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PIL District Meet HS

Thursday, October 27, 2005

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Location - Grant Park, Portland, OR - Map
Mens Races
3,000 Meters Freshmen Boys

Grant Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
Womens Races
3,000 Meters Junior Varsity Girls

Grant Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
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Mens Results

3,000 Meters Freshmen Boys  

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5.9Eric Douglas11:04.8Lincoln
6.9Michael Green11:14.6Lincoln
12.9Chris Scanlon11:41.4Lincoln
15.9Earl McCormack11:44.7Wilson
21.9Ben Shattuck12:04.5Lincoln
28.9Jordan Stapp12:26.6Wilson
31.9Aaron Poplack12:35.8Wilson
35.9Elias Skora13:03.8Lincoln
38.9Lucas Richardson13:14.1Wilson
50.9Yi Zhu-Tang14:08.5Lincoln
53.9Benjamin Silberberg14:25.4Wilson
55.9Andrew Lindsay14:53.3Lincoln
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5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.12Mat Cravens15:49.1Franklin
3.10Bryce Burgess16:16.6Franklin
6.11Joseph Carpenter16:28.6Lincoln
8.9Adrian Unkeles16:42.1Lincoln
10.9Nathan Mathabane16:55.9Lincoln
12.11Matt Parker17:04.6Lincoln
13.11Greg Lindstrom17:24.0Wilson
15.10Jake Caplener17:29.0Franklin
16.9Brandon Kohler17:30.9Cleveland (OR)
17.10Skylar Evans17:32.2Franklin
18.12Alex Evans17:36.6Franklin
19.10Joseph Bittner17:38.2Lincoln
20.10Chris Wright17:39.0Lincoln
21.10Keegan Heron17:42.8Cleveland (OR)
23.10Vince Corson17:50.0Wilson
24.10Nathaniel Kielholtz17:59.6Franklin
29.12Eric Manley18:15.8Franklin
30.9Zach Betancourt18:17.9Wilson
31.11Chris Stadler18:21.9Lincoln
32.10Yuri Heirendt18:24.2Wilson
34.10Martin Hahn18:34.9Wilson
35.12Scott Schmitz18:36.7Wilson
40.11Carlin Kersch18:48.7Wilson
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

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4.11Casey Tane18:13.1Lincoln
9.11Andrew Laissue18:33.3Lincoln
12.12Evan Ponder18:47.0Wilson
19.12Turner Stumpf19:12.4Lincoln
20.12Alvin Kumar19:13.3Wilson
21.10Marc Wasserman19:18.0Wilson
22.10Max Strater19:18.8Wilson
23.12Alex Bacher19:20.5Lincoln
24.11Ryan Lewis19:25.3Lincoln
26.12Richard Unkeles19:46.7Lincoln
27.10Alexander Plattner19:49.5Lincoln
29.10Elliot Firestone19:53.9Wilson
31.11Austin Parr19:59.5Lincoln
32.12Alden Jacobs20:01.1Lincoln
33.11Neal Pisenti20:02.7Lincoln
34.12Alex Mayall20:03.4Wilson
35.10Kyle Paulsen20:04.4Wilson
36.11Daniel Ronan20:04.9Wilson
39.10Aaron Kelly20:10.1Lincoln
42.12Jimmy Johnson20:17.2Wilson
43.10Will Stevens20:20.1Lincoln
45.12Riley Peck20:27.2Lincoln
46.12Ben Waters20:28.4Wilson
47.10Aaron Macoubray20:29.3Lincoln
48.10Andrew Cook20:37.3Wilson
49.11Erik Nelson20:47.6Wilson
50.10Teddy Lambert20:48.8Lincoln
51.10Will Savinar20:51.0Lincoln
52.10Jesse Merz20:53.3Wilson
53.10Thomas Russell21:01.7Lincoln
56.10Tyler Muir21:28.8Wilson
57.12Matt Jochim21:29.9Wilson
58.12Kevin Doane21:36.3Wilson
60.9John Bradley21:40.3Lincoln
61.12Bryan Sherwood21:46.3Wilson
63.10Zach Todd21:51.6Wilson
65.12Ben Mihelic21:56.2Wilson
66.10James Russell21:58.1Lincoln
67.12Max Davidson21:58.8Lincoln
68.12Christian Hansen22:03.8Lincoln
69.12Gordon Grout22:04.7Lincoln
71.10Hart Stevens22:37.8Lincoln
73.11Zach Jones22:45.0Lincoln
76.10Isaiah Leiva24:10.1Wilson
77.12Joseph Lei24:22.6Lincoln
78.12Owen Rudloff24:32.7Wilson
86.12Grant Alport32:50.1Lincoln
87.12Robert Knight34:19.4Lincoln
88.11Andrew Stratman34:35.0Wilson
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Womens Results

3,000 Meters Junior Varsity Girls  

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1.11Katharine Wintol12:43.8Lincoln
2.9Whitney Pisenti13:03.1Lincoln
3.10Stephanie Bondarow...13:10.7Lincoln
5.12Katie Goodell13:17.9Lincoln
6.10Jaclyn Katz-Rubinc...13:22.3Wilson
9.10KC Mautner13:34.9Wilson
10.10Alexandria Ritter13:35.4Lincoln
11.10Bailey Davidson13:35.8Lincoln
12.10Sabrina Duncan13:36.1Lincoln
14.10Marianne Henry13:36.9Lincoln
15.9Ashley Pace-Brink13:41.5Wilson
20.11Cristina Chin13:51.8Wilson
22.10Erin Madison13:56.4Lincoln
23.11Jessica Kim13:58.9Lincoln
24.10Mary Stevens14:00.2Wilson
27.9Katie Kavanaugh14:07.2Lincoln
28.11Michelle Tani14:08.0Wilson
30.10Gina Deitz14:10.5Lincoln
33.9Anne Schad14:13.7Lincoln
35.11Sema Kirkewoog14:17.7Lincoln
37.11Rachel Moshofsky14:22.2Lincoln
38.9Jennie Greb14:24.2Wilson
41.9Molly Silver14:29.3Lincoln
42.11Jennifer Starr14:29.9Lincoln
43.9Emma Rogers14:32.9Lincoln
44.9Dana Bacharach14:35.8Lincoln
46.9Nina Pincus14:37.5Lincoln
49.12Christina Li14:40.6Lincoln
50.9Alexandra Stoltze14:43.3Lincoln
51.10Rachel Kisling14:44.3Wilson
52.11Nicole Freshley14:47.9Lincoln
53.9Mariah Miller14:49.5Lincoln
55.10Stephanie Lester14:54.8Lincoln
61.12Lauren Richardson15:06.1Wilson
70.10Sabrina Barnum15:20.4Wilson
72.11Samantha Galluzzo15:22.0Lincoln
74.10Emma Snodgrass15:28.6Lincoln
75.10Catherine Wiley15:29.2Lincoln
82.10Amanda Sharp16:02.9Wilson
85.12Karla Whitfield16:09.1Wilson
86.9Eugenia Jacobsen16:17.9Wilson
87.9Vanessa Meyerowitz16:18.5Wilson
89.11Jessica Langensand16:36.1Lincoln
90.10Mary Bernton16:40.3Lincoln
91.9Marriah Kaplan16:44.0Lincoln
96.10Maddie Mininger18:35.2Wilson
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5,000 Meters Varsity  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.11Marsha Lampi19:08.5Lincoln
2.12Charlotte Trowbridge19:17.6Franklin
3.12Christine Jowaiszas19:27.3Cleveland (OR)
4.12Harmony Teitsworth19:27.8Lincoln
7.10Becky Anderson20:06.5Lincoln
8.11Elise Manley20:35.0Franklin
9.9Betsy Kolberg20:43.3Lincoln
10.11Maddie Byers20:52.7Lincoln
11.11Amelia Holcombe21:02.8Wilson
12.11Megan Wasteney21:07.9Lincoln
13.9Jasmin Volk21:18.4Lincoln
14.12Rachael Murphy21:28.5Wilson
18.9Joy Shufeldt21:55.7Franklin
19.12Chelsea Hicks22:01.7Wilson
24.10Kelsey Doherty22:36.8Wilson
26.10Sajara Stark22:46.5Wilson
27.11Jenna Passalacqua22:47.6Franklin
28.10Katie Barrar23:11.5Wilson
32.10Danielle Waltz23:50.2Franklin
33.10Amanda Cordes24:17.8Franklin
35.10Anandi Hall24:27.5Wilson
36.11Laura Irvine24:37.0Franklin
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