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Bush Park

5,000 Meters Varsity12:10 PM
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Bush Park

5,000 Meters Varsity12:40 PM
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Willamette Invitational XC Meet – High School Section


History:  This is the second year we are contesting HS races.  To be held in conjunction with the 34th Annual Charles Bowles Collegiate Invitational XC Meet.


Date:  October 4, 2008


Place:     McCulloch Stadium and Bush Park



              12:10 pm – Boy’s High School 5k

               12:40 pm – Girl’s High School 5k


Entries:   ALL entries must be received at by NOON Monday, September 29, 2008. 

                    NOTE:  There will be no entries/changes  allowed after the 9/29 deadline.

Awards:  Top 5 in each race will recieve awards.


Entry Fee:  $85 per school.  You may enter and run up to 15 athletes per gender.  Complete Teams Only please.


Course: Grass, track, blacktop, cement and graveled paths.  Flats are recommended.


Information/Results:  Updated meet information and complete results can be found at:


Need more info?  Contact Matt McGuirk at:


                             or 503-370-6898

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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12Cody Hughes16:45South Salem
2.10Ian Burgess16:53.2Franklin
11Marshall Beranek17:05South Salem
4.9Jackson Baker17:15.3Franklin
5.12Han White-Duong17:23.7Franklin
11Matt Miner17:28South Salem
7.12Daniel Werner17:47.34Tillamook
12Kyle Reed18:06South Salem
9.11Allistaire Koons-F...18:07.2Franklin
12John Bain18:08South Salem
12Brandon Weems18:09South Salem
9Caleb Clark18:12South Salem
12Adam Poyser18:19.49La Salle Prep
10Miguel Sanchez18:31South Salem
10Hal Gordon18:50South Salem
12Zac French18:56South Salem
11Chris Newell19:07South Salem
18.11Matt Edel19:08.8Franklin
19.11Taylor Swanson19:21.41Tillamook
12Gabe Asch19:25.60La Salle Prep
21.10Christian Mallare19:27.40Tillamook
10Sean O'Hollearn19:36.47La Salle Prep
11Jake Gordon19:37South Salem
11Brett Delfino19:57South Salem
25.11Dustin Woosley19:59.67Tillamook
10Lucas Bengtson20:00.03La Salle Prep
10Tristan Wrosch20:25South Salem
9Josh Jacob20:45.82La Salle Prep
11Rodolfo Salazar20:45.82La Salle Prep
9Andrew Jensen20:49South Salem
11Tim Valdivia20:53South Salem
33.10Mitchel Hanson21:57.33Tillamook
10Ty Symons21:59.74La Salle Prep
11Kyle Shields22:10.10La Salle Prep
9Pierson Carulli22:43.36La Salle Prep
37.9Aloha Levan23:40.9Franklin
38.9Michael Smith23:58Franklin
9Alexander Waters23:59.26La Salle Prep
9Nick Bowles24:03.37La Salle Prep
10Marco Teeter24:09.59La Salle Prep
12John Donahue24:23.95La Salle Prep
10Trevor Bryan24:41.32La Salle Prep
9Kevin Asch24:54.18La Salle Prep
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