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Mt Si, Newport @ Eastlake HS

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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Meet Host - Eastlake HS
Location - Beaver Lake, Sammamish, WA - Map
Mens Races

Beaver Lake

5,000 Meters Varsity/JV
Womens Races

Beaver Lake

5,000 Meters Varsity/JV
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity/JV  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Michael Hutchins17:10Newport-Bellevue
2.11Kris Plunkett17:16Newport-Bellevue
3.12Alex Bell17:51Newport-Bellevue
4.12Zac Pearlstein17:58Mt Si 5:47
5.12Sammy Staples18:02Newport-Bellevue
6.9Devin Sharps18:06Eastlake
7.11Blaine Lints18:08Newport-Bellevue
8.10Ethan Freed18:08Eastlake
9.9Spencer Flindt18:09Eastlake
10.10Mark Milloy18:15Eastlake
11.10Matthew Gabel18:23Newport-Bellevue
12.10Michael Flindt18:25Eastlake
13.11Michael Blackmon18:35Mt Si 5:59
14.11Stephen Strozyk18:40Newport-Bellevue
15.9Johnny Dance18:43Newport-Bellevue
16.9Joseph Williams18:54Mt Si 6:05
17.11Chris Dallas18:56Eastlake
18.10Ryan Olson19:14Mt Si 6:11
19.10Ben Houldridge19:14Mt Si 6:11
20.9Christian Dewey19:16Mt Si 6:12
21.11Cage McKinsey19:19Eastlake
22.9Alex Censullo19:21Mt Si 6:14
23.11Matt Matula19:24Eastlake
24.10James Whiteside19:31Newport-Bellevue
25.10Chris Schaefer19:37Eastlake
26.12Sam Sheehan19:41Eastlake
27.12Steven Soroka19:51Newport-Bellevue
28.9Jordan Harris20:01Newport-Bellevue
29.12Sam Felton20:02Eastlake
30.9Tommy Kirby20:13Mt Si 6:30
31.12Danny Concha20:26Eastlake
32.9Logan Nielsen20:28Eastlake
33.11Matthew Ellis20:30Eastlake
34.9Joe Horton20:30Eastlake
35.11Kerry Sullivan20:31Eastlake
36.10Jeffrey Hoyt20:32Newport-Bellevue
37.12Jacob Read20:32Newport-Bellevue
38.10Tommy Clarke20:33Newport-Bellevue
39.9Dominic Canady20:33Mt Si 6:37
40.12Chad Randolph20:40Eastlake
41.11Alex Porter20:43Newport-Bellevue
42.11Brad Brew21:00Eastlake
43.12Ethan Moffat21:03Newport-Bellevue
11Paul Nocchi21:06Eastlake
45.9Nick Taylor21:09Newport-Bellevue
46.10Peter Delbrueck21:15Newport-Bellevue
47.11William Kirby21:20Newport-Bellevue
48.11Cameron Cook21:23Newport-Bellevue
49.10Landon Storrud21:30Mt Si 6:55
50.11Gordon Burgess21:33Newport-Bellevue
51.11Andrew Wood21:43Eastlake
52.12Chris Choe21:43Newport-Bellevue
53.11Kuba Jeffers21:45Newport-Bellevue
54.11Daniel Lim21:51Newport-Bellevue
55.10Brandon Brewster21:56Eastlake
56.10Chris Bell21:57Newport-Bellevue
57.10David Hirschey22:00Newport-Bellevue
58.9Blake Moorhead22:01Mt Si 7:05
59.11Charles Niu22:01Newport-Bellevue
60.9Eric Cheuk22:02Newport-Bellevue
61.9Grant Stein22:02Newport-Bellevue
2209.12Benjamin Ehle22:09Newport-Bellevue
63.9Peter Besbeas22:31Eastlake
64.10Jayden Mann22:32Eastlake
65.9Austin Amaya22:33Eastlake
66.11Skyler Schoos22:37Newport-Bellevue
67.11Tanner Clinch22:38Eastlake
68.9Eli Porkka22:39Newport-Bellevue
69.9Christophe Chamber...22:44Newport-Bellevue
70.9Dennis Huang22:46Newport-Bellevue
71.9Jason Hinman22:51Mt Si 7:21
72.9Jeremy Knight22:51Mt Si 7:21
73.10Frank Menz23:01Eastlake
74.9Jordan Chin23:04Newport-Bellevue
75.12Anthony Cho23:05Eastlake
76.11Ryan Kennedy23:16Eastlake
77.10Dylan Degiulio23:30Newport-Bellevue
78.9Kevin Chen23:35Newport-Bellevue
79.12Gen Kusakabe23:37Newport-Bellevue
81.11Burke Gibson23:45Newport-Bellevue
82.9Eugene Deng23:48Newport-Bellevue
83.11Simerjot Singh23:52Newport-Bellevue
84.9Scott Li23:55Newport-Bellevue
85.10Nathan Hemphill24:04Newport-Bellevue
86.9Carter Shigaya24:09Newport-Bellevue
87.11Patrick Keogh24:12Eastlake
88.9Eckhart Chan24:18Newport-Bellevue
89.9Dustin Lee24:25Newport-Bellevue
90.12carson Harms24:36Newport-Bellevue
91.10Quincy Brooks25:03Newport-Bellevue
92.9Jason Ven25:10Newport-Bellevue
93.12Kevin Liu25:12Newport-Bellevue
94.11Raymond Yook25:24Newport-Bellevue
95.12Ian Drummond25:28Eastlake
96.10Kevin Carter25:41Mt Si 8:16
97.12Rio Bacon25:46Newport-Bellevue
98.9Enoch Chan26:05Newport-Bellevue
99.9Ismael Sere26:05Newport-Bellevue
100.9Konyong Jung26:06Newport-Bellevue
101.9Vendant Kacholia26:59Newport-Bellevue
102.10Ben Schuler26:59Newport-Bellevue
103.10Connor Reichenbach27:08Newport-Bellevue
104.12Laurent Carboneau30:57Eastlake
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity/JV  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Alex Rudd20:45Mt Si 6:41
2.10Emily Dwyer20:54Eastlake
3.12Alie Dorsey21:00Eastlake
9Jessica Spray21:16Newport-Bellevue
12Emily Meyer21:27Newport-Bellevue
6.12Emily Robinson21:35Eastlake
11Lauren Schuur22:00Newport-Bellevue
8.12Megan Past22:01Mt Si 7:05
9.12Sarah Fester22:06Eastlake
10.9Christina Volken22:07Mt Si 7:07
10Alisa Poplawski22:08Newport-Bellevue
12.12Janie Dwyer22:10Eastlake
13.9Lisa Sheehan22:11Eastlake
14.9Makenzie Schmid22:18Eastlake
11Bryanna Woo22:28Newport-Bellevue
16.10Hannah Taylor22:33Eastlake
17.10Kendall Maddux22:40Mt Si 7:18
18.10Marlana Masterleo22:41Eastlake
9Cayla Gleaton22:53Newport-Bellevue
19.9Courtney Davis22:53Eastlake
9Michelle Altizer22:59Newport-Bellevue
12Taryn Blache23:14Newport-Bellevue
12Danielle Seymour23:17Newport-Bellevue
12Tia Nichols23:19Newport-Bellevue
10Venecia Xu23:19Newport-Bellevue
11Sabine Whitney23:28Newport-Bellevue
26.12Sarah Talbot23:28Eastlake
11Courtney Hastings23:29Newport-Bellevue
29.10Sally Miller23:41Mt Si 7:37
30.12Stephanie Vincent23:41Eastlake
31.12Jessareh Helm23:44Mt Si 7:38
32.12Marissa Wahl24:08Eastlake
33.11Kate Becherer24:16Eastlake
9Randi Mendel24:30Newport-Bellevue
35.10Katie Rylands24:36Mt Si 7:53
36.11Laura Sotello24:40Eastlake
37.12Corinne Spada24:41Eastlake
38.10Mei Mei Levy24:45Eastlake
9Cassey Dang24:48Newport-Bellevue
40.12Dana Gorder24:48Eastlake
12Pascale Chamberland25:01Newport-Bellevue
12Kelly Connelly25:03Newport-Bellevue
43.11Kaylee Galloway25:16Mt Si 8:08
44.12Alix Crandell25:33Mt Si 8:13
45.11Angela Henderson25:36Eastlake
11Maya Graue25:37Newport-Bellevue
47.10Angela Hontas25:47Mt Si 8:18
48.10Jackie Dulken25:47Eastlake
11Maddie Phillips25:49Newport-Bellevue
49.9Katie Huerta25:51Mt Si 8:19
10Lexy Davis25:52Newport-Bellevue
52.11Julia Seiler26:06Eastlake
11Shirley Qiu26:08Newport-Bellevue
54.11Emily Casal26:09Eastlake
55.9Veronica Hughes26:38Eastlake
10Elle Nelson26:39Newport-Bellevue
56.12Sarah Saville26:39Eastlake
58.10Katy Crowley26:41Mt Si 8:35
11Chehala Andriananj...26:53Newport-Bellevue
11Ellen Cambron27:07Newport-Bellevue
9Stephanie Lim27:20Newport-Bellevue
11Crystal Liu27:50Newport-Bellevue
10Amy Iskara27:52Newport-Bellevue
11Jordan Schultz27:54Newport-Bellevue
11Alice Hwang27:58Newport-Bellevue
66.10Madeleine Bezanson28:18Mt Si 9:07
67.11Abby Student28:19Eastlake
68.12Julie Censullo28:34Mt Si 9:12
10Carrina Harms28:36Newport-Bellevue
11Sophia Lee28:39Newport-Bellevue
10Soleil Groh28:58Newport-Bellevue
9Jaye Western29:00Newport-Bellevue
9Katie McQueen29:05Newport-Bellevue
10Nicole Johnson29:13Newport-Bellevue
11Jeannette Yu29:23Newport-Bellevue
76.9Natalie Guterson29:32Mt Si 9:30
9Jennifer Liu29:39Newport-Bellevue
11Rachael Sherman29:49Newport-Bellevue
11Nicole Stewart30:28Newport-Bellevue
11Epi Lee30:37Newport-Bellevue
10Vidal Yook32:30Newport-Bellevue
10Grace Lee32:34Newport-Bellevue
9Ruth Wu32:34Newport-Bellevue
9Sydney Hickenbottom33:00Newport-Bellevue
86.11Taylor Wood34:47Mt Si 11:12
87.10Laura Preston34:55Eastlake
11Zixing Guo35:18Newport-Bellevue
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