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Mens Races
2,000 Meters Junior High4:30 PM

Wahoo HS

5,000 Meters Varsity5:30 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity6:00 PM
Womens Races
2,000 Meters Junior High4:30 PM
4,000 Meters Varsity5:00 PM
4,000 Meters Junior Varsity6:00 PM

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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3.11Brandon Weekly17:21Plattsmouth
4.11Zach Parshall17:37Plattsmouth
5.12Ben Bedell17:44Plattsmouth
7.10Ben Wichelt17:51Bennington
11.12Kole Gansebom18:09Bennington
13.12Tyler O'Neill18:11 SRPlattsmouth
17.9Mike Stuebe18:23Plattsmouth
22.11Mike Jensen18:38Bennington
24.9Daniel Connor18:47 SRBennington
27.12Sadid Carrillo18:53Schuyler
29.11Alex Houchin18:55Plattsmouth
30.10Tim Dotzler18:57Bennington
53.12Torres Jesus19:03 PRSchuyler
37.9Ethan Haberman19:09Bishop Neumann 6:10 pace
46.9Kaleb Weist19:44Bishop Neumann 6:21 pace
50.10John Hanisch19:55 PRBennington
51.10Gabe Haberman20:03Bishop Neumann 6:27 pace
54.10Adam Mongar20:18Bishop Neumann 6:32 pace
55.12Collin Lindley20:26Bishop Neumann 6:35 pace
60.12Cody Prochaska20:46Schuyler
65.11Chad Machovec21:06Bishop Neumann 6:38 pace
65.11Nathan Klein21:07Schuyler
69.12Andy Ternus22:05Schuyler
70.12Jered Kluck22:06Schuyler
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

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6.12Matt Wickham19:55Bennington
15.12Spenser Kucera20:24Bishop Neumann 6:34 pace
18.9Justin Brueggemann20:26Plattsmouth
20.10Alex Rezac20:52Bishop Neumann 6:43 pace
21.11Petr Hess20:56Bishop Neumann 6:45 pace
22.9Ryan Tvrdy20:57Bishop Neumann 6:45 pace
30.12Jake Rasure21:20Plattsmouth
31.12John Maloney21:25Plattsmouth
32.12Nick Homan21:30Bishop Neumann 6:56 pace
35.10Jesse Chloupek21:31Bishop Neumann 6:56 pace
41.9Jake Graskowick21:42Plattsmouth
42.9Trevor Weiss21:44Bishop Neumann 7:00 pace
44.9Dylan Abolins21:55Bishop Neumann 7:04 pace
60.11Nathan Kavan22:47Bishop Neumann 7:20 pace
65.9David Hanson22:53Bennington
68.12Alan Carney23:01Plattsmouth
66.10Doug Bohaty23:02Bishop Neumann 7:25 pace
71.10Kyle Heddnes23:07Bennington
70.9Josh Otte23:14Bishop Neumann 7:29 pace
78.9Blaise Braunsroth23:41Bishop Neumann 7:38 pace
86.11Bryce Lyons23:59Plattsmouth
90.11Daniel Alarcon24:13Schuyler
94.9Jordan Brabec24:40Schuyler
95.10Rusty Braun25:33Bishop Neumann 8:04 pace
103.12Taylor Hobbie26:00 PRBennington
103.10Jesus Bello26:00Schuyler
103.12Zach Bohaty26:08 PRBishop Neumann 8:25 pace
105.11Ethan Bergt26:39Schuyler
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Womens Results

4,000 Meters Varsity  

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2.11Liz Johnson16:23Plattsmouth
3.11Jessica Moseman16:23Plattsmouth
7.12Stacey Havekost17:29Bennington
8.9Shelby Weekly17:29Plattsmouth
8.12Anna White17:41Plattsmouth
12.10Chelsea Svara17:41Bishop Neumann 7:07 pace
14.9Kayla Noble17:49Bennington
18.9Shang-Ah Han18:00Plattsmouth
20.12Sarah Wheeldon18:11Schuyler
21.9Bryanna Anglin18:15 SRBennington
23.9Sarah Weekly18:22Plattsmouth
28.11Alexis Woita19:05Bishop Neumann 7:41 pace
32.11Tayler Goertz19:28Bennington
65.12Lauren Wielage19:37Bishop Neumann 7:54 pace
39.10Megan Carnahan20:00Bishop Neumann 8:03 pace
49.12Megan Ludvik20:31Bishop Neumann 8:16 pace
51.12Molli Ludvik20:43Bishop Neumann 8:21 pace
58.12Esmeralda Hernandez22:05Schuyler
61.9Marianna Hernandez25:50Schuyler
62.9Cindy Jerez26:15Schuyler
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4,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

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1.11Melissa Herrick17:42Plattsmouth
2.10Kimmy Dale18:01Plattsmouth
3.10Sarah Kohls18:20Plattsmouth
4.9Mackenzie Conrin18:25Plattsmouth
5.9Jessie Bergsten18:26Plattsmouth
6.10Megan Null18:37Plattsmouth
9.10Kayla Younker19:40Plattsmouth
10.10Amanda Farrow19:59Plattsmouth
13.9Shelby Snyder20:56Bishop Neumann 8:16 pace
19.9Danielle Hittle21:06Bishop Neumann 8:30 pace
22.9Kaitlyn Vitek21:12Bishop Neumann 8:42 pace
23.11Rachelle Barry21:17Bishop Neumann 8:44 pace
24.10Cassidy Collier21:22Bennington
30.12Ashley Dotzler21:48Bennington
30.9Erica Wagner21:57Bishop Neumann 8:51 pace
31.11Paula Byrd22:00Bishop Neumann 8:52 pace
43.10Amanda Klein22:41Bennington
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