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Mens Races

Hells Gate State Park

2,000 Meters Junior High/Middle School4:45 PM
Womens Races

Hells Gate State Park

2,000 Meters Junior High/Middle School4:25 PM

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Mens Results

2,000 Meters Junior High/Middle School  
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1.8Kage Sobotta7:48.43 PRLincoln of Clarkston
2.8Eric Storey7:53.75 PRMoscow
3.7Paul Ryan7:55.29 PRLogos
4.8Monix Pande8:08.30 PRLewiston
5.7Jonny Handel8:26.23 PRLogos
6.8John Bergman8:27.23 PRLincoln of Clarkston
7.7Mike Zuba8:30.37 PRMoscow
8.8Sage Pratt8:36.26 PRLogos
9.7Chandler Teigen8:45.00 PRAsotin
10.7Joel Courtney8:52.31 PRLogos
11.7Levi Wintz9:01.69 PRLogos
12.7Zach Bunce9:04.28 PRLincoln of Clarkston
13.7Tanner Bond9:06.21 PRLewiston
14.8Race Burke9:14.62 PRLewiston
15.8Connor Eggleston9:17.95 PRLincoln of Clarkston
16.8Hadley McInturff9:21.59 PRKootenai
17.7Cameron Sager9:22.13Lewiston
18.7Marshall Bowen9:30.41 PRLewiston
19.7Jameson Evans9:32.93 PRLogos
20.8Jamison Wolsborn9:33.43 PRLincoln of Pullman
21.7Bryce Goodenough9:33.98 PRLewiston
22.7Rob Clark9:34.40 PRLincoln of Pullman
23.8Xavier Murdoch9:35.78 PRMoscow
24.8Joe Kurle9:36.95Lincoln of Pullman
25.8Jordan Starr9:37.78 PRLincoln of Clarkston
26.7Micah Lagerquist9:39.21 PRLincoln of Pullman
27.7Ned Caisely9:40.09 PRMoscow
28.8Jared Stewart9:42.45 PRLewiston
29.7Scott Bumpus9:43.81 PRLincoln of Pullman
30.7Kodie Pratt9:44.61 PRLewiston
31.7James Holstad9:46.42 PRLincoln of Pullman
32.7Cutlar Seubert9:54.43 PRLincoln of Clarkston
33.7Daniel Kure9:55.49 PRLincoln of Pullman
34.8Adam Hug9:56.72 PRLewiston
35.8Conner Bruce9:59.70 PRMoscow
36.7Brady Mckay10:03.63 PRLincoln of Clarkston
37.8Bradley Ayling10:04.92 SRMoscow
38.8Aiden Worth10:05.42 SRMoscow
39.7Jake Gosse10:05.65Asotin
40.6Michael Lundgren10:09.23 PRLogos
41.7Griffin Rovegno10:10.90 PRLincoln of Pullman
42.6Cotton Whitling10:51.04 PRLogos
43.7Isaiah Bren10:57.40 PRLewiston
44.8Jesse Wallace11:00.64Troy
45.7Nate Hannan11:02.39 PRKellogg
46.8Evan Dagelen11:11.56 SRLincoln of Clarkston
47.7Daren Click11:17.47 PRLincoln of Clarkston
48.8Ty Urquhart11:19.82Lewiston
49.7James Paul11:21.56 PRMoscow
50.8Ben Beier11:33.04 PRKellogg
51.7Brian Strobel11:33.49Asotin
52.7Trevor Joireman11:39.01Lincoln of Pullman
53.7Cord Curran11:43.71 PRKellogg
54.8Andrew Simpson11:46.33 PRAsotin
55.7Sam Rowlett12:01.32 PRLincoln of Clarkston
56.7Curtis Briggs12:19.34 PRKellogg
57.8Cody Barton12:22.14 PRKellogg
58.7Tristan Duman12:23.85 PRLincoln of Clarkston
59.7Sorin Morgan12:26.79 PRLincoln of Pullman
60.6Hunter Bechtel12:28.47 PRLogos
61.7Douglas Cowdrey12:33.27Asotin
62.7Luke Miller12:47.36 PRMoscow
63.7Lincoln Foster13:38.51Lewiston
64.7Will Gram13:46.15 PRTroy
65.7Zach Bailey14:07.61 PRKootenai
66.8Michael Skinner14:22.93Lapwai
67.8Calder Murphy14:30.65 PRLincoln of Pullman
68.7Alex Galford14:40.90 PRKellogg
69.7Trevor Lloyd14:45.85 PRLincoln of Pullman
70.7Daniel Connors15:49.85 PRMoscow
71.7Joseph Cornwall15:51.50 PRMoscow
72.7Jacob Stump16:15.31 PRLincoln of Clarkston
73.6Tanner Schwartz16:25.91Culdesac
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Womens Results

2,000 Meters Junior High/Middle School  
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1.8Shevaun Ames9:13.96 PRLewiston
2.7Cali Moscrip9:27.82 PRLewiston
3.8Abbey Wright9:28.39 SRLincoln of Clarkston
4.7Madison Taylor9:30.79 PRLewiston
5.7Katey Mae McInturff9:31.20 PRKootenai
6.8Jolynn O'Kelley9:31.96 PRLewiston
7.7Brooke Morrow9:39.64 PRLincoln of Clarkston
8.7Brooklyn Schumaker9:41.49 PRLogos
9.8Katelyn Sly9:41.76 SRLincoln of Clarkston
10.7Carly Hatfield9:53.01 PRLincoln of Clarkston
11.7Haley Varnum10:08.35Lincoln of Pullman
12.7Emilee Wiggen10:16.43 PRLewiston
13.8Karli Charlton10:19.41 PRLincoln of Clarkston
14.8Jordana Bedard10:26.48 SRTroy
15.7Madi Hill10:27.04 PRLewiston
16.7Christen Bailey10:33.17Troy
17.8Tasha Paul10:41.47 SRMoscow
18.7Sadie Corley10:46.48 PRTroy
19.7Allie Powell10:49.67 PRLewiston
20.8Haley Adams10:50.78 PRMoscow
21.8Crystal Chambliss10:51.65 PRKellogg
22.8Shirley Guzman10:52.61 PRLewiston
23.7Stormy Bedard10:55.30 PRTroy
24.8Jessi Gibbons10:58.82 PRKellogg
25.8Olivia Hagen11:19.54 SRLincoln of Clarkston
26.7Krystal Kincaid11:28.47 PRLincoln of Pullman
27.7Amy Wren11:33.72 PRLewiston
28.8Talitha Davis11:50.45 SRMoscow
29.8Chemika Hough11:53.62 PRLincoln of Clarkston
30.7Miranda Nemeth11:54.94 PRLewiston
31.8Brianna Russell12:06.68 PRMoscow
32.6Rachael Beier12:07.95 PRKellogg
33.7Tiegan Campbell12:08.91 PRMoscow
34.8Nichole McKown12:12.68 PRTroy
35.7Katie Dougherty12:55.14 PRLewiston
36.7Marina Nichols13:01.49 PRLewiston
37.7Anna Alexander13:16.36Asotin
38.7Darcie Campo13:21.40 PRKellogg
39.7Allie Broaddus13:27.29 PRKellogg
40.7Michaela Tuell13:50.86 PRLewiston
41.8Hannah Murillo14:00.69 SRLincoln of Clarkston
42.7Carlie Swor14:02.85 PRLincoln of Clarkston
43.8McKenzie Cheyne14:15.71 SRTroy
44.7Kammi Spence14:16.21 PRTroy
45.7Ashley Smeltzer14:56.38Potlatch
46.7Sarah Maurer15:01.78Troy
47.7Jennabee Wacker15:05.48 PRLincoln of Pullman
48.8Bonnie Dunworth15:22.64Troy
49.7Kaitlin Mattson17:01.63 PRKellogg
50.7Peat Kim18:52.09 PRLapwai
51.7Katy Akmal19:07.20Lincoln of Pullman
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