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5,000 Meters Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Hypothetical Scores

1.11James Tang
16:45.00 SRLincoln North Star
2.10Jacob Olson
3.12Marcus Portofee
16:53.00Papillion-La Vista S...
4.10Nolan Zimmer
5.12Adam Kaftan
17:07.00Creighton Preparatory
6.12Nick Steinauer
17:08.00Creighton Preparatory
7.12Phil Scherer
17:13.00Creighton Preparatory
8.12Sidney Madlock
17:15.00Lincoln North Star
9.12Eric Lomison
17:16.00 PRLincoln North Star
10.12Matt Bubak
17:18.00Creighton Preparatory
11.10Ryan Cox
17:20.00Millard North
12.12Colby Twist
17:21.00 SRElkhorn
13.11Spencer Granville
17:23.00Papillion-La Vista S...
14.10Eric Weers
17:28.00Papillion-La Vista S...
15.9JT Cronin
17:29.00 PRElkhorn
16.12Nick Jesse
17:32.00Creighton Preparatory
17.11Matthias Wollberg
18.11A.J. Armstrong
19.11Paul Floresch
17:38.00Creighton Preparatory
20.9Mohamed Hamdan
17:57.00 SRLincoln North Star
21.12Chase Svoboda
22.11Dane Weinert
18:04.00Creighton Preparatory
23.12Lam Ramdiet
18:10.00 PROmaha South
24.11Kevin Wood
18:11.00 PRElkhorn
25.11Alex Stillinger
18:12.00 PROmaha South
26.12Eric Liegl
18:14.00Millard North
27.9Emiliano Jacinto
18:19.00 SROmaha South
28.12Daniel Florance
18:21.00Papillion-La Vista S...
29.11Cody Pullen
18:23.00 SRElkhorn
30.10Drew Morrison
18:24.00Millard North
31.11Chanse Shirley
18:26.00Millard North
32.9Kelson McCollum
18:28.00 SRMillard North
33.12Michael Florance
18:30.00Papillion-La Vista S...
34.11Matt Keeshan
18:33.00Lincoln North Star
35.11Justin Perkins
18:34.00Papillion-La Vista S...
36.11Ethan Bennett
18:41.00 SRMillard North
37.11Tom Porter
18:45.00Millard North
38.11Antonio Villafuerte
18:47.00 SROmaha South
39.11Ronald Costello
18:48.00 SROmaha South
40.12Easton Schlender
41.10Jon Foss
18:54.00 PRElkhorn
42.9Jake Sesker
18:57.00 PRElkhorn
43.12Brian Foote
19:01.00Lincoln North Star
44.9Tim Smith
45.11Nathan Feldmann
19:14.00Papillion-La Vista S...
46.10Brandon Cernik
19:24.00 PRElkhorn
47.10Whitton Valentine
19:25.00 SROmaha South
48.12Dana Mackety
19:26.00Lincoln North Star
49.11Andres Chairez
19:48.00 PROmaha South
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Womens Results

4,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Sarah Stirling
15:36.00 PRElkhorn
2.11MiKayla Peck
15:41.00Papillion-La Vista S...
3.9Jordyn Dahlke
4.10Sydney Gress
16:01.00Papillion-La Vista S...
5.12Kelsey Han
16:03.00 PROmaha Marian
6.10Haden Mikesell
16:12.00Papillion-La Vista S...
7.11Kelsey Green
16:15.00Papillion-La Vista S...
8.9Mikayla Nordin
16:19.00 PRElkhorn
9.10Elizabeth Ternent
16:24.00Millard North
10.10Jessica Levinger
16:27.00Millard North
11.12Kristen Conahan
16:35.00 SRMillard North
12.11Emily Guthrie
16:42.00Millard North
13.9Emily Johanek
16:52.00 SROmaha Marian
14.11Jordan Bledsoe
16:55.00Papillion-La Vista S...
15.9Allison McLeay
16:58.00Omaha Marian
16.9Megan Han
16:59.00Omaha Marian
17.12Karen Silverstrand
17:00.00 SRLincoln North Star
18.10Treza Koung
17:01.00 SRLincoln North Star
19.12Laura Bast
17:02.00 PROmaha Marian
20.11Sammy Salerno
17:03.00 PROmaha Marian
21.11Perla Gutierrez
17:06.00 SROmaha South
22.11Kelly O'Brien
17:10.00Omaha Marian
23.11Nikki Palmer
17:12.00 SRElkhorn
24.9Kelsey Martin
17:25.00 PRElkhorn
25.9Mandy Sughroue
26.9Lizzy Stanton
17:31.00Papillion-La Vista S...
27.10Jenny Watson
17:37.00 SRElkhorn
28.11Nicole Andres
29.10Kate Lindstrom
30.11Madi Jones
17:42.00Millard North
31.10Michelle Tamayo
17:45.00 SROmaha South
32.10Shykeera Booker
17:51.00 PRLincoln North Star
33.12Caitlin Totten
17:52.00Papillion-La Vista S...
34.11Lindsay Heun
35.9Maddie Cloonan
18:09.00Millard North
36.12Alyssa Herek
18:21.00Millard North
37.12Kristen Windhorst
18:51.00 SRElkhorn
38.10Hannah Loseke
39.9Sydney Peak
40.9Caitlynn Homeyer
19:16.00 PRLincoln North Star
41.10Keanna Moody
19:38.00 PRLincoln North Star
42.9Ana Esparza Monrreal
19:39.00 PROmaha South
43.10Kaleigh Heng
19:45.00 PRElkhorn
44.11Veronica Martinez
20:12.00 PROmaha South
45.10Jessica Chairez
20:48.00 SROmaha South
46.10Arelica Guerrero
20:53.00 PROmaha South
47.10Gabriela Rodriguez
24:54.00 SROmaha South
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