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Tooele Invitational HS

Saturday, August 29, 2009

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Meet Host - Stansbury HS
Location - Settlement Canyon THS, Tooele, UT - Map
Mens Races
2.8 Mile Varsity9:00 AM
2.8 Mile Junior Varsity10:30 AM
Womens Races
2.8 Mile Varsity9:30 AM
2.8 Mile Junior Varsity11:00 AM
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Mens Results

2.8 Mile Varsity  
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4.11Cody Glad15:29Kearns
5.11Richard Obele15:33Kearns
2.11Tyson Lambert15:38Stansbury
11Matthew Stradley16:15Copper Hills
12Colter Rockwell16:20.51Tooele
11Taylor Read16:24Copper Hills
17.10David Bass16:34Kearns pr
12Emilio Zamudio16:37Copper Hills
12Adam Eddington16:49Copper Hills
11Oscar Zamudio16:51Copper Hills
11Marc Summers16:59.52Copper Hills
27.10Jeremiah Haidentha...17:01Kearns
9Hunter Weintz17:02Copper Hills
11Kaleb Kulow17:14Carbon
5.10David Farley17:32Stansbury
11Cody Hunt17:39Carbon
33.11Jimmy Pena17:39Kearns
10Justin Hepworth17:42Carbon
10Luke Olsen17:45Carbon
6.10Greg Atkin17:47Stansbury
35.10Chris Sandaval17:55Kearns
11Marcus Jensen17:58.83Tooele
9Austin Pullan18:03Carbon
38.11Marcus Tarr18:09Kearns
10Bryce Nieberger18:10.41Tooele
12Brock Morley18:24Carbon
12Jaret Wilson18:24.62Tooele
24.11Stephen Dunn18:39Juan Diego Catholic
27.12Nick Roberts18:42Juan Diego Catholic
11.10Luke Jones18:43Stansbury
12.10Kirby Harris18:51Stansbury
13.10Kaylen Vickers18:55Stansbury
32.10Mitchell Rall18:59Juan Diego Catholic
11Micah Robbins19:01.55Tooele
34.11Jose Juarez19:13Juan Diego Catholic
35.10Hunter Demars19:16Juan Diego Catholic
11Carson Tatton19:53Carbon
10Boone Johnson20:33.44Tooele
12Nelson Fish20:51.88Tooele
44.12Dillon Rasmussen21:40Juan Diego Catholic
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2.8 Mile Junior Varsity  
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10Jake Baker17:19Copper Hills
11Kjeld Nelson17:22Copper Hills
11Zach Stauffer17:34Copper Hills
8.9Austin Slade17:45Stansbury
10.12Emanuel Oling17:46Kearns
12Joseph Silva17:56Copper Hills
12Matt Gregory18:02Copper Hills
10Steven Pedersen18:11Copper Hills
10Jaysen Hatch18:18Copper Hills
12Robbie Fletcher18:19Copper Hills
12Brady Ziegler18:20.08Copper Hills
10Josh Smith18:20.44Copper Hills
10Mitchell Crane18:26Copper Hills
12Jake Lewis18:34Copper Hills
25.11Zach Cooper18:40Stansbury
11Logan Anderson18:44Copper Hills
11Zac Pritchett18:56Copper Hills
12Tommy Tautkus19:11.44Copper Hills
32.12Logan Wanlass19:11.44Stansbury
11Ian Heagren19:12.74Copper Hills
10Jayden Christensen19:15Copper Hills
10Josh Merkley19:45.90Copper Hills
10Brenden Hepworth19:55Carbon
10Frost Mitchell20:00.02Tooele
56.9Johnny Howland20:06Stansbury
57.10Tanner Hurst20:10Kearns
9Austin Ziegler20:21Copper Hills
60.10Alec Santana20:23Juan Diego Catholic
10Tyrone Michaelis20:29Copper Hills
63.10Spencer Rosengren20:30.60Stansbury
64.10Jordan Steele20:31.25Stansbury
11Caleb Baker20:39.93Copper Hills
11Robert Hansen20:46Copper Hills
73.10Nathan Fox20:47Stansbury
74.10Rochest Woolman20:48Kearns
11Derek Quinton20:52Carbon
78.10Jake LaPutka20:59Juan Diego Catholic
10Jordan Thomas21:03Copper Hills
84.10Andy Moyle21:10Juan Diego Catholic
86.10James Conte21:14Juan Diego Catholic
88.9Kade Mamales21:21Stansbury
90.12Nic Siniscalchi21:28.08Stansbury
11Andrew Davis21:28.88Copper Hills
92.10Jacob Wensel21:32Kearns
10Trevor Kunz21:35Copper Hills
10John Scott21:41Copper Hills
95.11Dallin Hardy21:42Stansbury
97.11Daniel Quackenbush21:43Stansbury
9Tyler Cahoon21:43.94Tooele
12Mike Woolsey21:47Copper Hills
11Andrew Anderson21:48Carbon
12Bryant Kesler21:51.37Copper Hills
104.9Ryan Robbins21:52Stansbury
105.10Jake Larsen21:53Stansbury
10Dillon Garrett21:55Carbon
10Cory Ortiz22:06Copper Hills
114.10James Swenson22:38Stansbury
123.10Bruce Rosengren23:15Stansbury
124.11Dallin McBride23:18Stansbury
127.10Ben Rugg23:24Stansbury
128.11Matthew Scott23:25Stansbury
9Logan Pectol24:38.51Tooele
141.10Jeff Monson24:42Stansbury
142.9Ryan Saunders24:46Stansbury
144.9Abram Beazer24:54Stansbury
9Andrew Brewerton25:53.84Tooele
150.9John McClatchy25:54Stansbury
153.10Jamie Robinette26:52Juan Diego Catholic
10Max Brandenmayr26:53Copper Hills
155.9Jake Garrick27:14Stansbury
156.-Teague Alders27:49Stansbury
9Skyler Davis28:08Copper Hills
11Jacob Duing00:00Juan Diego Catholic DFN
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Womens Results

2.8 Mile Varsity  
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12Elena Garbe19:41Copper Hills
12Ranasia Benallie20:17Copper Hills
10Regan Powell20:35Carbon
3.10Kiley Green20:38Juan Diego Catholic
1.12Michelle Meredith20:59Stansbury
12Quincey Williamson21:11Copper Hills
10Sierra Williams21:12Carbon
2.12Micall Pomeroy21:21Stansbury
15.10Dania Rodriguez21:22Kearns
11Makayla Adams21:23.26Tooele
5.11Brooke Sorenson21:26Juan Diego Catholic
12Darci Maxwell21:30Copper Hills
12Megan Driggs21:55Copper Hills
9Diana Olsen22:00Carbon
9.12Taylor Ledek22:05Juan Diego Catholic
4.9Chelsea Jones22:13Stansbury
11Karissa Nelson22:15Carbon
5.12Jessica Aure22:17Stansbury
6.10Bronwyn Douglas22:26Stansbury
10Kayla Peterson22:27Carbon
12Amanda Palmer22:42.68Tooele
12Katie Coles22:47Copper Hills
18.10Elizabeth Caldwell22:58Juan Diego Catholic
9Kiyome Johnson23:29.43Tooele
11Megan Hammond23:54.74Tooele
7.10Tali Gomez23:55Stansbury
26.10Mallory Leonard23:58Juan Diego Catholic
11Brittany Palmer23:58.10Tooele
27.11Adriana Rico24:14Juan Diego Catholic
12Tiffany Garcia24:25Copper Hills
12.11Kristina Sellers24:26Stansbury
32.9Lancee Whetman25:45Juan Diego Catholic
11Ashlyn Cahoon26:09.00Tooele
11Kaydee Walters27:22.36Tooele
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2.8 Mile Junior Varsity  
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6.10Kenzie Kane21:47Kearns
9Rebecca Williamson22:05Copper Hills
11Brooke Lefevor22:21Copper Hills
11Janelle Garff22:23Copper Hills
11Kara Eddington22:45Copper Hills
19.10Madeliene Cassel23:16Juan Diego Catholic
21.10Aubrey Weidauer24:03.7Juan Diego Catholic
11Megan Wach24:03.93Copper Hills
24.10Shelby Holmquist24:25Kearns
12Lacey Strong24:55Carbon
28.10Katie Smedley25:00Kearns
29.9Jenny Palmer25:05Stansbury
30.10Juarez Karla25:13Juan Diego Catholic
31.9Sarah Hardy25:16Stansbury
32.10Margaret Despres25:18Juan Diego Catholic
33.12Amara Christopherson25:19Stansbury
11Mekenzie Bowers25:40Copper Hills
9Kaitlyn Huefner25:59.57Copper Hills
38.12Myranda Shumway25:59.89Stansbury
10Aysh Black26:14Carbon
40.-Haley Nord26:21Stansbury
10Megan Lefevor27:06Copper Hills
48.11Whitney Garrick27:19Stansbury
49.9Maria Caroline Gomez27:27Juan Diego Catholic
50.10Angela Petterson27:29Juan Diego Catholic
10Katie Pontsler27:34Copper Hills
12Kim Tuttle27:49.89Copper Hills
12Erin Hansen27:56Copper Hills
10Jill Mallon28:11Carbon
10Audrey Godfrey28:17Copper Hills
10Michelle Roberts28:34Copper Hills
65.11Cecilie Oestergaard29:08Stansbury
66.12Nicole Story29:11Stansbury
67.12Kim Topham29:14Stansbury
10Becky Erickson29:41Copper Hills
71.11Cassandra Huaracha29:48Stansbury
73.-Jentry Princeipe29:57Stansbury
11Sarah Hanson30:25Copper Hills
-Miona Sasaki30:31Copper Hills
77.10MariaFernanda Gomez33:04Juan Diego Catholic
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