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Crusader Cross Country Invitational MS

Thursday, September 10, 2009

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Meet Host - St Mary's MS
Location - Bear Creek Park, Medford, OR - Map
Mens Races

Bear Creek Park

3,000 Meters Middle School4:00 PM
Womens Races

Bear Creek Park

3,000 Meters Middle School3:30 PM

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Mens Results

3,000 Meters Middle School  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.8Michael Shaw11:17.00Scenic
2.8Alec Johnson11:43.40Joseph Lane
3.7Chris Merlos11:43.60New Hope Christian
4.8Bee Nguyen11:43.80Ponderosa
5.7Peter Hice11:49.50Rogue River
6.7Shane Crofoot11:49.90Lincoln Savage
7.8Manuel Castaneda11:51.00Ponderosa
8.8Zachary Avant12:07.30Scenic
9.8Kendal Kintzinger12:07.60Ponderosa
10.8Spencer Jackson12:10.00Ponderosa
11.6Jesse Leffler12:13.10Scenic
12.8Tristan Akery12:13.80Grace Christian
13.8Darien Andrews12:17.90Scenic
14.6Owen Cuilty12:19.00Joseph Lane
15.8Ian James12:21.50Joseph Lane
16.6Jarred Misfeldt12:21.80Joseph Lane
17.8Zachary Olson12:30.00Scenic
18.8John Ryan Keyser12:53.00Scenic
19.7Thomas Luna12:55.00Ponderosa
20.8Graydon Reed12:56.30Joseph Lane
21.8Stephan Paul12:56.60Ponderosa
22.7Arlo Willhoft12:57.30Fremont
23.6Stefan Ball12:57.60Joseph Lane
24.6Nathanial Oberman13:04.00Oakland
25.7Dawson Wright13:04.60Joseph Lane
26.8Erik Dassoff13:05.00Ponderosa
27.7Tristan Frye13:09.20Scenic
28.8Tracy Salgado13:09.40St Mary's
29.8Brandon Battiato13:11.60Grace Christian
30.8Hoku Eggertsen13:13.00St Mary's
31.8Chris Martin13:16.00St Mary's
32.6Elijah Conway13:19.00St Mary's
33.8Justin Casebier13:25.00Grace Christian
34.8Zach Blanco13:28.80Rogue River
35.6Lance Howell13:29.90Scenic
36.8Vince Miller13:30.50Ponderosa
37.6Sam Arts13:32.00Oakland
38.6Wyatt Croy13:38.00Grace Christian
39.8Philip Todak13:40.00Talent
40.7Devin Landrum13:43.20Ponderosa
41.7Wyatt Mahaffy13:45.00Fremont
42.7Braiden Isenhower13:52.90Scenic
43.7Adam Barth13:54.00New Hope Christian
44.7Mikey Jones13:55.20New Hope Christian
45.7David Harker13:57.00Fremont
46.7Josiah Locke14:01.00Applegate
47.6Zack VanWey14:01.20Hanby
48.8Eric Oliveri14:01.90Grace Christian
49.6Roman Szigeti14:05.40Scenic
50.5Hunter Matschke14:07.00New Hope Christian
51.7Collin Neilson14:14.40Scenic
52.8Garrett Byrd14:16.00Grace Christian
53.6Trevor Archa14:17.80Scenic
54.8Issac Cosand14:19.00Scenic
55.8Nick Haupt14:21.00Ponderosa
56.7Tanner Bost14:22.60Applegate
57.7Max Meunier14:23.60Scenic
58.6Kevin Wheeler14:24.20Grace Christian
59.8Roger St. Germaine14:45.60Scenic
60.6Leif Amundsen14:45.80Talent
61.6Danny Sigl14:47.00Oakland
62.6Tyler Hopkins14:59.00Grace Christian
63.8Christian Hanson15:05.00Joseph Lane
64.8Erick Wonderly15:07.10Joseph Lane
65.6Tanner Shipley15:07.50Scenic
66.6Cody Brewster15:08.10Joseph Lane
67.7Michael McNamara15:08.50Fremont
68.5Alex Brown15:09.00Oakland
69.7Tanner Brotherton15:13.00Scenic
70.8Quinton Aramburo15:33.00Joseph Lane
71.7Nolan Hill15:35.30Scenic
72.7Logan Phillips15:37.00Ponderosa
73.7Eli Hice15:37.70Rogue River
74.8Justin Park15:39.00New Hope Christian
75.6Alden Standley15:51.00Fremont
76.6Doug Elkins16:18.40New Hope Christian
77.8Adam Lohman16:19.20St Mary's
78.8Kenny Freeman16:21.00Joseph Lane
79.8Austin Sanders16:25.00Scenic
80.6Jordan Gerhard16:45.00Hanby
81.7Rand McGowan17:00.40Fremont
82.6Garrett Dey17:01.70Hanby
83.6Alsen Standley17:02.00Fremont
84.7Jackson Williams17:15.10Grace Christian
85.8Josh Mynear17:15.60Ponderosa
86.6Trevor Bishop17:34.00Joseph Lane
87.6Hector Orozco18:09.00Fremont
88.6Spencer Thompson18:26.00Grace Christian
89.8Nathaniel Burmeister18:47.00Fremont
90.6Dawson Jinkins19:03.00Fremont
91.7Josiah Smith19:06.60Joseph Lane
92.6Christopher Robelo19:06.90Joseph Lane
93.6Hunter Burrell19:15.00Oakland
94.6Jesse Hawk19:35.00Grace Christian
95.6Joshua Dill21:25.00Joseph Lane
96.7Brodie Barnett22:58.00Fremont
97.7Ian McGowan23:01.00Fremont
98.6Spencer Dahl23:32.00Fremont
99.6Cody Newberry23:33.00Fremont
100.6Caleb Miller23:37.00Rogue River
101.6Daniel Butler25:21.00Hanby
102.6Spencer Collie26:24.00Oakland
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Womens Results

3,000 Meters Middle School  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.8Gracie Tostenson12:00.00Scenic
2.8Fiona Johnson12:44.00Joseph Lane
3.8Stephanie Croy13:08.00Grace Christian
4.8Taylor Williams13:12.00Grace Christian
5.8Stefani Ritter13:54.00Ponderosa
6.7Stephanie Lee13:56.00Scenic
7.8Britney Wimberly13:57.00Scenic
8.6Katie Akery14:05.00Grace Christian
9.7Halie Walker14:06.00Scenic
10.8Anne Oursler14:34.00St Mary's
11.7Nevina DeLuca14:35.00Talent
12.6Cassidy Layton14:36.60Scenic
13.6Madeline Volk14:36.90St Mary's
14.6Jordan Monroe14:40.00Scenic
15.8Lillian Martin14:41.00St Mary's
16.8Megan Hastings14:50.00Scenic
17.8Hannah Roberts14:53.00Fremont
18.8Kylie Santos14:58.00Scenic
19.7Aven Broesder15:00.00Scenic
20.7Micaila Miguel15:01.00Rogue River
21.7Taylor Knauss15:03.40Scenic
22.8Lindsey Vermillion15:04.00Talent
23.8Raechel Warren15:12.00Joseph Lane
24.7Danielle Taylor15:16.00Rogue River
25.8Kasey Hamilton15:20.00Talent
26.6Andrea Devries15:25.00Scenic
27.4Cassidy Matschke15:35.00New Hope Christian
28.5Sydney Laird15:43.10New Hope Christian
29.7Anna Poznanskaya15:43.90Ponderosa
30.8Monica Heard15:50.50Scenic
31.6Maria Sigl15:51.00Oakland
32.8Miata Winders15:54.00Joseph Lane
33.7Kylee Allen15:57.00Scenic
34.7Ciara Dykstra16:00.20Ponderosa
35.7Breanna Cwilklinski16:00.50Scenic
36.7Jennifer Jennings16:14.00Ponderosa
37.7Rebecca Saxton16:25.00Ponderosa
38.6Julia Swanson16:27.00Joseph Lane
39.8Madison Reames16:40.00Scenic
40.7Haley Kusler16:56.00Joseph Lane
41.8Jessica Huddleston16:59.00Hanby
42.8Kayla Stevens16:59.20St Mary's
43.7Cindy Reed17:10.00Ponderosa
44.8Amanda Allen17:13.00Fremont
45.8Rose Oakley17:15.00Fremont
46.8Katie Shammel17:37.00St Mary's
47.6Kailee Dombrowski17:41.00Fremont
48.6Shelbie LaPan17:52.00Applegate
49.7Claire Hittle17:53.00Joseph Lane
50.8Naomi Allen17:57.00Joseph Lane
51.7McKenzie Isabell18:05.00Scenic
52.8Mariah Mills18:08.50Hanby
53.6McKenzie Richardson18:09.00Applegate
54.6Abby Prawitz18:21.00Fremont
55.6Mikayla Reber18:46.00Oakland
56.6Sophie Hull19:13.00Scenic
57.6Lauren Casey19:15.00Fremont
58.6Helen Thieme19:27.00St Mary's
59.8Candi O'Connor19:38.00Ponderosa
60.6Brandie Foster20:07.50Joseph Lane
61.6Kaitlin Wright20:08.00Joseph Lane
62.8Anna Miller20:16.30Rogue River
63.8Hailey Natho20:16.50Rogue River
64.7Anna Wheeler20:19.00Hanby
65.6Jayden Horta20:23.00Hanby
66.8Mattison Spence20:55.70Ponderosa
67.8Sierra Hawthorne20:57.00Ponderosa
67.8Emberly Deichen20:57.00Ponderosa
68.6Alexis Kumley21:00.00Hanby
69.6Nicole Mahr21:01.00Hanby
70.8Kelsey Hand22:00.00Joseph Lane
71.6Kyah Sherman22:05.50Fremont
72.7Cassie Bowen22:05.80Hanby
73.8Alix Blackman22:07.00Ponderosa
74.8Zoe Jump22:14.00Ponderosa
75.7Britni Barger22:18.00Talent
76.6Sabrina DiReeze22:24.00Fremont
77.8Kelsey Mueller22:39.00Ponderosa
78.6Gillian Gauer23:25.00Joseph Lane
79.7Grace Rooney24:20.00Ponderosa
80.7Angel Ramirez24:25.00Ponderosa
81.8Shaundra Cook24:42.00Hanby
83.6Kassidy Borsheim26:40.00Joseph Lane
84.7Courtney Ullom26:59.00Joseph Lane
85.6Rebecca Harvey27:26.00Fremont
86.6Shela Joyce30:30.00Fremont
87.6Kira Todd32:05.00Joseph Lane
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