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Syracuse Invite HS

Friday, October 03, 2008

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Location - Syracuse Country Club, Syracuse, NE - Map
Mens Races
2,000 Meters Junior High

Syracuse Country Club

5,000 Meters Varsity4:45 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity5:15 PM
Womens Races
2,000 Meters Junior High
4,000 Meters Junior Varsity3:45 PM
4,000 Meters Varsity4:15 PM
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Mens Results

2,000 Meters Junior High  

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7.8David von Behren8:11Falls City
21.7Randal Kercher9:17Falls City
31.-Andrew Joy10:35Falls City
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5,000 Meters Varsity  

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2.11Brandon Weekly17:05Plattsmouth
4.10Matt Dunker17:19Beatrice
5.11Zach Parshall17:21Plattsmouth
7.12Devin Ratigan17:29Beatrice
8.12Dan Haden17:30Aurora
10.12Seth Dallmann17:44Wilber-Clatonia
11.12Ben Bedell17:45Plattsmouth
13.10Lucas Martin17:50Beatrice
14.10Frank Mignon17:51Norris
15.9Mike Stuebe17:56Plattsmouth
16.10Joel Ratzlaff17:57Aurora
26.12Tim von Behren18:28Falls City
25.11J.D. Areman18:31Norris
27.11Ross Jensby18:35Beatrice
28.11Alex Houchin18:38Plattsmouth
29.9Justin Brueggemann18:40Plattsmouth
31.10Kody Pritschau18:44Norris
32.12Tim Onwiler18:47Norris
36.12Brandon Portrey18:58Beatrice
38.12T.J. Henning19:01Norris
39.12Seth Kubik19:02Auburn
43.11Trevor Menke19:06Beatrice
45.10Joel Hope19:12Aurora
51.11Kent Stejskal19:20Falls City
46.10Garrett Schwindt19:21Auburn
48.11Nathan Allgood19:33Auburn
49.11Josh Vander Putten19:38Norris
52.11Dillon Denny19:57Aurora
53.10Christopher Staska20:03Auburn
54.11Darian Haynes20:17Auburn
58.10Chase Carey20:33Aurora
59.11Thomas Hinrichs20:37Auburn
62.9Tate Hayes21:10Falls City
63.10Bryce Hayes21:17Falls City
64.12Tyler Kent21:55Aurora
66.10Micah Drewes22:09Wilber-Clatonia
67.12Logan Baum24:58Johnson County Central
68.9Cole Hamilton24:59Johnson County Central
10Jacob Gentry25:28Falls City
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

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1.11Matt Sederberg18:46Beatrice
2.12Evan Marolf19:16Norris
3.12Daniel Rogge19:28Norris
4.10Drew Hoefler19:35Norris
5.10Zach Nelson19:38Norris
8.9Ryan Lewis19:44Norris
10.11Thad Berry19:48Beatrice
13.10Mitch Irmer19:56Beatrice
14.11Matthew Heskett20:02Auburn
15.11Taylor Adams20:10Norris
17.10Brandon Clark20:22Beatrice
19.11Roger Allen20:23Norris
20.10Zach Fortune20:27Aurora
21.10Seth Moser20:31Norris
25.12Asa Bryant20:40Norris
29.10Brandon Schmidt20:54Beatrice
31.10Preston Thiemann20:56Norris
32.10Brandon Derks20:57Norris
33.10Phil Cherry20:58Beatrice
38.9Nick Meyer21:13Auburn
41.9Matt Spaulding21:18Norris
42.12Jake Rasure21:19Plattsmouth
43.12John Maloney21:19Plattsmouth
44.9Justin Sears21:21Norris
45.11Devin Anderson21:37Auburn
52.10Todd Harlan21:43Norris
49.9Jonathan McClure21:52Aurora
49.9Jake Graskowick21:57Plattsmouth
51.10Jonathan Bliss22:00Aurora
52.9Trey Sullivan22:21Norris
54.10Brent Comstock22:31Auburn
55.10Evan Jameson22:35Norris
56.10Josh Reno22:35Norris
58.9Austin Koehler22:52Norris
59.12Dalton Vorhies23:03Norris
60.11Bryce Lyons23:05Plattsmouth
62.12Alan Carney23:14Plattsmouth
69.12Will Devine24:38Norris
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Womens Results

4,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

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1.12Anna White17:10Plattsmouth
2.11Kristina Wilson17:34Beatrice
3.11Brandi Docter17:36Norris
4.12Marie Van Parijs17:43Norris
5.10Kimmy Dale17:43Plattsmouth
6.10Sarah Kohls17:51Plattsmouth
7.9Jessie Bergsten17:52Plattsmouth
8.11Avery Pella18:00Norris
9.9Mackenzie Conrin18:05Plattsmouth
13.9Alicia Huettner18:43Beatrice
16.9Mackenzie Licht19:03Beatrice
15.10Kayla Younker19:15Plattsmouth
18.10Maddie Mac Donald19:16Norris
20.11Maren Wilkens19:24Norris
21.11Kasen Lee19:27Beatrice
17.10Amanda Farrow19:41Plattsmouth
22.10Liz Huls20:55Beatrice
23.10Rachel Stevens21:10Falls City
24.10Jessica McCann21:26Falls City
25.9Maci Lienemann21:53Norris
26.11Nakita Baird22:07Johnson County Central
27.12Erin McNiel23:15Norris
29.12Liz Britt24:34Johnson County Central
30.10Jessica Jackson24:39Norris
31.11Jella Larsen24:42Plattsmouth
10Justine LaViolette26:16Falls City
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4,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.12Meleia Oestmann15:29Auburn
2.11Annelise Madison15:39Norris
3.11Liz Johnson15:44Plattsmouth
4.10Alexa Oestmann15:53Auburn
5.11Jessica Moseman15:57Plattsmouth
6.11Kelly Prange16:00Norris
8.12Jami Pritschau16:10Norris
10.9Hannah Wynn16:16Auburn
11.10Taylor Garton16:21Beatrice
12.11Emily Moravec16:26Norris
13.12Shelby Kovarik16:27Norris
14.9Shelby Weekly16:29Plattsmouth
15.10Stephanie Albert16:33Wilber-Clatonia
17.9Sarah Weekly16:54Plattsmouth
18.12Anna Beck16:56Wilber-Clatonia
19.10Jess Pinkerton17:00Beatrice
20.9Chelsi Marolf17:05Norris
26.11Melissa Herrick17:33Plattsmouth
27.10Brooke Wissler17:41Auburn
28.9Shang-Ah Han17:44Plattsmouth
29.10Laura Jantz18:01Beatrice
31.11Angie Martinez18:08Johnson County Central
32.12Emily Zarbinicky18:10Beatrice
33.10Laura Johns18:15Johnson County Central
34.10Ali Engler18:31Beatrice
35.12Jessica Kelz18:38Falls City
37.11Chelsey Gustafson18:56Aurora
38.9Shelby Strubel19:51Johnson County Central
40.12Megan Murphy19:52Johnson County Central
42.11Gemma Pretzer20:04Beatrice
43.10Kalyn Wiarda20:10Aurora
44.10Hannah Wilson20:35Auburn
45.11Becky Scheer21:08Johnson County Central
46.10Sarah Ahrens21:31Wilber-Clatonia
47.12Katie Kuhl22:16Johnson County Central
49.11Karly Watson24:02Aurora
50.11Megan Smith24:03Aurora
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