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Mens Races
3 Miles Junior Varsity
3 Miles Varsity3:00 PM
Womens Races
3 Miles Varsity3:00 PM

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Mens Results

3 Miles Junior Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.11C.J. Yu19:11Mira Mesa
2.11Brandon Phung19:14Mira Mesa
3.10Danson Nguyen19:16Mira Mesa
4.9Jonathan Magno19:18Mira Mesa
5.9Tommy Truong19:21Mira Mesa
6.10Jericho Garcia19:30Mira Mesa
7.9Randy Tran19:39Mira Mesa
8.11Tyler Jimeno19:42Mira Mesa
9.9Andrew Impey19:49Mira Mesa
10.12Adam Ally19:54Mira Mesa
11.9Daniel Chit19:55Mira Mesa
12.12Loi Ngo20:14Mira Mesa
13.12Theja Chadalawada20:14Mira Mesa
14.12Timmy Bui20:23Mira Mesa
15.11Devin Dahlberg20:29Mira Mesa
16.11Matt Impey20:31Mira Mesa
17.12Phi Ton20:33Mira Mesa
18.11Eugene Phillips20:35Mira Mesa
19.12Brian Truong20:39Mira Mesa
20.10Mark Lizada20:39Mira Mesa
21.11Viet Tran20:41Mira Mesa
22.12Khoa Mai20:41Mira Mesa
23.10Trevor Hohn20:50Mira Mesa
24.9Andrew Reed20:50Mira Mesa
25.11Nathan Carr20:58Mira Mesa
26.12Edward Chin21:00Mira Mesa
27.11Gerald Chacon21:18Mira Mesa
28.11Johnny Tran21:18Mira Mesa
29.9Khoa Khuc21:22Mira Mesa
30.11William Shern21:23Mira Mesa
31.11Robert Javier21:24Mira Mesa
32.12T.J. Costello21:26Mira Mesa
33.10Johnny Greenoge21:26Mira Mesa
34.10Gabe Delatorre21:32Mira Mesa
35.9Luan (David) Phan21:41Mira Mesa
36.11Tam Nguyen21:41Mira Mesa
37.9Dang Tran22:00Mira Mesa
38.9Bernard Mariano22:00Mira Mesa
39.11Ryan Galang22:04Mira Mesa
40.11Geoffrey Alejo22:07Mira Mesa
41.9Taylor Tran22:08Mira Mesa
42.9Patrick Ha22:11Mira Mesa
43.9Richard Bibbs22:12Mira Mesa
44.9Jeremy Halliburton22:17Mira Mesa
45.9Michael Mai22:35Mira Mesa
46.9Brian Nguyen23:29Mira Mesa
47.10James Ngo23:30Mira Mesa
48.11Brandon Evangelista23:42Mira Mesa
49.9Kevin V Nguyen23:55Mira Mesa
50.9Mark Celones24:01Mira Mesa
51.10Mark Santos24:28Mira Mesa
52.10Andrew Luk24:31Mira Mesa
53.9Stephen Dunlap24:33Mira Mesa
54.9Rhenell Hernandez25:00Mira Mesa
55.9Hung Vo25:15Mira Mesa
56.12Stephen Gonzales25:50Mira Mesa
57.9Justin Manalo26:06Mira Mesa
58.9Jesse Angeloff30:16Mira Mesa
59.10Duy(Martin) Nguyen32:22Mira Mesa
60.9Saveen Chadalawada32:36Mira Mesa
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3 Miles Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.10Carlos Bojorquez16:50Kearny
2.12Keith Madsen16:54Mira Mesa
3.10Don Alto17:19Mira Mesa
4.12Chris Egan17:40Mira Mesa
5.11Corey Sigmund17:42Mira Mesa
6.11Chris Steinke17:53Mira Mesa
7.12Kyle Granali17:58Mira Mesa
8.12Bryan Gruner18:22Mira Mesa
9.10Tristan Oliver-Mal...18:37Kearny
10.11Ulysses Savage18:40Mira Mesa
11.11John Black18:53Mira Mesa
12.12Luis Torres19:02Mira Mesa
13.9Jacob Palacios19:23Kearny
14.12Jacob Victoria20:57Kearny
15.10Dylan Pheifer21:55Kearny
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Womens Results

3 Miles Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.11Christina Bauer21:04Mira Mesa
2.12Madonna Sarmiento21:04Mira Mesa
3.11Melissa Antonio21:11Mira Mesa
4.11Theresa Palafox21:58Mira Mesa
5.12Sarai Mora22:02Mira Mesa
6.11Phylicia Hisel22:36Mira Mesa
7.10Andrea Ly22:41Mira Mesa
8.10Michelle Bui22:44Mira Mesa
9.12Dana Atkins22:51Kearny
10.12Priscilla Zaragoza22:58Mira Mesa
11.12Tanya Kim22:58Mira Mesa
12.11Stacey Rabanal23:03Mira Mesa
13.11Julie Dao23:08Mira Mesa
14.12Leiza Abad23:12Mira Mesa
15.9Sylvia Trinh23:45Mira Mesa
16.11Nhu Ngo24:02Mira Mesa
17.12Claudia Martinez24:02Mira Mesa
18.9Allison Yang25:05Mira Mesa
19.9Erika Phung25:18Mira Mesa
20.11Cathy Dela Cruz25:20Mira Mesa
21.11Anjelica Flores25:32Mira Mesa
22.9Katarina Simpelo26:02Mira Mesa
23.9Emily Drake26:23Mira Mesa
24.9Liliane Nguyen26:24Mira Mesa
25.12Betsy Luk26:41Mira Mesa
26.9Trang Ho26:46Mira Mesa
27.10Victoria Ly27:08Mira Mesa
28.12Mimi Aldmeddin27:09Mira Mesa
29.12Ann Paty27:13Mira Mesa
30.12Kim Nichols27:16Mira Mesa
31.12Genalyn Rapelo27:47Mira Mesa
32.9Monica Sok28:33Mira Mesa
33.9Lynn Tran29:09Mira Mesa
34.12Alicia Percy29:11Mira Mesa
35.11Deanne Lopez29:56Mira Mesa
36.9Grace Porotesano30:00Mira Mesa
37.9Idil Dalmar30:01Mira Mesa
38.11Anthea Spicer30:42Mira Mesa
39.11Ashley Kummer30:49Mira Mesa
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