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Mens Races
2.5 Miles Varsity6:35 PM
Womens Races
2.5 Miles Varsity5:45 PM

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Mens Results

2.5 Miles Varsity  

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9.10Jacob Colvin13:53Excelsior Springs
26.12Alex Jenkins14:33.11Marshall
28.12Phillip Perkins14:38.38Marshall
32.12Matt Bledsoe14:42.78Marshall
48.11Michael Birkeness15:02Excelsior Springs
68.11Patrick Todd15:26.48Marshall
92.11Keeper Kays15:53.56Marshall
97.10Bryson Fergison15:56.94Marshall
102.11Henry Yeagle16:02.54Marshall
113.10Nick Jenkins16:23.74Marshall
115.9Logan Simmons16:24.74Marshall
137.11Michael Piechoinski16:46.55Marshall
138.10Jeremy Jalilvand16:48.86Marshall
148.10Brandon Pace17:07.78Marshall
150.11Brian Shewell17:08Excelsior Springs
161.10Nathan Porter17:32Excelsior Springs
181.9Steven Fausett18:13Excelsior Springs
185.9Jon Fawkes18:28.25Marshall
192.12Jeremy Martin18:47Excelsior Springs
193.9Micheal McNelly18:52.78Marshall
198.12Matt Leimkuehler19:35.65Marshall
219.10Jason Hadley22:27.83Marshall
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Womens Results

2.5 Miles Varsity  

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7.10Katie Wells16:49.94Marshall
10.9Arozo Shahabzada17:06.26Marshall
22.11Tia Rider17:40Excelsior Springs
39.9Tiffany Propst18:21Excelsior Springs
59.10Stormy Morrison18:58.19Marshall
65.9Katie Dykes19:04Excelsior Springs
73.9Ashlyn Slusher19:30Excelsior Springs
77.9Lauren McGrath19:33.92Marshall
94.10Chanelle Koehn20:04.53Marshall
98.10Hallie Ring20:16Excelsior Springs
99.11Beth Barkley20:24Excelsior Springs
105.11Andi McCann20:41Excelsior Springs
123.10Elizabeth Guzman21:29Excelsior Springs
125.11Jennifer Simmons21:43.22Marshall
126.11Nicole Arthur21:46Excelsior Springs
135.10Katie Arends22:36.13Marshall
147.11Emily Adams24:55.83Marshall
150.9Mary Todd25:43.33Marshall
157.10Bianca Coy27:41Excelsior Springs
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