling23:29Malcolm
11Peter Stahly23:54Milford
40.10Levi Schlick24:00South Central Unifie...
42.10Tony Batenhorst24:15St Cecilia
43.9Tim Skoch24:17St Cecilia
43.10Caleb Schroeder24:24Malcolm
9Joe Dirksen25:48Milford
49.11Austin Edmondson27:25St Cecilia
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Womens Results

1,600 Meters Junior High  

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5.8Morgan Kowalewski6:32Gothenburg
7Betsy Potter7:29Gothenburg
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4,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.9Halie Ments15:46Tri County
3.11Morgan Jacobi16:02St Cecilia
5.10Allison Spath16:16Milford
6.10Stephanie Albert16:17Wilber-Clatonia
7.12Beth Kohmetscher16:19South Central Unifie... School Record
8.10Deidre Slepicka16:31Malcolm
10.11Breezy Dowd16:36Malcolm
11.9Andrea Kontor16:38Milford
12.12Anna Keiser16:39Gothenburg
14.12Anna Beck16:41Wilber-Clatonia
16.9Jamie Williams16:56St Cecilia
20.11Jaquelline McIlravy17:25.9McCool Junction battled illness ts wk
21.11Shelby Real17:34.4McCool Junction getting healthier
24.10Brooke Yates17:44Clay Center
25.11Angie Martinez17:52.09Johnson County Central
26.12Jacinta Reining17:54St Cecilia
28.11Emily Hoops18:06.72Deshler
29.11Emily Lostroh18:11Malcolm
30.10Lauren Schmeitt18:19Gothenburg
31.10Tabitha Burger18:22.94Deshler
33.10Payton Everett18:23Malcolm
32.10Laura Johns18:23.39Johnson County Central
34.11Allison Schneider18:25Malcolm
35.11Chelsie Stemper18:34South Central Unifie...
36.11Carrie Niemeier18:39Tri County
37.12Marisa Esch18:43Milford
38.10Emily Hult18:44Gothenburg
40.11Mattie McMahon18:48St Cecilia
41.9Theresa Richey18:51Gothenburg
42.12Shaylee Dirks19:00St Cecilia
43.9Shelby Strubel19:00.57Johnson County Central
46.11Jackie Bass19:06Tri County
47.10Stephanie Burianek19:08Milford
48.12Megan Murphy19:17.53Johnson County Central
49.9Toni Havlat19:20Milford
53.12Maggie Spieker19:33Malcolm
54.10Ashlee Bruntz19:34Gothenburg
57.12Kelsey Hoelting19:45South Central Unifie...
59.11Becky Scheer20:07.08Johnson County Central
61.10Emma Likens20:14Tri County
63.12Kayla Tryon20:25Gothenburg
72.10Sara Slater20:52Clay Center
10Cornelia Niggli21:15Tri County
74.10Sarah Ahrens21:17Wilber-Clatonia
75.12Katie Kuhl22:00.71Johnson County Central
76.12Caitlyn Sanner22:25.3McCool Junction
12Codee Shambaugh23:39South Central Unifie...
78.12Rachel Boland24:00.1McCool Junction battled illness tday
81.9Annaleise Sanner24:40.8McCool Junction
79.11Sara Hintz24Thayer Central
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4,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

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1.11Tabitha Paul18:45Gothenburg
2.10Autumn Rivers19:01Malcolm
3.12Jessica Peterson19:03Gothenburg
4.12Brittany Parker19:15Malcolm
5.10Jessica Scheidt19:21Malcolm
6.11Christa Ostdiek20:08South Central Unifie...
7.11Paige Schneider20:09Malcolm
8.9Victoria Johnson20:39Malcolm
9.9Jordan Brunner20:51Malcolm
10.10Laura Wehrman20:57South Central Unifie...
11.12Diana Avalos21:17Gothenburg
12.11Laura O'Grady21:22St Cecilia
10Monica Stutzman22:19Milford
17.12Shelli Robinette22:38Malcolm
18.11Tracy Labenz23:25St Cecilia
12Liz Britt23:31.0Johnson County Central
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