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Bartlett Relays HS

Saturday, August 22, 2009

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Location - Bartlett H. S., Anchorage, AK - Map
Mens Races
4,000 Meters Varsity
4,000 Meters Junior Varsity
Womens Races
4,000 Meters Varsity
4,000 Meters Junior Varsity
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Mens Results

4,000 Meters Varsity  

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11Jani Lane12:48Service
12Jacob Kirk12:55.7Grace Christian
11Silas Talbot13:00Service
12Robert Walgren13:02Service
12Dylan Anthony13:15Kodiak
11Aaron Wheatall13:34Service
12Andrew Arnold13:37.4Grace Christian
12Dane Goodman13:51Service
12Chaven Davidson13:54Kodiak
11James Osowski13:55Kodiak
12Matt Finn13:58Anchorage Christian
10John Klein13:59.6Grace Christian
11Nathan Deer14:02Kodiak
12Matt Baker14:04Anchorage Christian
9Lucas Hepler14:08Service
11Joseph Dillon14:14.0Grace Christian
10Joseph Kalis14:15Service
12Luke Charters14:32Anchorage Christian
11John Weber14:35.3Grace Christian
10Tadhg Nakada14:38Service
11Caleb Nymeyer14:38Kodiak
11Matt Bauer14:42Service
11Peter Mamrol14:42Service
11Benjamin Wheatall14:42Service
11Kyle Barnhart14:43Service
11Jordan Edwards14:43.2Grace Christian
10Jordan Fogle14:49Kodiak
9Jackson Parke14:50Service
11Quinton Metcalf14:58.5Grace Christian
12Caleb Davis15:03.0Grace Christian
11Jake Salus15:03Kodiak
12Michael Gilbert15:09Kodiak
9Lucas Schlemme15:10Service
11George Keeney15:10.4Valdez
11Mackenzie Bailey15:20Service
12Karsten Schick15:20Kodiak
12Josh Marsh15:24Service
11Turner Rodgers15:30.0Grace Christian
12Brandon Gilbert15:35Kodiak
9Josh Thomas15:38.9Grace Christian
11Thomas Burkel15:42Service
12Daniel Brandon15:43Anchorage Christian
11Tyler Mockta15:44Service
11Dallas Smith15:44.7Grace Christian
10Nelson Carpentier15:52Service
10Matt Downing15:53.3Valdez
10Hugh Cosgrave15:55Service
11Adam Moore15:57Service
11Aaron Haynes16:05Service
10Matt Hatter16:07.0Grace Christian
10Paul Johnston16:07.1Grace Christian
11Brad Hoyt16:09Kodiak
10Jess Johns16:09.0Valdez
11David Peterson16:14Kodiak
10Peter Metzger16:15Service
11Matthew Eller16:17.8Grace Christian
10John McDonald16:18Kodiak
10Glacier Rohrer16:18.5Valdez
9Kris Kuelper16:21Service
12Skyler Clark16:24Service
9Ben Americus16:26Cordova
10Lee Bondurant16:30Kodiak
10William Roemhildt16:31Cordova
11Dillon Gilroy16:36Anchorage Christian
9Kevin Keech16:50Service
10Shane Trout16:52Kodiak
11Kasey Walker16:52.2Valdez
11Trent Jones16:57.4Grace Christian
9Ronnie Moore16:59Anchorage Christian
10Bullet Boyles16:59Grace Christian
11Ryan McLaughlin17:05Service
10Kenton Stephens17:14Service
11Johnny Fischbach17:16Grace Christian
11Logan Nissenson17:17Service
10James Allen17:17Cordova
9Liam Miller17:20.7Valdez
10Wayland Potter17:23.5Grace Christian
11David Lenahan17:38Service
10Craig Lematta17:41.2Valdez
10Alex Slaymaker17:41.5Grace Christian
9Reise Wayner17:43Grace Christian
10David Tervooren17:45Grace Christian
11Elias Smith17:46Service
9Andrew Eller17:49Grace Christian
9Stuart Goodman18:03Service
11Daniel Lee18:06Service
10Joe McGlaughlin18:06.0Grace Christian
9Cole Christiansen18:11Kodiak
12Quinn Verfaillie18:19.6Valdez
10Arne Schick18:29Kodiak
9Aiden Ott18:29Kodiak
9Carson Rowe19:05Grace Christian
9Adam Zamudio19:6Cordova
10Ryan Hickok19:33Grace Christian
11Bryce Knock19:37Service
10Daniel Fullmer19:46.4Grace Christian
12Brennan Berry19:59Service
11Sam Johnson20:04Grace Christian
12William Overbaugh20:37Service
9Robert RJ Halloran20:39Service
9Zachary Johnson21:02Service
9Cayman Jarvis22:01Service
9Timothy Thornley25:29Service
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4,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

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11Stephen Stooksbury15:17Anchorage Christian
10Christian Beier15:54Heritage Christian
10Daniel Tedrick16:18Anchorage Christian
11Ryan Williams16:19Anchorage Christian
11Jason Doyal16:43Anchorage Christian
9Cody Gilroy16:59Anchorage Christian
10Trevor Woodhouse16:59Anchorage Christian
10Chris Moore17:16Anchorage Christian
11Riley Lyons17:41Anchorage Christian
11Rhys Bryner18:00Heritage Christian
12Brandon Bahnke18:02Anchorage Christian
9Garrett Mutchie18:06Anchorage Christian
11Curtis Whisman18:10Heritage Christian
9Jarrod Martin18:40Kodiak
11Harrison Godsby19:18Anchorage Christian
10Chris Johnson21:12Kodiak
11David Warren23:21Anchorage Christian
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Womens Results

4,000 Meters Varsity  

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12Chloe Ivanoff15:42Kodiak
12Emma Kroloff16:31Service
11Jaymi Bethea16:36Kodiak
9Jenette Northey16:37Service
9Sarah Ng16:49Kodiak
10BethAnne Davis16:52.9Grace Christian
10BethAnne Davis16:58Grace Christian
9Monae Boyles17:02.3Grace Christian
11Mariah Applegate17:07.1Grace Christian
12Sarah Cresap17:13.3Grace Christian
10Allie Smith17:17Kodiak
11Krystal Muller-Stu...17:20Service
9Hannah Xavier17:29Service
9Alex Okeson17:30Service
12Sarah Jarvis17:32Service
12Madison Halloran17:33Service
11Leisha Anderson17:39Anchorage Christian
12Robin Miner17:39Service
10Elizabeth Wheatall17:58Service
10Gaby Serrano18:01Kodiak
9Anna Trujillo18:14.2Grace Christian
11Betsy Winkle18:16.5Grace Christian
11McKenzie Smedley18:25Service
9Tasha Mockta18:26Service
9Sadie Smith18:31Service
12Amelia Egle18:34Kodiak
10Samantha Haight18:39Kodiak
10Britta Hamre18:46Service
12Rachel Leaman18:52Service
12Marjie Dupea18:54.9Grace Christian
10Selma Ernest18:57Kodiak
9Sarah Heer19:01.6Grace Christian
10Jordan Pruszenski19:03Service
9Claire Trujillo19:03.6Grace Christian
12Jannesa Borodkin19:7Cordova
12Annalise Delos San...19:07Kodiak
10Jessica Hamberger19:9Cordova
10Celeste Hamre19:12Service
11Tessa Bay19:15Service
10Brittney Lenahan19:22Service
12Justine Smith19:30.1Grace Christian
9Kristyn Martin19:42Service
12Katie Miller19:42.3Valdez
12Jenni Fried19:44Kodiak
10Rachel Baker19:53Anchorage Christian
9Anna Heer19:54.6Grace Christian
9Emily Merioles19:55.7Valdez
12Krystal Thompson20:00Anchorage Christian
11Megan Seaman20:00Service
12Tristen Larson20:00.2Valdez
12Nicole Deren20:12Service
10Hannah Christensen20:17.6Grace Christian
10Hannah Souders20:20Service
10Olivia Jaconette20:41Anchorage Christian
10Shiloh Joyce20:41Cordova
12Emma Souders20:58Service
12Erin Blott21:00Kodiak
9Aly Noble21:05Grace Christian
10Sonia Cortez21:17Kodiak
12Julie Templin21:19Service
10Mia Harren22:05Service
9Elisha Lenhert22:10Kodiak
9Jessica Emmerson22:13Kodiak
10Sabrina Willis22:32Anchorage Christian
11Rachel Shields22:37Service
9Sarah Marsh22:59Service
10Emily Godsby23:19Anchorage Christian
11Rose Hanson23:55Service
9Hannah Dunbar24:34Kodiak
11Monica Reid24:56Grace Christian
11Kristina Emmerson25:16Kodiak
11Sarah Carter26:12.6Grace Christian
11Esther Wee26:25Service
9Rachel Bieganski26:30Service
9Mary Alley26:48.1Grace Christian
11Kate Winkle26:52.7Grace Christian
10Kristina Gionet27:52.7Grace Christian
12Victoria Underwood29:05Grace Christian
10Ashleigh Roe29:11Kodiak
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