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Mens Races
2 Miles Jr. High10:00 AM

Zane Trace

5,000 Meters Varsity11:15 AM
Womens Races
2 Miles Jr. High9:30 AM

Zane Trace

5,000 Meters Varsity10:30 AM
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Hello Coaches!

The 2008 Zane Trace Invitational will be held at Zane Trace HS on Saturday, September 6th.  Coaches wishing to enter their teams should send a roster to Jennifer Moore at Zane Trace High School by August 29th.  Entries can be sent via fax to 740-773-5107 or via email to  Fees for the races will be $50.00 per team with a maximum of $100 total per school.  Individual entries are $10.00 each.  If you have questions please call Jennifer Moore at 740-775-1809

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Mens Results

2 Miles Jr. High  
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Zane Trace

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5.8Anthony Edwards13:22Unioto
7.-Josh Harrington13:24Zane Trace Great hill running!
10.7Ethan Richter13:39Unioto
15.-Quinten Sparks14:36Unioto
17.7Brian Schambs14:56Zane Trace Way to run tough!
18.7Cory Crabtree14:57Zane Trace Best race yet!
23.7Alec Graves15:28Zane Trace Best race of season!
32.-Austin Brown17:25Unioto
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Zane Trace

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1.9Adrian Ross17:13Unioto
2.12Mark Flury17:27Unioto
3.11Ryan Valentine17:55Unioto
4.12Corey Martin18:14Unioto
5.10Sammy Holbert18:31Unioto
8.11Matt Boedeker18:36Zane Trace Way to go out hard!
11.11Josh Joosse18:53Zane Trace Outstanding pacing!
13.11Weston Davis19:05Zane Trace Strong running!
14.12Alex Buckalew19:06Unioto
19.10Zane Taylor19:57Unioto
20.11Marc Boedeker20:00Zane Trace 20 min, 20th place :)
27.12Eric Shiflett20:40Zane Trace Awesome Race!!!!
31.12Nathan Gill20:48Unioto
33.9Jeremy Sandusky20:55Unioto
36.12Jay Stewart20:59Zane Trace Nice finish!
45.10Brad Hill22:01Chillicothe
46.12Alan Carl22:02Chillicothe
48.9Ryan Jacobsen22:06Unioto
49.10Ethan M Poe22:07Unioto
55.11Nate Patrick22:21Zane Trace PR by 1 sec! :)
60.9Jon McCorkle22:52Zane Trace Side stiches hurt!
62.11John Penn22:55Zane Trace Good time!
63.12Jordan Wheeler22:58Unioto
68.9Chris Moorehead23:28Unioto
75.11Nick Payne24:37Chillicothe
76.10Mykle Morris24:56Chillicothe
84.11Jeff Schobelock25:05Chillicothe
79.9Richard Walters25:27Unioto
95.10Will Orr33:34Zane Trace keep working
96.10Tommy Bain35:17Unioto
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Womens Results

2 Miles Jr. High  
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Zane Trace

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9.7Kinnedy Hatfield15:29Zane Trace Super race! PR!
18.-Cecilia Wallace16:04Zane Trace Great time improvement
32.-Morgan Crabtree18:13Zane Trace Way to be TOUGH!
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Zane Trace

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1.9Taylor Hatfield20:34Zane Trace Great pacing at start!
2.11Miriah Park21:06Unioto
4.10Megan Roll21:39Zane Trace Super tough race!!
5.11Hannah McCorckle21:56Chillicothe
6.12Lydia Weaver22:06Zane Trace Awesome race!
11.11Abby Oyer23:30Unioto
12.11Brianna Cahill23:43Chillicothe
13.11Sarah Wolford23:48Unioto
16.11Lindsey Bryan24:07Zane Trace Strong race today!
21.11Taylor Barillaro24:28Unioto
22.12Lindsay Pence24:50Unioto
24.12Jenna Crabtree25:04Zane Trace TOUGH running!
29.11Sydney Richter25:44Unioto
41.12Sarah Wallingford28:26Unioto
48.9Kassie Stewart29:40Chillicothe
49.12Michelle Magill29:53Chillicothe
53.9Megan Reynolds31:23Chillicothe
54.9Sarah Cox31:24Zane Trace Keep working hard!
57.11Alli Jeffers32:22Chillicothe
58.10crissandra Digges32:22Chillicothe
60.9Sarah Ellis33:33Zane Trace Keep working hard!
61.12Ashley Callender34:24Unioto
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Zane Trace

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