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League Meet @Rainier HS

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Meet Info & Blog

Meet Host - Rainier HS
Location - Rainier HS, Rainier, WA - Map
Mens Races

Rainier HS

5,000 Meters Varsity4:00 PM
Womens Races

Rainier HS

5,000 Meters Varsity4:30 PM
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.12Ethan Perry18:11.7White Pass
2.12Nathan Rogers18:16.4South Bend
3.11Travis Johnson18:26.09Mossyrock
4.12Grant Johnson18:51.8Rainier
5.9Mitch Johnson19:12.5Mossyrock
6.12Jarran Harris19:16.09Tenino
7.12Jeremy Schoenberg19:27.59Kalama
8.10Riley Alvord19:30.9Mossyrock
9.12Jordan Bowman19:32.4Mossyrock
10.10Kody Shriver19:45.09Kalama
11.12Tony Devies19:52.59Rainier
12.10Lucas Graham19:55.4NW Christian-Lacey
13.12Bradlee Pugh20:01.59Wahkiakum
14.10Tanner Weidner20:04.5Ilwaco
15.10Travis Elliott20:06White Pass
16.11Mitchell McComb20:11.3Rainier
17.10Aaron Michael20:12.7NW Christian-Lacey
18.10Josiah Shelman20:12.9NW Christian-Lacey
19.12Chris Hokkanen20:21.09Wahkiakum
20.11Justin Holden20:23.3NW Christian-Lacey
21.11Tyson Heo20:23.5NW Christian-Lacey
22.11Owen Sutherland20:25.8Ilwaco
23.10Collan Riley20:26Wahkiakum
24.11Brad Fenbert20:37.3White Pass
25.10Connar Riley20:42.5Wahkiakum
26.10Jonathan Chadwick20:44.2Kalama
27.12Zach O'Neill20:46.8White Pass
28.12Eben Dahl20:51.2Rainier
29.9Brenden Greenfield20:53.9Ilwaco
30.12Tommy Miller21:00.4North River
31.11Stephen Goff21:03.4NW Christian-Lacey
32.11Aaron Adams21:03.59Forks
33.12Evin LaPlatney21:11.7Ilwaco
34.10Ryan Jorgenson21:14.9Mossyrock
35.10Darrin Love21:20.3Tenino
36.12Zach Baker21:25.59Mossyrock
37.10Mitchell McConkey21:26.4Ocosta
38.9Corbin Sutherland21:35.2Ilwaco
39.11Klancy Shriver21:35.5Kalama
40.11Keenan Muir21:36.9White Pass
41.10Nathan Gonzales21:48.5Kalama
42.11Justin Wieburg21:52.8Tenino
43.9Brett Osterlund21:53.7Kalama
44.10Nate Meagher21:55.59Adna
45.11Brandon Bryan22:10.7NW Christian-Lacey
46.10Evan Lundquist22:12.5Rainier
47.9Bryton Mede22:14.5Rainier
48.9Devin Sotak22:14.8NW Christian-Lacey
49.10Roman Hurst22:28.4Forks
50.10Alex Ramos22:37.7Mossyrock
51.10Evan Martin22:38.8White Pass
52.12Charles Rolen22:44.7Ocosta
53.10Dale Howerton22:44.9Ocosta
54.9Ricky McCann23:03.7Rainier
55.9Joe Coffey23:04.5Ilwaco
56.12Jeromy Carroll23:11.3Tenino
57.11Mitchell Mills23:18.7Rainier
58.10Patrick Yarbrough23:18.9Rainier
59.10Ben Ahlin23:23.9Ilwaco
60.11Delmer Jewell23:33.2Adna
61.11Andy Warren23:35.2Tenino
62.10Dean Reuterdahl23:58.09Ocosta
63.11Ben Miles24:07Wahkiakum
64.9Ryan Johansen24:12.5Forks
67.10Brandon Schaffer24:35.2Adna
68.11Curtis Bertsch24:42.3Rainier
69.9Paul Arechiga24:43.09Tenino
70.11Jefferson Romney24:48Forks
71.10Alex Kastner24:48.9Kalama
72.9Matt Kmetz24:49.3Kalama
73.10Justin Lindsey25:03.59Kalama
74.11Tony Kuse25:18Mossyrock
75.10Matt Stanfield25:53.8Adna
76.11Christian Sperline26:03Ocosta
77.10John James26:08.59Forks
78.9Jered Wieburg26:55.4Tenino
79.12Adam Taylor27:11.5Ilwaco
80.10D.J. Pier28:03.09Tenino
81.11Kevin Jaeger28:20.09North River
82.12Adrian Hing29:21.7South Bend
83.11Daryl Obi29:41.8Forks
84.10Isaac Yi29:53Ocosta
85.10Cameron Campbell30:38.3Rainier
86.12Colby Peters31:08.29Ocosta
87.10Seth Sexton31:32.9Ilwaco
88.12Kyle Frogner32:43.8Adna
89.10John McCurry33:12.09Mossyrock
90.10Jordan Harper33:49.3Mossyrock
91.9Bryce Carlson34:09.19Mossyrock
92.10Issac Homan37:44.8Tenino
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.12Mikel Elliott20:21.59White Pass
2.11Nicole Anderson22:09.29White Pass
3.12Cameo Ulbricht22:28.2Ilwaco
4.9Cindy Pacheco22:30.4Ilwaco
5.11Jessica Jackson22:46.2Raymond
6.11Molly Cushman23:29.59Mossyrock
7.10Nicole deMontigny23:35.59South Bend
8.12Kasandra Hoksbergen23:37.59Mossyrock
9.9Katelynn Horn23:39.3Kalama
10.10Megan VonBargen23:41.4Adna
11.12Loni Kaech23:56.59Mossyrock
12.9Allison Sowers24:01.09NW Christian-Lacey
13.9Hailey Bredeson24:02.2NW Christian-Lacey
14.11Courtney Wagner24:02.7NW Christian-Lacey
15.10Elizabeth Weber24:03NW Christian-Lacey
16.11Joanna Sowers24:03.29NW Christian-Lacey
17.12Felicia Alvarado24:03.59Rainier
18.12Ashlee Giesman24:09.2NW Christian-Lacey
19.10Kami Bates24:12.7NW Christian-Lacey
20.9Megan Teigen24:18.9NW Christian-Lacey
21.11Kaylynn Carlson24:39White Pass
22.11Katy Dawson24:44.2Rainier
23.9Chloe Hanson24:50.5Tenino
24.9Morgan Walker24:55.5Willapa Valley
25.12Lexi Nelson25:00.79Mossyrock
26.10Kristen Larson25:43.8Forks
27.10Ashley Buopane25:44.59Forks
28.11Alex Miller25:47.8Rainier
29.12Kelsey Atkins25:49.9Rainier
30.11Shawna Mouser25:59.8White Pass
31.12Taylor Loree (Wood)26:30.5Kalama
32.11Taylor Nussbaum26:32South Bend
33.12Alyssa Miller26:43.7Tenino
34.11Carley Bowen26:49.59Rainier
35.12Tiffany Farley26:52.5Rainier
36.9Grace Friberg26:55.3NW Christian-Lacey
37.9Raven Rogers27:22.59Ilwaco
38.10Jeanie Mullins27:41.2White Pass
39.12Chelsea Dick27:53.09NW Christian-Lacey
40.11Annie Petersohn27:59.59Mossyrock
41.11Macy Bottorff28:13.2Kalama
42.9Bernadine Dale28:16.4NW Christian-Lacey
43.12Nicole Peace28:36.2Rainier
44.9Jordan Wagner28:43.9NW Christian-Lacey
45.10Vikki Bryant28:57.4Rainier
46.12Milena Seymour29:23Rainier
47.12Lavida Chavez29:34.7Forks
48.10Lauren McMullen30:05Rainier
49.12Katie Hagain30:29.9Raymond
50.10Jennifer Joe30:39.4Ocosta
52.12Kayla Palmer30:43.2Kalama
53.12Beth Atkinson30:55.9Ocosta
54.10Cassandra Carlson31:15.59White Pass
55.10Cari Mabry31:44.7Adna
56.12Alex Woods31:56.9South Bend
58.10Angelica Kluth32:12.2Rainier
59.12Emily Burbank32:35.8South Bend
60.10Samantha Dahl32:41.5Rainier
61.10Ashley Stancil32:45Rainier
62.11Kristina Powers33:17.9Tenino
63.10Rissa Gerke34:07.5Ilwaco
64.12Brandy Morison36:32.4Adna
65.9Jessica Barron36:34.4Willapa Valley
66.12Nicole Meyer37:24.59Ilwaco
67.12Jessica Shagool37:39.4Kalama
68.12Nicole Kindle38:23.59Rainier
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