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8,000 Meters Varsity
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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Varsity  

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4.SrKevin Crosby26:00.78Furman
7.SoTyler Johnson26:18.93Furman
18.FrEric Albrecht27:03.3Furman
24.FrSam Robinson27:21.37Furman
28.JrMitchell Gober27:28.12Furman
51.FrJamie Bach28:13.53Furman
59.JrMatthew Gooch28:27.64Furman
60.FrAndrew Orr28:29.24Furman
61.FrJohn Dowlen28:30.78Furman
64.JrBrennan Pratt28:37.08Furman
81.JrNick Reinhardt29:27.34Furman
86.JrHunter Hicklin29:58.34Furman
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