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2.95 Miles Varsity
Womens Races
2.95 Miles Varsity

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Mens Results

2.95 Miles Varsity  

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21.10Silvio Gonzalez17:37.3Moon Valley
32.10Ben Flores19:14.1Moon Valley
33.9Ryan Kulesa19:16.7Moon Valley
35.10Deni Gaytan19:45.7Moon Valley
36.11Daniel Navarro19:49.3Moon Valley
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Womens Results

2.95 Miles Varsity  

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16.12Tricia Kiernan22:38.2Moon Valley
18.11Kayla West23:12.7Moon Valley
24.10May Ann Fajardo24:21.2Moon Valley
26.10Brittany Hoegner25:03.4Moon Valley
28.11Maria Fonseca25:13.6Moon Valley
33.12Elizabeth Gaytan25:38.8Moon Valley
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