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ISL Championships HS

Thursday, October 15, 2009

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Location - Washington Park, Chicago, IL - Map
Mens Races

Washington Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
Womens Races

Washington Park

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.11Jonny Levin16:49.00Chicago (Francis W. ...
2.11Robert Meyer16:53.00Chicago (University)
3.12Brendan O'Hara17:07.00Chicago (Latin)
4.12Bowen Tretheway17:15.00Chicago (Latin)
5.11Ben Bucheim-Jurisson17:18.00Chicago (University)
6.11Thomas Aquino17:21.00Chicago (University)
7.12Peter Knapp17:27.00Northridge Prep
8.12Matt Schauble17:32.00Chicago (Latin)
9.10Ethan Lee17:33.00Chicago (Latin)
10.11Matt Badyna17:34.00Northridge Prep
11.12Conor Schickel17:42.00Northridge Prep
12.10Philip Davis17:50.00Northridge Prep
13.11David Carlson17:51.00Chicago (Latin)
14.12Bryon Timmel17:54.00Chicago (Latin)
15.11Zach Peppin18:00.00Chicago (Francis W. ...
16.12Ian Marshall18:01.00Chicago (Latin)
17.10Britt Henderson18:02.00Chicago (Latin)
18.10Tommy Cox18:04.00Chicago (Latin)
19.11Nick Stender18:07.00Chicago (Latin)
20.10Nicholas Medina18:39.00Chicago (Latin)
21.12Tim Madigan18:49.00Northridge Prep
22.11Jack Birmingham18:52.00Northridge Prep
23.10Andrew Knapp19:02.00Northridge Prep
24.12Ben Nordquist19:10.00Chicago (Francis W. ...
25.10Caleb Flack19:33.00Chicago (Francis W. ...
26.10Ben Fieger19:36.00Chicago (Francis W. ...
27.9Wyatt Cohen19:39.00Chicago (Francis W. ...
28.12Casey O'Dea19:43.00Chicago (Francis W. ...
29.12Jason Kahn20:01.00Chicago (Francis W. ...
30.11Wolfie Foulkes20:02.00Chicago (University)
31.11Spensor Smith20:10.00Chicago (Latin)
32.12Issac Green20:13.00Chicago (Latin)
33.9Brian Dinghra20:14.00Chicago (Latin)
34.12Jack Mensik20:17.00Chicago (Latin)
35.11Shane Selig20:25.00Chicago (University)
36.11Matt Soble20:26.00Chicago (University)
37.9Sam T. Sentongo20:29.00Chicago (University)
38.9Benjamin Meyer20:30.00Chicago (University)
39.11Danny Traub20:38.00Chicago (University)
40.11Jonathon Lopez20:43.00Chicago (Latin)
41.10Peter Kane20:47.00Northridge Prep
42.10Luis Saldana20:49.00Chicago (University)
43.11Henry Bergman20:57.00Chicago (University)
44.9Michael Gibson20:58.00Northridge Prep
45.10Michael Shapiro21:22.00Chicago (University)
46.9Joshua Goldberg21:41.00Chicago (Latin)
47.11David Zdunek21:42.00Northridge Prep
48.11Adrien Chiena21:52.00Chicago (Latin)
49.10Ben Tannenbaum21:53.00Chicago (Latin)
50.11Cary Confino22:01.00Chicago (Francis W. ...
51.10Alex Kling22:11.00Chicago (Latin)
51.11Sebastion Olsen22:11.00Chicago (Latin)
53.10Fischer Moses22:12.00Northridge Prep
54.10Ed Hardman22:14.00Chicago (Latin)
55.12Joni Dema22:22.00Winnetka (North Shor...
56.10Andrew Palmer22:31.00Chicago (University)
57.9Jason Deng22:35.00Chicago (University)
58.12Ben Crane22:47.00Winnetka (North Shor...
59.10Jack Kelly22:53.00Winnetka (North Shor...
60.9Hayden Williams23:07.00Winnetka (North Shor...
61.9Gregory Knapp23:12.00Northridge Prep
62.9Gabe Ovsiew23:16.00Chicago (University)
63.10Andrew Clarkson23:19.00Chicago (Latin)
64.10Danny Schur23:24.00Winnetka (North Shor...
65.12Kravon Teamer28:43.00Winnetka (North Shor...
66.9David Wilson31:25.00Winnetka (North Shor...
67.10Carlos Angeles31:43.00Winnetka (North Shor...
68.9Keenan Fix33:15.00Winnetka (North Shor...
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Julia Buford19:28.00Chicago (Latin)
2.12Sherry Fu19:55.00Chicago (University)
3.9Sarah Curci20:12.00Chicago (University)
4.12Anne Kelly21:40.00The Willows Academy
5.12Julia Baird21:48.00Chicago (University)
6.10Michaella Baker21:49.00Chicago (Latin)
7.9Reba Orloff22:02.00Chicago (Latin)
8.11Mary Kelleher22:07.00Chicago (Latin)
8.10Alexandra Chang22:07.00Chicago (University)
10.9Olivia Giampietro22:11.00Winnetka (North Shor...
10.11Mollie Rotmensch22:11.00Chicago (University)
12.12Kelly O'Hara22:20.00Chicago (Latin)
13.10Kara Bank22:21.00Chicago (Latin)
14.10Lydia McCaleb22:25.00Winnetka (North Shor...
15.10Lizzie Eck22:42.00The Willows Academy
16.9Zoe Petros22:49.00The Willows Academy
17.12Lindley French22:50.00Chicago (Latin)
18.9Monica Deardruff22:52.00The Willows Academy
19.11Nora Philbin23:10.00Winnetka (North Shor...
20.10Katelyn Suchyta23:12.00Chicago (University)
21.12Nikki Bank23:18.00Chicago (Latin)
22.9Kristina Mensik23:19.00Chicago (Latin)
23.12Celeste Black23:29.00Winnetka (North Shor...
24.11Mo Brown23:32.00The Willows Academy
25.12Andrea Strauss23:55.00Winnetka (North Shor...
26.10Isadora Ruyter-Har...23:57.00Chicago (University)
27.12Jenny Schmidt24:24.00The Willows Academy
28.12Grace Deardruff24:37.00The Willows Academy
29.11Katrina Hurst24:43.00Chicago (Francis W. ...
30.9Blair Marshall24:46.00Chicago (Latin)
31.10Kate Bowker25:21.00Chicago (Latin)
32.9Rita Stern25:27.00Chicago (University)
33.9Christina Bianco25:30.00Chicago (Latin)
34.9Hanah Klaeser25:32.00Winnetka (North Shor...
35.9Hannah Tomio26:00.00Chicago (University)
36.9Sarah Witter26:43.00The Willows Academy
37.11Mary Lee Gibson26:55.00The Willows Academy
38.12Catherine McDonough27:32.00The Willows Academy
39.11Haley Ross28:05.00Winnetka (North Shor...
40.9Isabel Soble28:13.00Chicago (University)
41.9Catherine Zhou28:31.00Chicago (University)
42.10Michele Cervantes28:34.00Winnetka (North Shor...
43.10Sally Ladsaria29:45.00Chicago (University)
44.10Leslie Kamel29:56.00Chicago (University)
45.12Ji Yun Lee30:18.00The Willows Academy
46.10Rebecca Reategui31:10.00Winnetka (North Shor...
47.9Ellen Ma33:04.00Chicago (University)
48.9Kate Ragsdale34:23.00Chicago (University)
49.12Alexa Fuerstein34:28.00Chicago (Latin)
50.9Caitlin Adamson34:53.00Winnetka (North Shor...
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