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Valley Oak League cluster meet #2 HS

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Meet Info & Blog

Meet Host - Oakdale HS
Event Manager - About Timing Assn
Location - Woodward Reservoir, Oakdale, CA - Map
Mens Races
2 Mile Frosh/Soph

Woodward Reservoir

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
Womens Races
2 Mile Frosh/Soph

Woodward Reservoir

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

2 Mile Frosh/Soph  
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1.10Tim Baker11:38Manteca
2.10Johnny Payan12:08Sierra
3.10Ray Adonis12:17Weston Ranch
4.10Shamit Kishore12:17Lathrop
5.10James Greer12:23Sierra
6.9Matthew Myers12:25Sonora
7.9Martin Ponce12:28Manteca
8.9Thomas Trzcinski12:30Sierra
9.10Mike Leland12:40Sierra
10.9Jonathan Velazquez12:57Sierra
11.10Mike Merriles13:04Sierra
12.10Michael Campbell13:05Sonora
13.9Louie Brichetto13:11Oakdale
14.10Layne Worley13:13Oakdale
15.10Barry Bautista13:14Lathrop
16.10Jake Duncan13:15Sierra
17.10Alex Patton13:20Sierra
18.10Stephan Gardner13:48Lathrop
19.10Daniel Rohovit13:50Manteca
20.10Indermeet Dhaliwal13:58Manteca
21.9Benneth Bautista14:00Lathrop
22.10Ruben Stewart14:10Manteca
23.9John Jeffers14:16Oakdale
24.9Josh Vargas14:24Sierra
25.10Paul Perrone14:30Oakdale
26.10Tyler Sommerfeld14:32Sonora
27.9Thomas Dempsey14:33Oakdale
28.10Gianni Blandino15:03Ceres
29.10Tyler Ryan15:17Sierra
30.9Josue Baez15:38Oakdale
31.10Conner Gervin16:01Sonora
32.10Jose Ricardo Garcia16:09Ceres
33.9Ryan Stefani16:13Oakdale
34.9Ben Williams16:38Sonora
35.9Daniel Lorentz16:57Lathrop
36.10Alejandro Tovar17:14Central Valley
18.9Lucy Rodriguez18:25Weston Ranch
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.12Alejandro Garcia15:39Ceres
2.12John Bowers15:52Sierra
3.10Ricky Morris16:08Sierra
4.11Nick Klein16:10Sonora
5.12Shannon Westbrook16:11Sonora
6.11Nathan Klein16:16Sonora
7.12Dean Alley16:37Sonora
8.10Clancy McConnell16:45Sonora
9.12Brendt M OHE16:47Oakdale
10.12Eduardo Ordaz16:48East Union
11.12Oscar Tovar16:56Central Valley
12.11Roland Garcia17:17Lathrop
13.12Jonathan Scherry17:19Sierra
14.12Christian Virrueta17:28Sierra
15.12Marco Castaneda17:33East Union
16.12Andrew Gulbronson17:35Sierra
17.12Felix Soto17:36East Union
18.12Jeremy Vargas17:39Sierra
19.12Michael Maltese17:46Sonora
20.11Brian Berst17:51Oakdale
21.11Mathew Mey17:53Ceres
22.12Gavin Smith17:56Oakdale
23.10Francisco Gonzalez18:00Central Valley
24.11Miguel Velazquez18:19Sierra
25.11Paul Lyons18:24Manteca
26.12Kenneth Martinez18:27East Union
27.11Hoang Bien18:35Manteca
28.11Kody Walton18:45Sonora
29.10David Ortega18:58East Union
30.11Anthony Nguyen18:59Manteca
31.12Kyle Jones19:07Oakdale
32.9Raul Castro19:07Central Valley
33.11Jason Cortez19:10East Union
34.12Joshua Salas19:17Oakdale
35.11Zachary Iscoff19:19Manteca
36.11Juan Gonzalez19:21Oakdale
37.11Rajinder Singh19:22Ceres
38.11Eric Sosa19:26Central Valley
39.12Josue Reza19:28Manteca
40.11Christopher Wisnie...19:34Lathrop
41.12Pablo Pfister19:34Manteca
42.12Will Berryhill19:37Central Valley
43.12Juan Cuevas19:38Central Valley
44.11Jose Perez19:39Ceres
45.11Christian Deguzman19:41Lathrop
46.12Juan Rios20:10East Union
47.12Xavier Bridges20:16Central Valley
48.11Pablo Rodriguez20:19Oakdale
49.11jamie Flores21:07Lathrop
50.11Michael Johnson21:26Ceres
51.12Rosalio Heras22:39Ceres
52.12Charlie Norwood23:00Manteca
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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1.11Kyle Furtado17:32Sierra
2.11Steven Payne19:21Sonora
3.11Antonio Cordova20:04Central Valley
4.11Jeremiah Williams20:16Sonora
5.11Michael Luzinsti20:22Central Valley
6.10Christopher w Lopez20:22Oakdale
7.11Jose Ibarra20:24Oakdale
8.11Bjorn Wentink20:24Manteca
9.11Tyler Leitner20:29Oakdale
10.12Riley Yeakle20:30Sonora
11.12Ben Sianez20:40East Union
12.12Marciel Hayward20:44Weston Ranch
13.11Tyler Chan20:46Sonora
14.12Giancarlo Serna21:11Central Valley
15.12David Aguirre21:52Weston Ranch
16.12Jancey Hermosillo21:52Central Valley
17.11Marcos Aleman22:03East Union
18.11Albert Ngugi22:10Manteca
19.10Angelo Paiva22:14East Union
21.11Patrick Villarico22:33Central Valley
22.11Andrew Vasquez22:34Central Valley
23.11Gilbert Cisneros22:51Central Valley
24.11Edgar Ledesma22:52Weston Ranch
26.11Marshall Marin23:54Oakdale
29.11Jack Sterling24:40Sonora
32.12Omar Lopez25:20Central Valley
34.9John Sianez25:44East Union
36.11Xavier Lopez25:59Manteca
38.11Angel Ramirez27:02Central Valley
40.11Brandon Kent27:39East Union
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Womens Results

2 Mile Frosh/Soph  
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1.9Bryce Ford13:41Ceres
2.9Cecilia Carretero13:51Ceres
3.10Natalie Torres14:23Weston Ranch
4.10Nicole England14:48Sierra
5.9Gabriella Vazquez15:00Manteca
6.10Breanna Rodriguez15:19Manteca
7.9Phillis Arrington15:41Weston Ranch
8.10Dulce Rodriguez16:04Oakdale
9.10Jasmine Vargas16:10Sierra
10.10Kim Raines16:38Sierra
11.10Ashley Vath17:16Ceres
12.10Jocelyn Guerrero17:20Oakdale
13.10Lucero Sigarroa17:24Ceres
14.9Jessica Aguilar17:38Weston Ranch
15.10Nour Lopez18:04Ceres
16.10Stephanie Martinez18:15Lathrop
17.9Stephanie Millan18:18Weston Ranch
19.10Maria Gaitan18:43Ceres
20.10Violeta Verduzco18:51Ceres
21.10Whitney Galecki18:53Weston Ranch
22.10Shelly Muniain19:19Oakdale
23.9Alexandra Perez19:52Manteca
24.10Tatiana Barrera20:01Oakdale
25.10Andrea Torres20:59Oakdale
26.9Nicole Dickens21:43Oakdale
27.10Briana Alanis21:44Oakdale
28.10Arianna Warren22:19Oakdale
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.12Lizzie Grolle19:56Sonora
2.9Samantha Smith19:57Sonora
3.11Kimberlee Turner20:13Sonora
4.11Amber Parker20:21Sierra
5.10Francis Scherry20:53Sierra
6.12Jenny Goulart20:59Sierra
7.11Katelyn Carbiener21:00Sierra
8.10Kristen Brunk21:04Oakdale
9.11Alejandra Alvarez21:05East Union
10.10Jessica Montiel21:13Sierra
11.10Mercedes Langfeldt21:21Sonora
12.9Analisa Honour21:33Sierra
13.9Liz Erwin21:38Oakdale
14.12Veronica Villanueva21:47East Union
15.11Sara Aguayo22:06Oakdale
16.11Makayla Valdez22:25East Union
17.11Adrianna Mendez22:27Central Valley
18.11Haily Macedo22:30Oakdale
19.10Ariana Barajas22:31Oakdale
20.12Janeice Villanueva22:33East Union
21.12Brianna Navarro22:37Manteca
22.12Megan Viduya22:39Sierra
23.11Diana Vian22:43East Union
24.10Jessica Gomez23:11Oakdale
25.11Kirandeep Kaur23:16East Union
26.11Brianna Lucas23:19Manteca
27.11Alexiss Cervera23:50Central Valley
28.9Andrea Rodriguez24:35:00Central Valley
29.11Norma Cortez25:11:00Central Valley
30.12Rene Avalos25:26:00East Union
31.11Fatima Serrato25:34:00Lathrop
32.12Elizabeth Rohovit25:37:00Manteca
33.11Gabrielle Escobedo25:45:00Manteca
34.12Ann Carretero26:33:00Ceres
35.12Stephanie Muci28:38:00Central Valley
36.12Vanessa Cuevas28:48:00Ceres
37.10Alexia Crayton28:53:00Central Valley
38.10Madeleine Dragun29:38:00Sonora
39.10Rachael Rico30:04:00Central Valley
40.11Tonissa Pardo31:07:00Lathrop
41.12Susana Ramirez33:26:00Ceres
42.12Victoria Verduzco34:56:00Ceres
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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20.11Malia Almeida22:23Sierra
25.11Shawnee Justis23:19Sierra
27.9Jessie Martin24:01East Union
28.11Alissa Kummer24:16Oakdale
30.12Aashild Damsgaard24:41Oakdale
31.10Yvonne Gayton25:09East Union
33.12Rachel Abilez25:43East Union
35.9Savannah Lamb25:53East Union
37.12Arvinder Kaur26:59Weston Ranch
39.10Daejanee Stewart27:38East Union
41.11Katie Heiny27:51Oakdale
42.11Serina Ahm27:51Oakdale
43.11Sara Brannan28:13Weston Ranch
44.11Daniela Contreas29:39Central Valley
45.11Anissa Armstrong30:33East Union
46.11Heather Maynard30:37East Union
47.12Yareli Medoza30:52Central Valley
48.11Katelyn Stefani31:59Oakdale
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