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Mens Races
1.65 Mile Junior High4:00 PM
2.95 Mile Varsity4:30 PM
Womens Races
1.65 Mile Junior High4:00 PM
2.95 Mile Varsity5:15 PM

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Mens Results

1.65 Mile Junior High  
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1.7Luke Anderson10:16 SROcosta
3.7Kalon Scott-Subsits11:32 PRNW Christian (Lacey)
4.7Matthew Jeon11:52 PRNW Christian (Lacey)
5.6Nathan Anderson11:53 PRNW Christian (Lacey)
7.6Miles Devine12:19 PRNorth River
8.7Marvin Watkins12:58 SROcosta
9.7Taryn Girard12:58.5 SROcosta
11.7Cody Johnson13:27 PRNorth Beach
12.7Keegan Channell13:30 PROcosta
14.5Cooper Seberg16:15 PRNorth River
15.5Zach Deditius16:40 PRNorth River
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2.95 Mile Varsity  
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1.10Lucas Graham15:09 PRNW Christian (Lacey)
2.11Justin Holden15:25 SRNW Christian (Lacey)
3.10Cramer Smith16:17 PRNaselle
4.12Derek Moore16:23 PRNorth Beach
5.12Nathan Rogers16:32 SRSouth Bend
6.11Nathan Reitz16:52 SRNaselle
7.10Ben Grover17:02 SRNorth Beach
8.10Josiah Shelman17:21 SRNW Christian (Lacey)
9.10Mitchell McConkey17:40 SROcosta
10.10Zach Deibel17:46 PRNorth Beach
11.10Aaron Michael17:52 SRNW Christian (Lacey)
12.11Tyson Heo17:58 PRNW Christian (Lacey)
13.11Stephen Goff18:01 SRNW Christian (Lacey)
14.9Brandon Burch18:07 SRNW Christian (Lacey)
15.12Charles Rolen18:26 PROcosta
16.11Dylan Hearn18:30 SRNorth Beach
17.12Skyler Whipple18:43 PRNorth Beach
18.9Joseph Wagner18:44 PRNorth Beach
19.12Michael Brennan18:44.5 PRSouth Bend
20.10Dale Howerton18:46 SROcosta
21.12Cody James19:13 PRNorth Beach
22.12Omar Ortiz19:34 PRSouth Bend
23.9Devin Sotak19:45 SRNW Christian (Lacey)
24.11Brandon Bryan19:54 PRNW Christian (Lacey)
25.11John Johnson20:14 PRNorth Beach
26.12Anthony Tignino20:34 PRNorth Beach
27.10Dean Reuterdahl20:40 SROcosta
28.9Quinton Porter20:42 SRNorth Beach
29.9Cohen Hansen21:34 SRSouth Bend
30.9Eric Shepard23:44 PRNorth Beach
31.12Adrian Hing24:47 PRSouth Bend
32.11Kevin Jaeger25:35 PRNorth River
33.10Austin Smith25:36 SRNaselle
34.12Colby Peters26:03 PROcosta
35.10Beau Santjer26:07 PRNaselle
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Womens Results

1.65 Mile Junior High  
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1.8Kiana Ballo11:59 PROcosta
2.7Kasey Hearn12:17 SRNorth Beach
3.7Becca Arneson12:21 PRNW Christian (Lacey)
5.8Alyssa Phillips12:35 PROcosta
6.7Ashlin Anderson12:44 PRNW Christian (Lacey)
7.6Karli Brown13:05 PRNW Christian (Lacey)
8.7Joanne Jenkins13:24 PRNorth River
9.7Sarah Kulhanek13:55 PRNorth Beach
11.5Kaitlyn Jaeger16:29 PRNorth River
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2.95 Mile Varsity  
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1.10Elizabeth Weber18:39 SRNW Christian (Lacey)
2.11Joanna Sowers19:11 SRNW Christian (Lacey)
3.9Hailey Bredeson19:22 SRNW Christian (Lacey)
4.12Ashlee Giesman19:26 PRNW Christian (Lacey)
5.9Megan Teigen19:40 SRNW Christian (Lacey)
6.10Nicole deMontigny19:44 SRSouth Bend
7.11Courtney Wagner19:51 PRNW Christian (Lacey)
8.11Jessica Jackson20:04 PRRaymond
9.9Allison Sowers20:15 SRNW Christian (Lacey)
10.12Jodi Christie21:08 PRNaselle
11.10Kami Bates21:13 SRNW Christian (Lacey)
12.9Kaylinne Shaffer21:13.5 PRNW Christian (Lacey)
13.9Morgan Walker21:45 SRWillapa Valley
14.10Alana Darcher22:22 PRNaselle
15.11Taylor Nussbaum22:58 PRSouth Bend
16.9Jordan Wagner23:02 PRNW Christian (Lacey)
17.12Chelsea Dick23:10 PRNW Christian (Lacey)
18.12Katie Hagain25:15 PRRaymond
19.9Jessica Barron25:46 PRWillapa Valley
20.12Leeanna Mong25:53 PRNorth Beach
21.10Jennifer Joe26:12 SROcosta
22.12Emily Burbank26:22 PRSouth Bend
23.12Beth Atkinson26:26 SROcosta
24.9Megan Leighty34:59 SRNorth Beach
25.9Crystal Lynch37:57 SRNorth Beach
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