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Mens Races
2.96 Miles Junior Varsity3:00 PM
2.96 Miles Varsity4:30 PM
Womens Races
2.96 Miles Varsity3:45 PM
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Register all of your athletes by Monday, October 20 at 11:59pm. This is the first time using this program so try to register early and I will let you know if the entries came through. If you have any questions you can contact Marc Metz at (480) 220 - 5085.

Schools Attending: Bradshaw Mountain, Camp Verde, Chino Valley, Mingus, Orme, Prescott, Sedona


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Mens Results

2.96 Miles Junior Varsity  
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Chino Valley

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1.9Chris Ortiz18:20Mingus Union
3.10Tanner Johnson19:13Mingus Union
4.10Patrick Charles19:20Prescott
5.11Lucas Chien19:30Prescott
6.9Colin Garttmeier19:37Mingus Union
7.9Eric Sparks19:44Prescott
8.10Logan Addis19:53Mingus Union
9.11James DeVore19:58Sedona Red Rock
10.12Peter Journell20:03Prescott
11.10Taylor Webber20:06Sedona Red Rock
12.9Paliden Scott20:12Mingus Union
13.12Ian Reiman20:16Prescott
14.11Luke Goettl20:18Mingus Union
15.9Stephen Kozak20:27Prescott
16.9Colin Scott20:44Prescott
17.9Gabe Greenfield20:47Sedona Red Rock
18.10Kyle Alexander20:57Mingus Union
19.10Aaron Schild21:02Prescott
20.10Josh Mize21:03Prescott
21.10Travis Roske21:06Mingus Union
22.11Jake Addis21:08Mingus Union
23.9Ben Haldeman21:19Sedona Red Rock
24.9Jacob Schmidt21:33Prescott
25.9C.J. Unruh21:35Bradshaw Mountain
26.9Brandon Snickers21:52Sedona Red Rock
27.10Alec Petzoldt22:03Bradshaw Mountain
28.9Soren Johnson22:12Sedona Red Rock
29.9Alex Hunley22:39Prescott
30.10Sam Nelson23:00Prescott
31.10Levi Slade23:32Prescott
32.10Daniel Mindes23:56Bradshaw Mountain
33.10Will Higgins23:57Prescott
34.9Brigham Tenney24:51Prescott
35.9Christian Zeno25:48Sedona Red Rock
36.9Matt Turnuspeed25:53Mingus Union
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2.96 Miles Varsity  
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Chino Valley

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1.12Tim Freriks15:51Mingus Union
2.11Wilson Cutbirth16:13Mingus Union
3.11Jesus Rivera16:20Sedona Red Rock
4.12Larry Hermance16:23Chino Valley
5.11Juan Martinez16:32Chino Valley
6.12Daniel Jaimes16:48Mingus Union
7.11Andrew McKinzie16:49Bradshaw Mountain
8.12Alex Stratz16:53Mingus Union
9.11Jesus Escalera17:06Bradshaw Mountain
10.11Garrett Debs17:08Sedona Red Rock
11.9Juan Wells17:15Mingus Union
12.11Brian Hoyer17:19Sedona Red Rock
13.9Ryan Madler17:34Bradshaw Mountain
14.9Hayden Palmer17:39Prescott
15.12Chris Lloyd17:41Sedona Red Rock
16.11Jesus Meza17:56Bradshaw Mountain
17.12Josh Benson17:59Prescott
18.11Dominik Jaeger18:03Orme
19.9Jorge Rivera18:06Sedona Red Rock
20.10Dylan George-Sills18:17Sedona Red Rock
21.9Dylan Cusher18:21Bradshaw Mountain
22.12Kolby Chien18:26Prescott
23.10Nate Hald18:28Prescott
24.11Josh Sharp18:42Prescott
25.11Adam Schurr18:46Prescott
26.11Reece Watkins19:11Camp Verde
27.12Davenn Mannix19:12Chino Valley
28.12Graham Greenfield19:20Sedona Red Rock
29.9Estabon Morales19:27Bradshaw Mountain
30.12Matthew Warren19:36Chino Valley
31.11David Petrovich19:39Prescott
32.11Damien Watkins19:43Camp Verde
33.10Andy Jones20:24Chino Valley
34.11Aaron Godfrey20:28Camp Verde
35.9Trey Osborn21:18Chino Valley
36.11Ryan Lee22:38Orme
37.9Johnny Hudson22:48Camp Verde
38.11Baldwin Stutts25:39Orme
39.10Alex Han25:42Orme
40.12John Sanderson28:14Orme
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Womens Results

2.96 Miles Varsity  
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Chino Valley

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1.10Hope Goimarac20:43Sedona Red Rock
2.11Shelby Meinhardt20:48Bradshaw Mountain
3.11Sophia Zeno21:06Sedona Red Rock
4.11Yara Deninnger21:38Sedona Red Rock
5.9Emma Schraner21:39Mingus Union
6.12Courtney Roybal21:51Bradshaw Mountain
7.12Carly Blair21:57Mingus Union
8.11Maili Huck21:58Prescott
9.12Erin Miller21:59Prescott
10.12Bryn Merrell22:02Prescott
11.11Cierra Winters22:06Bradshaw Mountain
12.10Erin Freriks22:08Mingus Union
13.9Tori Braly22:12Mingus Union
14.10Sarah Ashburn22:13Bradshaw Mountain
15.10Alison Fraher22:21Prescott
16.10Cristina Marin22:22Bradshaw Mountain
17.12Danielle Holman22:28Sedona Red Rock
18.12Morgin Slade22:31Prescott
19.11Nina Lee22:44Prescott
20.12Kaycee Corbell22:45Chino Valley
21.10Chani Remington22:53Bradshaw Mountain
22.11Rita Clancy22:55Sedona Red Rock
23.11Lacy Grovenstein23:10Bradshaw Mountain
24.9Liz MacNamara23:14Prescott
25.11Raini Erwin23:18Bradshaw Mountain
26.11Staci Hewitson23:24Mingus Union
27.9Karry Gillman23:29Camp Verde
28.9Jessica Fowkes23:51Chino Valley
29.9Alex Henley24:01Mingus Union
30.9Zoe Schroeder24:02Orme
31.12Ashley DiCristina24:17Bradshaw Mountain
32.10Sadie Davis24:40Prescott
33.9Kimberly Kolwitz24:43Prescott
34.9Ally Shuman24:43Bradshaw Mountain
35.9Samantha Austin24:44Prescott
36.11Des Braly25:17Mingus Union
37.12Leigha Galbraith25:37Orme
38.10Dylanna Franz25:59Chino Valley
39.12Maryah Harris26:56Orme
40.10Jessica Melwig27:07Bradshaw Mountain
41.10Vera Vujicic27:10Orme
42.10Emily Parsons27:21Chino Valley
43.10Ellen Brownridge27:37Orme
44.10Hannah Swope28:00Chino Valley
45.12Sarah Rudiger28:24Chino Valley
46.10Monica Velasco29:16Prescott
47.9Hannah Rigoni29:42Prescott
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