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Phoenix Union High School District Meet HS

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

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Meet Host - Alhambra HS
Location - Steele Indian School Park, Phoenix, AZ
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Mens Races

Steele Indian School Park

5,000 Meters Open3:30 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity4:45 PM
Womens Races

Steele Indian School Park

5,000 Meters Open3:30 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity4:15 PM
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Entries are due Friday, October 17, 2008 at midnight. 

Please contact Mary Wimmer at or or 602-380-3054 if you have questions.

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Open  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Samuel Dominguez16:12.57Alhambra
2.12Abdirinzak Mohammed16:14.04Cesar Chavez
3.11Octavio Quiroz16:39.76Cesar Chavez
4.10Misael Acosta16:55.75Alhambra
5.10Sergio Sanchez17:00.47Alhambra
6.-Usiel Garcia17:16.65South Mountain
7.9Jose Mondagia17:25.03Cesar Chavez
8.11Mario Sanchez17:44.90South Mountain
9.11Mohamad Mohamed17:45.94Camelback
10.11Carlos Antelo17:54.99South Mountain
11.10Marcos Torres17:55.23Cesar Chavez
12.11Luis Hernandez18:06.56Camelback
13.9Alec Arrellano18:13.35Cesar Chavez
14.9Humberto Cortez18:20.36Trevor G Browne
15.11Amelac Diaz18:31.13South Mountain
16.9Jose Arellano18:31.69Cesar Chavez
17.10Efrain Feix18:38.24Trevor G Browne
18.9Angel Zuniga19:11.53Trevor G Browne
19.10Faustino Olea19:13.23Camelback
20.9Roberto Sanchez19:17.60Trevor G Browne
21.12Denzel Brown19:31.49Cesar Chavez
22.10Miguel Gutierrez19:39.77South Mountain
23.9Irvin Parada19:46.03South Mountain
24.11Joseph Lugo19:58.12South Mountain
25.10Jacob Betancort20:28.10Camelback
26.11Roberto Ramirez20:36.91South Mountain
27.9Jerry Coker20:54.86Cesar Chavez
28.10Alex Favela21:02.33Maryvale
29.9Ryan Clark21:29.69Betty H Fairfax
30.9Manuel Cubedo21:31.27Trevor G Browne
31.9Anthony Virrueta22:31.09Trevor G Browne
32.9Juan Chavez22:38.32Carl Hayden
33.10Alberto Huesco22:52.14Betty H Fairfax
34.9Zoo Htoo23:09.23Phoenix Central
35.9Devyn Duke23:09.59Betty H Fairfax
36.11Chandler Hassett23:14.68Phoenix Central
37.9Leo Gutierrez23:39.92Carl Hayden
38.9Eduardo Ruvalcaba25:32.81Phoenix Central
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Alberto Tellez16:07.70Camelback
2.10Jorge Martinez16:10.80Alhambra
3.12Humberto Gonzales16:14.30Cesar Chavez
4.12Gonzales Jaime16:51.20Cesar Chavez
5.11Edgar Duarte17:05.10Cesar Chavez
6.10George Ramirez17:10.60Alhambra
7.11Nelson Guillen17:12.50Camelback
8.11Jeffrey Segovia17:13.70Trevor G Browne
9.10Ignacio Villalba17:14.50Alhambra
10.9Maximino Talamantes17:15.80Alhambra
11.12David Gonzalez17:25.00Alhambra
12.11Julio Martinez17:28.50Trevor G Browne
13.10Joshua Corona17:35.90Cesar Chavez
14.12Abdikani Ismael17:37.00Cesar Chavez
15.10Eric Zuza17:38.00Camelback
16.12Ryan Straight17:40.20Phoenix Central
17.9Goch Ajak17:40.60Phoenix Central
18.10Jesus Bustillos17:43.10Alhambra
19.10Alfonso Marquez18:03.40Trevor G Browne
20.11Michael Rodriguez18:04.60Camelback
21.12Billy Zaveleta18:05.40South Mountain
21.12Zach Myers18:05.40South Mountain
23.11Renato Romo18:10.10Cesar Chavez
24.9Omar Guillen18:14.10Camelback
25.11Juan Betancourt18:16.20Cesar Chavez
26.11Mike Webb18:19.30South Mountain
26.9Pete Sandman18:19.30Phoenix Central
28.11Julio Parada18:20.70South Mountain
29.11Frank Tovar18:29.90South Mountain
30.12Carlos Castilon18:31.60Camelback
31.11Scypio Myers18:33.00Carl Hayden
32.11Roberto Valdovinos18:43.00Trevor G Browne
33.10Cade Tomisato18:51.80North
34.12Daniel Patrick18:52.10Alhambra
35.10Juan Dorantes18:52.90South Mountain
36.10Andres Franco18:54.30Carl Hayden
37.12Lino Lopez18:56.50Trevor G Browne
38.10Juan Corona18:59.60Camelback
39.10Bonheur Mbuyi19:02.90Phoenix Central
40.11Clemente Rico19:12.20Trevor G Browne
41.9Orbelin Araujo19:12.60Phoenix Central
42.11David Oatman19:31.00South Mountain
43.10Luis Lara19:43.80Carl Hayden
44.9Edwin Maya19:46.90Phoenix Central
45.10Aaron Berry20:23.30Betty H Fairfax
46.10David Legarra20:34.60Betty H Fairfax
47.10Bryan Chavez20:35.00Carl Hayden
48.9Jorge Gonzalez20:50.30Carl Hayden
49.10Uribe Garcia20:54.20Phoenix Central
52.9Alejandro Perea21:35.20Carl Hayden
56.9Alfredo Nava24:05.00Carl Hayden
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Open  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Evelin Ruelas24:13.33Trevor G Browne
2.9Samantha McDonogouh25:50.15Maryvale
3.11Joyce Castillo25:51.75Trevor G Browne
4.9Piedad Rios28:29.83Trevor G Browne
5.9Stephanie Aguilar29:18.05Trevor G Browne
6.12Jessica Gomez29:32.14South Mountain
7.12Elizabeth Mercado29:33.22Trevor G Browne
9.9Sylvia Cortez30:02.88Betty H Fairfax
10.10Elizabeth Vega31:12.07South Mountain
11.9Brenda Mendoza31:18.85Betty H Fairfax
12.9Sandra Payan32:34.54Carl Hayden
13.11Maribel Chilaca35:51.67South Mountain
14.9Marissa Sandoval37:17.90South Mountain
15.10Stephanie Gamez37:18.74Carl Hayden
16.10Dulyly Son45:06.66Alhambra
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Eveline Niyokwizig...21:54.60Alhambra
2.11Valarie Segay21:57.00Camelback
3.11Bianca Gonzalez22:30.90Camelback
5.11Alicia Sanchez22:49.70Camelback
6.10Jocelyn Correa23:15.50Camelback
7.10Audrey Johnston23:24.90Betty H Fairfax
8.12Denisse Miramantes23:40.40Trevor G Browne
9.12Marilyn Ayala24:15.40South Mountain
10.12Edlin Ruelas24:25.00Trevor G Browne
11.9Talani Juniel24:28.50Betty H Fairfax
12.10Zayra Mendivil24:30.50Trevor G Browne
13.11Yessenia Figueroa24:41.70Trevor G Browne
14.12Thuyvy Mai24:42.50Phoenix Central
15.11Veronica Urias24:52.70Cesar Chavez
16.12Yanet Banos24:56.40Phoenix Central
18.9Guadelupe Cordoba25:43.20Cesar Chavez
19.12Karyn Bowman25:54.20North
20.9Prisclla Parra25:55.60Trevor G Browne
22.9Zoey Noswood27:09.50Phoenix Central
23.12Nayeli Huesca27:25.70Carl Hayden
24.9Ana Fonseca27:49.50North
25.10Guillermina Roman27:55.40Carl Hayden
26.12Magali Chavez27:57.70Phoenix Central
28.9Nanci Torres28:16.20Cesar Chavez
29.12Helen Gonzales28:17.30Cesar Chavez
30.12Margaret Robles28:22.20Alhambra
32.12Michelle Robles28:26.50Alhambra
33.10Nerissa Polanqco28:30.20Carl Hayden
34.12Luz Cordova28:32.50Cesar Chavez
35.12Nayeli Moreno28:48.70Phoenix Central
36.12Thi Pham30:23.10Phoenix Central
37.10Esmeralda Pena30:34.50Alhambra
38.10Perla Campos31:01.70Alhambra
39.9Elizabeth Perez31:09.70Carl Hayden
40.11Jessic Lujan31:12.80Camelback
41.12Elizabeth Ramirez33:05.20Alhambra
42.12Silvia Enriquez33:55.70Carl Hayden
43.11Valeria Lopez34:09.70Camelback
44.9Crystal Aanensen34:23.60Alhambra
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