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4,000 Meters Varsity
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Mens Results

4,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.9Brett Willyard15:36 PRSeaside
3.12James Reaser16:12 SRBanks
5.11Erik Keating16:29 PRAstoria
9.12Jesse Gienger16:46 PRTillamook *37?
9.12Matt Sagers16:59Astoria
10.12Brad Brekke17:08 PRBanks
11.11Christian Mallare17:11 PRTillamook
12.11Troy Peterson17:13 PRTillamook
13.10Tyller Perry17:14 PRSeaside
14.12Sketch Gorsuch17:20 PRSeaside
15.12Erik Johansson17:21 PRSeaside
16.12Max Milander17:23 PRSeaside
17.9Aaron Josi17:23 PRTillamook
18.11David Woltjer17:25Astoria
19.9Markus Pullen17:30 PRTillamook
20.10Aaron Miller17:46Astoria
21.9Paulo Velez17:46 PRTillamook
22.12Dustin Woosley17:51 PRTillamook
23.10David Hoth18:00 PRSeaside
24.11James Slaughter18:07 SRBanks
25.9Jacob Ripley18:11 PRTillamook
26.9Matthew Travers18:26 PRTillamook
27.10Tucker Cook18:31 PRTillamook
28.11Bronson Gardner18:40Astoria
29.12Mac Clark18:42 PRSeaside
31.12Ben Shurts19:15 PRBanks
32.12Brent Ervin19:16 PRBanks
33.11Travis Wright19:19 PRTillamook
34.11Kyle Overbay19:22Astoria
35.12Colton Underhill19:33 SRBanks
36.10Jacob Engbretson19:38Astoria
38.9Mitch Baertlein19:47 PRTillamook
39.9Kaleb Crossley19:48 PRTillamook
40.10Michael Gann20:22 PRSeaside
47.10Jacob Saunders20:35 PRTillamook
42.12Mark Acosta20:45 SRBanks
43.10Chris Barker21:04 PRSeaside
44.12Dalton Agalzoff21:12 PRSeaside
47.9Jonathan Williams21:42 PRTillamook
49.9Garrett Brown22:27 PRSeaside
50.10Gavin Brown22:35 PRSeaside
51.12Cole Weber22:50 PRTillamook
52.9Luke Haenggi24:03 PRTillamook
53.9Cirilo Herold24:13 PRSeaside
54.11Ross Glasson24:17 PRSeaside
55.12Marshall Whitlock24:31 PRSeaside
56.12Jack Stone25:36 PRBanks
57.9Brenten Andersen26:03 PRTillamook
58.9Shota Kanzaki31:18 PRSeaside
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