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Mens Races
2 Mile Frosh/Soph3:50 PM
3 Mile Varsity4:40 PM
Womens Races
2 Mile Frosh/Soph3:30 PM
3 Mile Varsity4:10 PM

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Mens Results

2 Mile Frosh/Soph  
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1.9Alex Polanco11:19Sacramento
2.10Nicholas Woodbury11:42McClatchy
3.10Daniel Ramirez12:00Rosemont
4.9Justin Kwong12:12McClatchy
5.10Michael Wong12:21McClatchy
6.9Jeremy Lam12:26McClatchy
7.10Sean Tobin12:26Rosemont
8.10Gerardo Naranjo12:40Rosemont
9.9Joel Smith12:42McClatchy
10.9Yoon Teurn12:53Sacramento
11.9Tony Chen13:01McClatchy
12.10Tony Hazel13:30Grant
13.9Liam Dennis14:18McClatchy
14.10Chris Louie15:25McClatchy
15.9Durice Pruit16:02Sacramento
16.9Johnathan Tran16:23Luther Burbank
17.9Allen Lysaythong17:43Hiram Johnson
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3 Mile Varsity  
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1.11Eric Jackson15:53McClatchy
2.10Zach Ramos-Taylor16:32McClatchy
3.12Patrick Redford16:43McClatchy
4.12Petr Kovalchuk16:51Rosemont
5.12Charquice Sanders16:51Luther Burbank
6.10Joey Bloom17:05McClatchy
7.9Nico Blanco17:11McClatchy
8.12Kalen Bergado17:14McClatchy
9.11Sergio Cleveland17:15Luther Burbank
10.11Bently Shine17:17Sacramento
11.11Taylor Meyer17:20Rosemont
12.10Charlie Borsos17:21McClatchy
13.11Nathan French18:02Sacramento
14.11Guillermo Tejada18:16Hiram Johnson
15.10RK Gallagher18:21McClatchy
16.11Spencer Heyward18:26Rosemont
17.12Ben Morrison18:31McClatchy
18.11Mitchel Lau18:38McClatchy
19.11Clinton Fordham19:18Rosemont
20.11Ricky Elliott19:25McClatchy
21.12Ali Dalvi20:08Rosemont
22.10Ou Saechao20:12Hiram Johnson
23.10Kenny Chen20:22Hiram Johnson
24.12Jason Lee20:28McClatchy
25.11Vick West Jr20:32Luther Burbank
26.12Jorge Gonzales20:36Grant
27.11Paul Smith-Profit20:46Luther Burbank
28.11Sirrele Steinfeld20:50Sacramento
29.11Diego Mayorga20:51Hiram Johnson
30.12Matt Evans20:53Rosemont
31.10Kong Lor21:21Grant
32.12Christopher (CJ) M...21:26Luther Burbank
33.11Tyler McClure21:32Sacramento
34.11Corey Nakata22:31McClatchy
35.11Anthony Jones22:50Sacramento
36.10Jake Means22:51McClatchy
37.12Danny Yang25:54Hiram Johnson
38.11Dronneil Chandra25:54Hiram Johnson
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Womens Results

2 Mile Frosh/Soph  
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1.9Kendall Mar12:49McClatchy
2.10Monea Stribling13:22Sacramento
3.10Mica Canales14:34Rosemont
4.9Juelline Lieng14:40McClatchy
5.10Valeria Martinez-B...14:43Luther Burbank
6.9Sierra Schultz14:51McClatchy
7.9Anci Sun15:15McClatchy
8.10Christine Djan15:47McClatchy
9.10Alyssa Armstrong16:00Grant
10.9Markae Loadholt16:02Rosemont
11.10Jasmine Flores17:31Sacramento
12.10Briana Hutchins17:38Hiram Johnson
13.10Sabrina Vue17:53Rosemont
14.9Marleena Higgins18:32Sacramento
15.9Valerie Rice22:59Sacramento
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3 Mile Varsity  
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1.9Jillian Brown19:29McClatchy
2.9JasMin Khoe20:10McClatchy
3.9Anna Riley20:24McClatchy
4.9Shyla Hansen20:27McClatchy
5.10Keikei Johnson20:39McClatchy
6.11Sierra Morgan21:06McClatchy
7.9Angie Peckham21:15McClatchy
8.10Marissa Dorado22:00Rosemont
9.11Krystal Ramirez22:02Rosemont
10.12Amber Lau22:14McClatchy
11.11Safari Slaughter22:29Luther Burbank
12.10Tara Christopherson22:58Rosemont
13.10Megan Macha23:16Rosemont
14.12Katherine Tobin23:34Rosemont
15.12Sequoia Therman23:45Luther Burbank
16.11Erma Murphy23:47Luther Burbank
17.11Lisa Tran24:01Luther Burbank
18.12Rosa Guerrero24:02Rosemont
19.11Malvina Kuzko24:56Grant
20.11Samantha Lee25:27Rosemont
21.11Shawna Bell27:45Luther Burbank
22.12Sara Johnson29:25Luther Burbank
23.12Juanniesha (Rica) ...35:34Luther Burbank
24.12Arryana Barton35:35Luther Burbank
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