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Mens Races
1 Mile 3rd-6th Grades (Yakima only)8:45 AM


1.5 Mile 7th & 8th Grades9:00 AM
Womens Races
1 Mile 3rd-6th Grades (Yakima only)8:45 AM


1.5 Mile 7th & 8th Grades9:00 AM

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Mens Results

1 Mile 3rd-6th Grades (Yakima only)  
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1.6Eli Storlie6:29.36Wilson
2.Brigham Cardon6:31.52Nob Hill
3.Cole Mattson6:37.25Nob Hill
4.Parker Mattson7:05.16Nob Hill
5.6Jesus Gutierrez7:06.24Lewis and Clark
6.Johnny Bartlett7:19.95Nob Hill
7.6Alvaro Ontiveros7:28.31 PRLewis and Clark
8.Brayden Oplinger7:34.03Nob Hill
9.6Dempsey White7:39.40Lewis and Clark
10.Kaycee Schneider7:53.93Union Gap
11.Caleb Harris8:08.13Nob Hill
12.Parker Barduhn8:19.13Nob Hill
13.Mark Chaves8:33.53Tri-Cities Prep
14.6Skylar Anders8:40.56Franklin
15.Eric Rojas8:50.94Tri-Cities Prep
16.4Trevor Mackey8:54.63 PRDiscovery Lab
17.Anthony Dagenais9:02.46Nob Hill
18.Alissa Chaves9:05.60Tri-Cities Prep
19.Sean Harris9:07.43Nob Hill
20.Cade? Ewing9:54.30Nob Hill
21.Austin Rios10:01.87Nob Hill
22.6Vicente Velasco10:04.35Lewis and Clark
23.6Brenton Smith10:06.81Discovery Lab
24.Eries Correa11:01.78Martin Luther King
25.Peter McKinley11:26.66Nob Hill
26.Giovanni Rivero11:27.53Whitney
27.Jordan Duffield11:29.92Tri-Cities Prep
28.5Anthony Perez12:30.08 SRDiscovery Lab
29.2Bryce Mackey12:34.93 PRDiscovery Lab
30.Saul Heredia12:40.44Nob Hill
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1.5 Mile 7th & 8th Grades  
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1.8Drew Schreiber9:44.30Franklin
2.Cole Grinde10:11.00Cedar Crest M.S.
3.Max Waters10:17.01Ephrata M.S.
4.8Kody Johnson10:32.02Zillah
5.8Kasey Johnson10:33.21Zillah
6.Gavin Barnes10:38.51Ephrata M.S.
7.8Dustin Hester10:50.00Lewis and Clark
8.8Skyler Ketcham10:52.02 SREast Valley Central
9.8Jose Andrade10:52.67Franklin
10.7Alex Fair11:10.01 SRWest Valley-Yakima
11.7Miquel Vieyra11:11.20Wilson
12.4Josh Steiner11:11.54 SRSelah
13.8Jakob Michael11:12.55 SREast Valley Central
14.7Morgan Sugden11:28.02 SRWest Valley-Yakima
15.7Avery Black11:36.05 SREast Valley Central
16.7Gabriel Pferschy11:37.67 SREast Valley Central
17.7Konner Sauve11:40.95 SREast Valley Central
18.8Ryan Underwood11:43.89 PRWest Valley-Yakima
19.7Zach Justo11:58.77Franklin
20.7Aaron Gonzales11:59.07 PRToppenish
21.7Bradley McNearney12:01.48 SREast Valley Central
22.7Josue Curiel12:04.67 PRZillah
23.7Austin Olmos12:05.93Lewis and Clark
24.8Jeremy Aguirre12:11.75 PRWest Valley-Yakima
25.7Solomon Hernandez12:25.00Wilson
26.7Fransisco Uribe12:25.99 PREast Valley Central
27.7J.D. Jamieson12:34.66 SRWest Valley-Yakima
28.8Zach Tuman12:48.42 SRWest Valley-Yakima
29.7Ramiro Nunez13:08.29 PRSelah
30.Temo Correa13:12.92North Kitsap
31.Wesley Welsh13:24.73Highland
32.7Calvin Smith13:25.65Wilson
33.Brandon Williams13:33.50Highland
34.7Ian Monahan13:37.23Discovery Lab
35.7Matthew Garza13:56.55Franklin
36.-James Boettcher14:54.58 PRSelah
37.Cotton Long15:04.99Highland
38.8Damian Valdez15:45.69Wilson
39.7Chris Thiessen19:01.39Discovery Lab
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Womens Results

1 Mile 3rd-6th Grades (Yakima only)  
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1.6Megan Glenski6:32.76 PRWilson
2.Haley Wammock7:36.79Nob Hill
3.William Berndt7:38.34Stevens Middle School
4.4Kalen Johnson7:39.70 SRZillah
5.6Kayla Rivera7:41.68Lewis and Clark
6.6Mikayla Garza7:48.88Franklin
7.6Giselle Cervantes7:52.23Lewis and Clark
8.6Brenda Luna7:56.79Lewis and Clark
9.6Jarek Kennedy8:08.69Franklin
10.Erica Simison8:09.43Whitney
11.6Jacqueline Luna8:09.61Franklin
12.6Andrea Hohman8:26.32Discovery Lab
13.6Jazlin Perez8:36.91Discovery Lab
14.Caroline McCarthy8:43.19St. Joseph's
15.6Chloe Moore8:54.84Discovery Lab
16.Emma Kloepher9:01.67Nob Hill
17.6Kaitlin Harris9:26.15Franklin
18.6Mercedes Testerman9:31.57Wilson
19.Jordyn Hilton10:05.27Nob Hill
20.Mariah Baniulos11:16.50Nob Hill
21.Olivia Holmes11:33.46Whitney
22.Joy Dumas11:34.11St. Paul's
23.4Emma Averill12:09.46 PRDiscovery Lab
24.Rossana Bravo12:14.03Nob Hill
25.Taylee Shoemake12:14.40Nob Hill
26.McKenna Kappenman12:17.05Nob Hill
27.Promise Williams13:19.04Whitney
28.Alerasia Pedroza13:52.39McClure
29.Dorothy Richardson14:36.33Whitney
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1.5 Mile 7th & 8th Grades  
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1.7Mercedes Chavez11:12.19Lewis and Clark
2.Claire McIntyre11:30.47Highland
3.8Alyssa Pena11:40.26Wilson
4.7Victoria Kvasyuk11:47.98 SRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
5.8Shantel Calbreath11:50.45 PRWest Valley-Yakima
6.8Rachel Kirk11:52.16 SRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
7.8Lily O'Connor11:56.85Discovery Lab
8.7Keana Fine12:07.84Franklin
9.7Brooke Hale12:15.54 PRSelah
10.Diana Notman12:18.30Highland
11.7Megan Bickford12:23.78 PRWest Valley-Yakima
12.7Casie Moe12:29.50 SRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
13.7Karoly Despain12:46.85Discovery Lab
14.8Diana Magana12:50.14Lewis and Clark
15.7Tiffany Bacon12:56.77 PRSelah
16.7Arianna DeHerrera13:06.98 PRSelah
17.Finley Wahto13:11.56Stevens Middle School
18.7Emely Perez13:16.94Wilson
19.7Maddy Bailey13:23.92 PRWest Valley-Yakima
20.7Dayinera Weber13:25.24Lewis and Clark
21.7Heather Sweowat13:37.54Wilson
22.8Briana Rangel13:45.84 SREast Valley Central
23.Breanna Rice13:47.23Highland
24.7Ava Gempler13:47.54Discovery Lab
25.8Ashley Weeks13:47.85 PRSelah
26.8Toni Sandoval13:49.35 PREast Valley Central
27.8Lauren Caprile13:51.89 PRWest Valley-Yakima
28.Kendal Preston13:58.55Highland
29.Austy Reed14:01.13Highland
30.7Lainy Buckley14:05.83Franklin
31.7Ruth Sherman14:09.23Franklin
32.7Adriana Anaya14:14.73Franklin
33.7Melanie Garza14:15.21 PRSelah
34.Eliza Perry14:16.96Highland
35.Taylor Smith14:18.17Highland
36.Devin Smith14:33.12Highland
37.7Sandra Mendoza14:38.66Lewis and Clark
38.8Annika Willette14:50.18Lewis and Clark
39.7Emma Saavedra15:13.92 PRToppenish
40.8Sadie Cardon15:35.07Wilson
41.Charisse Heath15:49.61Yakama Nation Tribal
42.7Emmie Andre16:17.86 PRSelah
43.7Krystal Uribe16:25.50 SREast Valley Central
44.8Stephanie Lockbeam16:27.95 PRSelah
45.Sierra Larson16:30.55Highland
46.8Lexi Hunt17:39.91Discovery Lab
47.7Jessica Luna17:56.31Franklin
48.7Guadalupe Carrelio18:07.77 PRToppenish
49.7Jillian Foutz18:29.39Discovery Lab
50.8Theresa Barney18:34.45 PRToppenish
51.7Ashelyn Pacheco19:56.32 PRToppenish
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