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William Jewell College

5,000 Meters Varsity ( 7 maximum)8:45 AM
2,000 Meters 1st year runners9:15 AM
4,000 Meters Junior Varsity (unlimited)9:15 AM
Womens Races
2,000 Meters 1st year runners8:00 AM

William Jewell College

5,000 Meters Varsity (unlimited)8:00 AM
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St.Mary's 37th CC INV. RESULTS:

GIRLS VARSITY TEAM: 1st Kearney 20   2nd NKC 67   3rd Marshall 103   4th Bishop Miege 110   5th Lawson 112   6th Penney 118   7th St. Pius 182   8th St. Mary's 231  INC TEAMS / Rockport, Excelsior Springs, O'Hara, Holden, St. Paul's Lutheran,  West Platte              

BOYS VARSITY TEAM:  1st St. Pius  78   2nd NKC 82   3rd Kearney 91   4th Lawson  5th Bishop Miege 114   6th Holden 118   7th St. Mary's 158   8th Marshall 184   9th Penney 203   10th O'Hara 243   11th Rockport 297  INC. TEAMS / Excelsior Springs, West Platte, Princeton, Oak Grove, St. Paul's Lutheran, Lee's Summit Community Christian

Coaches Meeting will be at 7:30 by the scoring table / finish chute area. ****

Schools invited/  Lone Jack, O'Hara, Kearney, Marshall, Rockport, St. Pius, Lawson, Holden, West Platte, Penney, St. Paul's Concodia, Oak Grove, Excelsior Springs, Lee's Summit Community Christian, North Kansas City, Bishop Miege  and Princeton.   All above schools are checked in with rosters and runners races checked.  The only school not coming from above list is Lone Jack as of 9-3-09, 12:01pm

All schools need to have their schedules on by August 24th and your rosters on by 8-30-09 or earlier. Check your runners for the races that you are going to have them run.  You can make changes up to the day before the race and you can make last minute changes at Coaches meeting the morning of 9-5-09. You will be checked confirmed as soon as you have your schedule and roster on   remember this is a FREE service 

There are only 3 races.   8:00am/ Girls Varsity (unlimited) and 1st year girl CC runners. Top 7 will count for team scoring, #8 runner and up will be counted as individuals. Team scores only for Varsity race. Girls Varsity will run 5000 meters. The 1st year girls will run 2000 meters.   8:45am/ Boy's Varsity Race ( 7 runners maximum ) 5000 meters, team scores will be kept.   9:15am/ JV boys and 1st year boy runners. JV boys race 4000 meters and 1st year boys race 2000 meters, no team scores for JV and 1st year boys. 

 NOTE: The first year runners race is just that. It is for runners who have never ran CC before 2009.  If you have a 2nd, 3rd or 4th year runner who is not ready to race 4000 or 5000 meters then they need to watch and cheer on their team.

Directions: If you are traveling North on 291 Highway, turn right on Highway 33. If you are traveling South on 291 Highway, turn left on Highway 33. Go approximately 7/10ths of a mile to stoplight intersection and turn right on Highway H (Mill Street ). Stay on Highway H to Mabee Gym. In front of gym, at the curve, stay to the left leaving Highway H ( Spring  St. ). At the bottom of Spring St., turn left ( on Doniphan ) and then turn right into the complex area. Buses may drop off runners and gear but will need to park over at the Mabee Gym parking lot. William Jewell does not want cars parking on the side of the road in the grass.

For a satellite view of course go to:



Entry fee: $75.00 per school or $15.00 per individual runner. Please mail entry fee or PO to St. Mary's High School, 622 N Main, Independence, Mo. 64050  ( Payable to St. Mary's H.S.)

Any questions e-mail me at  OR you can call me on my cell phone 816-547-6429 or home # 816-795-8987

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity ( 7 maximum)  
Upgrade Meet Host
St. Mary's (Independence)

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1.11David Stodden17:38St. Pius X (Kansas C...
2.11Jacob Colvin17:43Excelsior Springs
3.12Dirk Hudson18:03West Platte
4.11Drew Keefer18:10St. Pius X (Kansas C...
5.10Blake Goodin18:30Princeton
6.9Will Vollbrecht18:44 PRNorth Kansas City
7.10Wes Morrison18:51Lawson
8.11Tyler Banks18:54Oak Grove
9.11Brett Morris18:55Kearney
10.12Curt Cebula19:01Bishop Miege
11.10Michael Anderson19:11St. Pius X (Kansas C...
12.11Andy Meyer19:25O'Hara
13.11Nick Jenkins19:28Marshall
14.12Martin Estrada19:31 SRNorth Kansas City
15.10Austin Hayward19:35Kearney
16.10Chris Sitek19:41Bishop Miege
17.9Kevin Gutierrez19:42 SRNorth Kansas City
18.11BJ Pettus19:47St. Mary's (Independ...
19.11Johnathon Peoples19:51Lawson
20.11Alec Reven19:52Holden
21.12Josh O'Hora19:54Holden
22.10Kyle Whitt19:56Penney
23.10Adam Lappe19:56Kearney
24.11Luke Stir19:56West Platte
25.10Keith Baker19:56Holden
26.11Jacob Kessler19:58Lawson
27.11Connor Pace20:12St. Mary's (Independ...
28.12Cole Peck20:12Lawson
29.10Brian Owara20:12Bishop Miege
30.12Jake Gay20:14Kearney
31.11Tyler Graef20:18St. Mary's (Independ...
32.11Darren Woodward20:19 SRNorth Kansas City
33.11Jack Hartwell20:20Holden
34.10Tucker Seise20:21 SRNorth Kansas City
35.12Joe Baldwin20:24St. Pius X (Kansas C...
36.10Chris Leo20:24Kearney
37.11Montana McCollom20:26 PRNorth Kansas City
38.12Trevor Marshall20:31Bishop Miege
39.12Matt Galloway20:34Lawson
40.11Alex Brown20:34Penney
41.12Henry Yeagle20:36Marshall
42.9Shawn Conrad20:36Holden
43.9Christian Stodden20:42St. Pius X (Kansas C...
44.9Andrew Carlsen20:46Bishop Miege
45.12Cole Crawford20:48Penney
46.11Lowell Thomas20:51O'Hara
47.12Connor Schaible20:54Bishop Miege
48.11Caleb Teague20:55Kearney
49.11Bryson Fergison20:59Marshall
50.10Oscar Bichara20:59St. Mary's (Independ...
51.12Keeper Kays21:21Marshall
52.12Tim Childers21:21Kearney
53.9Gage Lemmon21:28Rock Port
54.11Jeremy Jalilvand21:35Marshall
55.11Weston Farmer21:38Holden
56.12Brent Reyes21:38St. Mary's (Independ...
57.11Austin Fletchall21:57Oak Grove
58.10Tucker Hartman22:08Lawson
59.10Eli Kipp22:15Penney
60.11Danny Tanksley22:37Holden
61.12Nathan Cross22:46Lawson
62.11Bjorn Bakke22:53St. Paul Lutheran (C...
63.12Ryan Trickey22:58 SRNorth Kansas City
64.10Justin Bethel23:03Penney
66.11Ryan Winner23:05St. Mary's (Independ...
66.10Brett Rothaus23:06Summit Christian Aca...
67.12Matias Bichara23:31St. Mary's (Independ...
68.9Bryan Evans23:37Rock Port
69.11Hayden Wood23:55Rock Port
70.10David Danner23:56Summit Christian Aca...
71.11Daniel Flinn24:04Penney
72.10David Martin24:04Summit Christian Aca...
73.9Austin Alitz24:18Rock Port
74.10Sam Baird24:35O'Hara
75.12Dillon Wycoff24:45Oak Grove
76.12Curtis Elam24:45 PRRock Port
77.10Collin McKinney24:57O'Hara
78.12Travis Peter25:01O'Hara
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2,000 Meters 1st year runners  
Upgrade Meet Host
St. Mary's (Independence)

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.9Colton Blackston7:18 PROak Grove
2.9Colt Whitt7:44 PRPenney
3.11Austin Adkins7:54 PROak Grove
4.9John McCoy7:56 PRSt. Pius X (Kansas C...
5.9Cole Doherty8:03 PROak Grove
6.9Cody Storm8:06 PROak Grove
7.9Zak Blanchard8:07 PRPenney
8.9Anthony Barker8:09 PROak Grove
9.9David Comer8:26 PRSt. Pius X (Kansas C...
10.10Jack Sweeny8:28 PRBishop Miege
11.9Jon Quattlebaum8:29 PRWest Platte
12.9Armistead O'Neal8:36 PRMarshall
13.9Andy Wilson8:39 PRLawson
14.10Sam Vollbrecht8:40 PRNorth Kansas City
15.9Tommy Maggard8:44 PRBishop Miege
16.9Jack Kenney8:47 PRSt. Pius X (Kansas C...
17.10T.J Hicks8:49 PROak Grove
18.11Adam Tucker8:52 PRMarshall
19.11Nathan Fischer8:57 PRSt. Pius X (Kansas C...
20.9Sean Dougherty9:01 PRBishop Miege
21.9Tyler Whyte9:11 PRMarshall
22.10Elliot Wartick9:12 PRNorth Kansas City
23.9Zack Emry9:13 PRLawson
24.9Garett Black9:16 PRLawson
25.9Deeno Aguit9:17 PRMarshall
26.9Daniel Mitchell9:19 PRBishop Miege
27.9Loki Lwoki9:22 PRSt. Mary's (Independ...
29.9Will Vollbrecht9:30 PRNorth Kansas City
30.9Jacob Trotter9:31 PRSt. Mary's (Independ...
31.10Holden Vitt9:31 PRNorth Kansas City
32.9Bert Hale9:32 PRLawson
33.10Nick Roberts9:34 PRPrinceton
34.9Alex Mejia9:39 PRSt. Pius X (Kansas C...
35.11Aaron Wynne9:39 PRPenney
36.11Vince Lamas9:41 PRBishop Miege
37.10Mason Pasalich9:43 PRExcelsior Springs
38.9Chris Thibault9:44 PRSt. Mary's (Independ...
40.9Dane Janner9:49 PRBishop Miege
41.10Taylor West9:52 PRSt. Mary's (Independ...
42.11James Reed9:53 PRExcelsior Springs
42.12Zack Smith10:14 PRMarshall
43.11Vince Cascone10:19 PRSt. Pius X (Kansas C...
45.9Nathan Hoppman14:23 PRSt. Mary's (Independ...
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4,000 Meters Junior Varsity (unlimited)  
Upgrade Meet Host
St. Mary's (Independence)

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1.9Spencer Hudson15:18 PRWest Platte
2.10Max Bowers15:43 SRKearney
3.11Andrew Matheney16:09 PRNorth Kansas City
4.10Dakota Crawford16:25 PRKearney
5.11Trevor Cessna16:27 SRKearney
6.9Anthony Orozco16:36 SRBishop Miege
7.10John Ross16:46 PRSt. Pius X (Kansas C...
8.9Kyle DeMint16:58 SRKearney
9.9Kyle Ellison17:08 SRKearney
10.11Paul Nurse17:16 PRKearney
11.10Victor Brown17:19 SRKearney
12.9Dekhar Trosper17:21 PRHolden
13.9Dylan Eckstein17:24 SRKearney
14.9Jacob Belllis17:28 PRLawson
15.9James Kelley17:33 SRHolden
16.12Scott Alexander17:44 PRKearney
17.10Gian LaManno17:47Bishop Miege
18.12Josh Twenter17:57 SRSt. Mary's (Independ...
19.10Micheal McNelly18:00Marshall
20.10Eli Warren18:15 SRNorth Kansas City
21.10Donald Wielar18:18 SRKearney
22.9Jackson Taylor18:23 SRNorth Kansas City
23.9Justin Schindelbeck18:36 SRNorth Kansas City
24.11Spencer Shearer18:39 SRHolden
25.10Eli White18:41 PRNorth Kansas City
26.11Tyler Powell18:59 PRKearney
27.10Dylan Misel19:03 PRKearney
28.11Brandon Pace19:08 SRMarshall
29.10Tommy Clark19:19 SRHolden
30.10Jackson Nowotny19:37 PRWest Platte
31.10Sam Riley19:56 SRNorth Kansas City
32.11Graham Hunt21:56Bishop Miege
33.10Brandon Shook24:13 SRSt. Mary's (Independ...
34.10Jeremy Ohl31:11 PRRock Port
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Womens Results

2,000 Meters 1st year runners  
Upgrade Meet Host
St. Mary's (Independence)

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1.9Erin Esry8:36 PRPenney
2.11Elizabeth Feehrer9:07 PRSt. Pius X (Kansas C...
3.9Emma Vogt9:17 PRBishop Miege
4.9Alexandria Farris9:20 PRMarshall
5.9Sam Wells9:21 PRMarshall
6.11Allison Seck9:25 PRO'Hara
7.9Kali Stark9:40 PRMarshall
8.10Katy Beyer9:43 PRSt. Pius X (Kansas C...
9.10Madison Merrill9:43 PRBishop Miege
10.9Sydney Vaughn9:44 PRBishop Miege
11.12Tailor Robertson9:56 PRKearney
12.12Laura Jameson9:57 PRO'Hara
13.10Moriah Ruth10:01 PROak Grove
14.10Allee Barton10:04 PRMarshall
15.10Tasha Gibson10:23 PRRock Port
16.9Maggie Salisbury10:32 PRBishop Miege
17.9Mackenzie Anderson10:40 PRBishop Miege
18.11Courtney Staehle10:47 PRLawson
19.10Rachel Dotson10:54 PRPenney
20.9Leah Kouri11:00 PRBishop Miege
21.11Megan Weiner11:29 PRBishop Miege
22.11Jennifer Pickett11:36 PRNorth Kansas City
23.11Lauren Price13:00 PRBishop Miege
24.9Agatha Dubois-Smith14:00 PRBishop Miege
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5,000 Meters Varsity (unlimited)  
Upgrade Meet Host
St. Mary's (Independence)

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.10Jasmine Edwards20:29Kearney
2.11Katie Wells20:44Marshall
3.11Sami Berry21:08Kearney
4.9Bryanna Beasley21:21Kearney
5.9Jessica Breyfogle21:23Kearney
6.10Hannah DeVries21:31 SRNorth Kansas City
7.12Angel Gannon21:41Kearney
8.9Alli Pickert21:41Kearney
9.12Dannika West22:04North Kansas City
10.12Charlene Browne22:16North Kansas City
11.10Kathleen Clevenger22:19Penney
12.11Dawn Weir22:29Lawson
13.11Marissa Moberly22:33Kearney
14.11Ashley Self22:42Kearney
15.11Joan Kessler22:49Lawson
16.10Sarah Ingram22:54Bishop Miege
17.10Michaela Altvater22:59Kearney
18.10Arozo Shahabzada23:01Marshall
19.9Ashley Henry23:05 SRNorth Kansas City
20.11Emily Mika23:06Bishop Miege
21.10Lauren McGrath23:11Marshall
22.11Larissa Kirkland23:23Rock Port
23.11Stormy Morrison23:24Marshall
24.9Helen Bontrager23:24Bishop Miege
25.12Abbey Lawrence23:25Rock Port
26.9Rachel Nowak23:34Bishop Miege
27.10Makayla Moon23:50Penney
28.11Karen Rose23:54Lawson
29.10Tiffany Propst23:55Excelsior Springs
30.10Claire Becker23:57O'Hara
31.12Deanna Stevens23:59Holden
32.12Beth Barkley24:01Excelsior Springs
33.11Christina Shackelf...24:01 PRNorth Kansas City
34.9Rachel Swanson24:04Holden
35.9Lacy Kirkland-Larsen24:08Rock Port
36.12Bethany Jakopic24:09Penney
37.11Lindsay Vollmer24:12Penney
38.12Ashlee Fee24:20Holden
39.10Marisa Hagen24:22Kearney
40.12Julia Winkler24:28St. Pius X (Kansas C...
41.9Bridget Mohn24:42Excelsior Springs
42.12Mary Westerman24:42St. Pius X (Kansas C...
43.10Jessica Korb24:47Lawson
44.11Brooke Flook24:50Penney
45.11Katie Kruse24:52St. Paul Lutheran (C...
46.10Brittany Weir24:56Lawson
47.12Kerry Elbel24:59Holden
48.9Kati Baker24:59Lawson
49.11Hannah Holt25:07 PRBishop Miege
50.12Maddy Ledom25:09Bishop Miege
51.10Randi Toyne25:11St. Pius X (Kansas C...
52.10Katie Wyssman25:15Bishop Miege
53.11Saige Dilley25:16Penney
54.11Brooke Thuston25:17Kearney
55.12Amanda Mavel25:18Lawson
56.11Hallie Ring25:19Excelsior Springs
57.11Megan Glamann25:20Kearney
58.12Breanna Brown25:23 SRNorth Kansas City
59.10Heather McDonald25:27 PRBishop Miege
60.11Emily Thorpe25:29 PRBishop Miege
61.12Sara Riesterer25:30St. Paul Lutheran (C...
62.12Sarah White25:31St. Mary's (Independ...
63.11Danielle Tyler25:39 PRSt. Mary's (Independ...
64.11Sarah Gay25:40Kearney
65.9Jillian VanZandt25:40 SRNorth Kansas City
66.12Casey Williams25:48Kearney
67.12Alex Monachino25:55St. Pius X (Kansas C...
68.11Jaclyn Johannes25:57St. Pius X (Kansas C...
69.9Taylor Buffum26:11Kearney
70.11Marianne Aalvik26:28St. Paul Lutheran (C...
71.11Amy Gaston26:34O'Hara
72.10Colleen Gaughan26:35Bishop Miege
73.11Katie Arends27:44Marshall
74.12Amy Brandt27:53St. Pius X (Kansas C...
75.10Elisabeth Wenz28:10 PRSt. Paul Lutheran (C...
76.10Katelyn Gutteridge28:26O'Hara
77.11Corbie Leiker28:35Bishop Miege
78.11Jennifer Chung28:40St. Mary's (Independ...
79.10Jordan Trumbull28:41Bishop Miege
80.12Jodie Evans28:47Rock Port
81.10Lauren Mullins29:07 PRNorth Kansas City
82.9Mariana Bichara29:16St. Mary's (Independ...
83.12Natalie Bush29:30Lawson
84.11Min Hong An29:47St. Mary's (Independ...
85.12Emily Adams29:49Marshall
86.12Maggie Luehrs30:06St. Mary's (Independ...
87.12Riley Wartick30:21 SRNorth Kansas City
88.11Rebecca Ross30:30St. Pius X (Kansas C...
89.10Claire Verbeck32:27West Platte
90.11Mai Khampa35:43St. Mary's (Independ...
91.11Maii Khampa35:44St. Mary's (Independ...
92.11Sophia Pawlewicz39:25Bishop Miege
93.11Anne Hancock40:10St. Mary's (Independ...
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