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Apple Valley League Championship HS

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

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Location - Berkeley Springs School Complex, Berkeley Springs, WV - Map
Mens Races

Berkeley Springs School Complex

5,000 Meters Varsity4:00 PM
Womens Races

Berkeley Springs School Complex

5,000 Meters Varsity4:45 PM
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Berkeley Springs

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1.12Lenny Roach16:44Berkeley Springs
2.12Cory Hampshire16:56Jefferson
3.11John Mundey17:43Berkeley Springs
4.10Brandon Doughty17:52Jefferson
5.12Kory Farmer18:01Jefferson
6.12Jay Martin18:19Jefferson
7.11Khiry Timbers18:19Martinsburg
8.10Joshua Davis18:21Washington
9.10Jake Wise18:30Berkeley Springs
10.11Cory Yarrington18:39Berkeley Springs
11.12Seton Zacot18:45Jefferson
12.11Cody Marsh18:51Jefferson
13.10Austin Rigsby18:54Musselman
14.12Andrew Cassell18:57Jefferson
15.10Sam Munnis19:18Jefferson
16.12Billy Shrout19:29Musselman
17.10Jimmy Munnis19:42Jefferson
18.11Andrew Knotts19:44Hedgesville
19.10Cody McDonald19:46Musselman
20.9Branden Hartman19:49Washington
21.10Olman Guzman19:51Berkeley Springs
22.10Tim Potter19:52Musselman
23.10Austin Reece20:06Berkeley Springs
24.11Josh Orr20:15Martinsburg
25.9Curtis Chiswell20:18Jefferson
26.10Isaac Shade20:20Jefferson
27.10Kris Knotts20:21Hedgesville
28.9Nick Ledden20:25Jefferson
29.10Jon Hayes20:36Jefferson
30.9Alex Dorman20:37Jefferson
31.12Michael Kennedy20:38Martinsburg
32.9Nic Bauer20:44Martinsburg
33.12Hugh Boylan20:50Jefferson
34.11Billy Reese20:54Berkeley Springs
35.12Caleb Smalley20:59Berkeley Springs
36.9Josh Eppinger21:01Hedgesville
37.10Matt Kelly21:02Hedgesville
38.12Sonny Cunningham21:07Martinsburg
39.9Andrew Carroll21:13Musselman
40.11Michael Hipelius21:22Martinsburg
41.10Steven Offutt21:23Jefferson
42.9James Meyer21:52Jefferson
43.9Tyler Brandenburg21:53Washington
44.12Damien Harrison21:55Martinsburg
45.9Duncan Yeisley21:56Hedgesville
46.12Kekoa Taitt22:16Martinsburg
47.9Chris Doss22:16Jefferson
48.11Jeff Fuss22:17Jefferson
49.10Robert Monahan22:19Hedgesville
50.9Hoff Lindberg22:30Jefferson
51.9Gregory Hawk22:31Washington
52.10Paul Cassell22:56Washington
53.12Heng-I Laio23:07Martinsburg
54.9Skylar Hinson23:24Martinsburg
55.12Ben Cunningham23:26Martinsburg
56.12Matt Dennison23:57Hedgesville
57.10Kyle Taylor24:03Hedgesville
58.10Nick Coughlin24:39Washington
59.12Ryan Carroll25:24Musselman
60.11Jesse Navarro25:37Martinsburg
61.9Varun Menon26:16Martinsburg
62.12Dylan Cole26:50Martinsburg
63.11Avian Ruble29:49Martinsburg
64.9Ryan Minch30:36Musselman
65.11Jonathan Molina36:59Martinsburg
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