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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Club Olympia Open Mixed 5k9:30 AM

The Evergreen State College

8,000 Meters College Men 8k10:05 AM
5,000 Meters Varsity High School Boys 5k11:55 AM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters College Women 5k10:45 AM
5,000 Meters Varsity High School Girls 5k11:20 AM

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Womens Results

5,000 Meters College Women 5k  

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1.JrJessica Smith18:20.43Simon Fraser
2.SoHolly Stockall18:38.41Simon Fraser
3.JrAngela Shaw18:41.31Simon Fraser
4.SoHelen Crofts18:53.07Simon Fraser
5.SrAli Hudson19:10.79Simon Fraser
6.JrBrianna Kane19:14.38Simon Fraser
7.-Heather Mancell19:27.53Simon Fraser
8.SoAnnie Laweryson20:06.30 SRSt Martin's
9.JrOlivia Brennan20:06.89 PRSimon Fraser
10.FrAshley Llapitan20:12.02 PRSt Martin's
11.JrHelen Camden20:13.00 SRSt Martin's
12.-Traci Boss20:18.53 PRSimon Fraser
13.SoBritta Peterson20:41.90Evergreen State
14.SoKristyn Webster20:46.56 PRSimon Fraser
15.SrKrinda Carlson20:48.40 SRSt Martin's
16.SoKaitlynn Pecha20:49.97 PRSt Martin's
17.-Jennifer Weslowski20:58.39 SRSimon Fraser
18.-Lauren Babineau21:27.84 PRSimon Fraser
19.FrLaura Moser21:32.93 SRSeattle Pacific
20.SoJoscelyn Minton21:34.48 SRSt Martin's
21.SoMargaret Hanscom21:42.56 SRSeattle Pacific
22.JrBianca Gonzales21:59.92 SRSimon Fraser
23.SoKarissa Owen22:27.17 SRSt Martin's
24.SoKayla Wilkins22:27.35 SRSeattle Pacific
25.Emily Uhlig22:38.59Unattached
26.SoEmily Baker22:53.54Evergreen State
27.SoKassandra Boulton22:59.05 PRSeattle Pacific
28.-Katie Tongue23:06.98 SRSimon Fraser
29.-Madel Torres23:39.28 PRSeattle Pacific
30.FrChloe Stamper24:12.44Evergreen State
31.JrJamie Willis24:28.71Evergreen State
32.FrCarelia Agis24:33.70 PRSt Martin's
33.Diann Leo25:11.00Unattached
34.FrKayla Johnston26:11.97Evergreen State
35.SoEvelyn Coleman27:18.77Evergreen State
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