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3A Utah State Championships HS

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Location - Sugar House Park, Salt Lake City, UT - Map
Mens Races

Sugar House Park

3 Miles Varsity
Womens Races

Sugar House Park

3 Miles Varsity
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Mens Results

3 Miles Varsity  

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1.11Jacob Barton15:35.2Ogden
2.12Chris Brower15:50.2Bear River
3.12Cameron Edwards15:57.8Park City
4.11Carson Fugal16:02.8Park City
5.12Manuel Luna16:06.0Ogden
6.11Derek Alcorn16:11.6Park City
7.12Karl Wilcock16:13.3Hurricane
8.11Kyle Winward16:21.7Canyon View
9.12Jeff Struthers16:22.8Uintah
10.12Caleb Nelson16:25Uintah
10.12Caleb Nelson16:25.8Uintah
11.10Ben Jarvis16:26.1Canyon View
12.12John Foye16:37.0Judge Memorial
13.12Franco Montes16:40.1Ogden
14.12Luke Daenitz16:42.0Park City
15.10Matt Wright16:46.7Canyon View
16.12Justin Sly16:51.0Salem Hills
17.9Mason West16:52.1Park City
18.11Ryan Chandler16:52.3Hurricane
19.12Victor Luna16:55.1Ogden
20.12Kodey Myers16:55.4Logan
21.12Devin Gilbert16:56.0Ogden
22.11Brandon Shurtz16:57.3Uintah
23.10Brenden Oxborrow16:58.7Bear River
24.11Max Lamb17:05.6Judge Memorial
25.12Mike Haligarda17:06.3Canyon View
26.12Taylor Cahoon17:08.2Hurricane
27.12Zach Christensen17:09.7Bear River
28.12Caleb Francks17:11.2North Sanpete
29.11Dalton Zundel17:14.1Ben Lomond
30.11Ben McCombs17:16.8Hurricane
31.12Frank Barrows17:20.1Judge Memorial
32.10Danny Stevenson17:21.0Cedar City
33.11Rush Mills17:23.1Hurricane
34.10Jeff Chadwick17:23.6Bear River
35.11Micah Westarp17:24.2Bear River
36.11Rex Bunderson17:26.7Uintah
37.11Devin Dunnell17:27.7Canyon View
38.11Scott Carson17:29.0Park City
39.11Matt Thomas17:29.8Hurricane
40.10Zach Knettles17:30.1Judge Memorial
41.11Tyler Gebert17:31.1Salem Hills
42.12Seth Muhlestein17:31.7Salem Hills
43.10Rhett Soelberg17:31.9Ogden
44.12Matt Bryson17:32.1Cedar City
45.12Devin Weber17:33.7Cedar City
46.12Tucker Pinder17:34.5Salem Hills
48.12Glenn Rice17:37.1Cedar City
49.11Jon Hermansen17:37.9Cedar City
50.10Shane Mickel17:39.8North Sanpete
51.11Devin Shelley17:40.0North Sanpete
52.12Jose Zamora17:44.6Ogden
53.10Alan Payne17:44.8Cedar City
54.12Whitney Griggs17:45.0Logan
55.12Dane Brodke17:45.5Judge Memorial
56.11Griffin Rowland17:47.1Judge Memorial
57.9Christian Orr17:48.0Park City
58.10Mat Kestle17:48.3Judge Memorial
59.11Cadin White17:48.7Uintah
60.10Jordan Daniels17:48.9Salem Hills
61.9Spencer Knowles17:53.6Logan
62.12Daniel Lewis17:54.7Grantsville
63.11Derrick Starley17:56.5Cedar City
64.12Kevin Pearson17:56.9Grantsville
65.12Nimesh Chaudhari17:57.6Uintah
66.12Steven Bassett18:03.8Uintah
67.10James Wright18:12.4Salem Hills
68.10Steven Christensen18:16.3Bear River
69.12Trent Eliason18:16.6Delta
70.12Tannen Fawcett18:22.8Salem Hills
71.10Ryan Egan18:24.3Canyon View
72.12Landon Carter18:27.8North Sanpete
73.12Chase Stratton18:29.0Hurricane
74.10Braxton Duncan18:30.7Canyon View
75.10Sheldon Shelley18:31.7North Sanpete
76.9Kieth Powell18:32.0Union
77.12Joey Visser18:32.3Delta
78.9Aaron Wallace18:35.7Union
79.12David Arthur18:37.8Grantsville
80.12Jordan Tatton18:41.3Carbon
81.9Jacob Moreno18:43.0Grantsville
82.12Jared Richens18:44.1Carbon
83.10Jared Hicken18:47.2Union
84.12Nathan Hepworth18:47.4Carbon
85.12Isaac Erickson18:54.5Bear River
86.10Kaleb Kulow18:54.8Carbon
87.10Kelton Chapman18:58.8Delta
89.9Luke Olsen19:08.8Carbon
90.11Colton Wiser19:11.4Logan
91.12Cliff Sondrup19:11.7Logan
92.12Christian Sanders19:15.6Delta
93.9Justin Hepworth19:16.3Carbon
94.12Isaac Lambert19:17.3Grantsville
95.12Brent Losee19:23.6Delta
96.9RuSean Wood19:34.2Logan
97.11Sheldon Hamblin19:34.4Union
98.10Chad Tolbert19:45.7Delta
99.10Layne Carr19:50.6North Sanpete
100.11Kevin Brighton19:58.6Union
101.12Kaeden Kulow20:17.9Carbon
102.11Russell Olsen20:19.1Logan
103.12Spencer Wallace20:23.6Union
104.10Kelson Stephenson20:24.3Delta
105.9Andrew Page20:28.7Union
106.12Benjamin Everitt21:26.9North Sanpete
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Womens Results

3 Miles Varsity  

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1.12Sarah Callister18:06.2Ogden
2.11Giillian Gorelik18:30.6Park City
3.11Allison Williams18:54.2Park City
4.10Aubrey Bryson19:01.3Cedar City
5.12Taylor Thornley19:06.2Logan
6.11Elizabeth Guiney19:11.4Park City
7.12Chloe Calton19:15.2Ogden
8.9Rebecca Cunningham19:18.3Park City
9.12Stephanie Honey19:28.3North Sanpete
10.12Hannah Ellsworth19:31.2Cedar City
11.12Jenna Deelstra19:38.8Ben Lomond
12.9Rebekah Boekweg19:39.9North Sanpete
13.10Ashley Gray19:40.4Cedar City
14.10Jacqui Rodriguez19:40.7Judge Memorial
15.12Jessie Christjans19:41.0Park City
16.12Lacey Montgomery19:44.0Emery
17.11Cosette Stone19:45.3Salem Hills
18.12Lizzie Hindert19:46.3Judge Memorial
19.12Megan Curtis19:53.9Salem Hills
20.9McKenzie Snyder19:59.9Park City
21.12Shaelynn Barnett20:00.5Ben Lomond
22.10Brakel Yardley20:03.1Cedar City
23.9Rachel Boekweg20:05.8North Sanpete
24.10Kaetlin Bracken20:06.1Salem Hills
25.12Hannah Grover20:06.3Cedar City
26.12Jessica Hoffman20:09.6Salem Hills
27.10Emily Pickett20:10.1Bear River
28.11Kelsie Lawrence20:14.9Ogden
29.9Darian Sharp20:17.2Desert Hills
30.10Marae Wright20:17.4Ogden
31.11Megan Madsen20:19.2Ogden
32.9Alexis Lee20:23.5Park City
33.11Jessica Gaffney20:26.4Judge Memorial
34.11Jade Johnson20:28.6Uintah
35.12Patricia Smith20:28.8Carbon
36.11Jenna Miller20:33.4Cedar City
37.9Jamie Stokes20:36.6Ogden
38.11Katrina England20:41.1Wasatch
39.9Kendra Novak20:41.4Judge Memorial
40.10Nicola Bennett20:44.6Logan
41.10Emmalee Barajas20:45.2Morgan
42.11Angela Ruof20:46.7Desert Hills
43.11Jacey Perkins20:46.9Canyon View
44.10Sarah Cunningham20:47.2Canyon View
45.9Kiley Green20:50.5Juan Diego Catholic
46.11Mickenna Belliston20:50.9Salem Hills
47.10Karlee Loss20:58.0Salem Hills
48.12Ali Garcia21:02.3Judge Memorial
49.10Julia Snow21:06.5Wasatch
50.12Hannah LLoyd21:10.9Ogden
51.10Amy Ware21:14.5Judge Memorial
52.11Ariel Quarez21:22.2Morgan
53.12Heather Holman21:27.5Morgan
54.11Brandi Peahl21:36.9North Sanpete
55.12Rebecca Last21:39.7Juan Diego Catholic
56.11Britney Coffer21:41.2Juan Diego Catholic
56.11Brittney Coffer21:41.2Juan Diego Catholic
57.11Jamie Lambert21:41.6Canyon View
58.11Ambar Serrano21:46.9Ben Lomond
59.11Emma Welch21:52.4Judge Memorial
60.12Shelby Crockett21:54.9Cedar City
61.10Laura Dalton21:57.4Desert Hills
62.12Kami Long22:08.6Morgan
63.10Alice Boekweg22:08.8North Sanpete
64.12Amber Barfuss22:18.8Logan
65.10Stevie Labrum22:19.1Uintah
66.11Veronica Hunsaker22:21.1Wasatch
67.9Natalie Baczuk22:21.3Juan Diego Catholic
67.9Nicole Bojack22:21.3Juan Diego Catholic
68.9Sarah Wong22:21.6Juan Diego Catholic
69.10Mikenzie Thompson22:21.8Desert Hills
70.10Kandyce Ausen22:24.2Logan
71.11Rebecca Jones22:31.8Salem Hills
72.11Whitney Jex22:36.1Morgan
73.9Danisha Larson22:39.1Logan
74.11Jenessa Peterson22:39.3Morgan
75.11McKenna Drew22:42.7Canyon View
76.10Shaylee Wilcox22:42.9Wasatch
77.11Heather Fredrickson22:49.3North Sanpete
78.9Grace Greenwood22:49.8Uintah
79.10Lisa Cash22:51.4Canyon View
80.9Junie Neal22:55.6Wasatch
81.12Mandy Bone22:57.0Canyon View
82.10Monica Olds23:02.2Desert Hills
83.11Natalie Baantjer23:06.1Emery
84.10Maurissa Weight23:13.7Wasatch
85.10Lexi Esplin23:15.4Logan
86.9Ambri Dunnell23:21.2Canyon View
87.10Brooke Thornley23:28.5Logan
88.12Haley Haws23:32.9Morgan
89.11Taylor Ledek23:34.5Juan Diego Catholic
90.11Larelan Huntsman23:46.3Emery
91.11Mandee Miller24:02.4Ben Lomond
92.12Amber Houghton24:05.0Ben Lomond
93.12Chelsea Ziebert24:05.8Juan Diego Catholic
94.12Amber Martin24:08.6Uintah
95.11Heather Houghton24:15.2Ben Lomond
96.9Breann Green24:15.6Ben Lomond
97.11Mary Brown24:28.1Wasatch
98.11Nia Ricks24:41.4North Sanpete
11MaKayla Hardinger24:45Uintah
99.10Katrien Jack25:02.3Desert Hills
100.10Daisen Havens25:35.8Uintah
101.12Hayli Abplanalp25:38.0Uintah
102.11Sharel Gilbert26:31.3Emery
103.11Rachel Pulsiphier26:42.5Desert Hills
104.11Amanda Ewell29:34.4Emery
105.11Tennyson Fauver33:17.0Emery
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