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NAIA Heart of America Athletic Conf. XC Championships 2008 Collegiate

Saturday, November 08, 2008

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Location - TBA, St. Charles, MO
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Mens Races


8,000 Meters Varsity
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.SrIvaylo Ignatov24:44.48Lindenwood
2.JrChris Sandefur24:52.15Lindenwood
3.SoNeil Grundman24:59.50Graceland
4.JrSimion Tooh25:04.39Mid America Nazarene
5.FrNicholas Yegon25:24.08Lindenwood
6.FrJulius Kiptoo25:34.63Lindenwood
7.SoArnold Sirorei25:45.68Baker
8.FrBrian Soule25:49.74Lindenwood
9.JrMaxwell Schuman25:57.56Evangel
10.SoJeb Flynn26:00.67Mid America Nazarene
11.SoMike Hernandez26:02.23Central Methodist
12.JrChris Lanhum26:10.32Culver-Stockton
13.SoJosphat Sawe26:10.58Central Methodist
14.FrWilly Kessio26:14.52Mid America Nazarene
15.FrNicholas Hestand26:19.40Evangel
16.FrEzra Bett26:27.09Baker
17.FrWilliam Everett26:30.29Lindenwood
18.FrAnthony Kiprono26:40.03Central Methodist
19.SrJordan Bennett26:43.00Lindenwood
20.SoChris Scheideman26:44.36Baker
21.SrTyler Handschin26:46.43Central Methodist
22.FrAustin Jacobs26:49.33Evangel
23.SoJordan Mahood26:54.32Benedictine (KS)
24.JrBen Woods27:01.29Lindenwood
25.SrCharles Williams27:05.32Lindenwood
26.SoRyan Irvine27:06.58Lindenwood
27.SoQuincy Googe27:08.89Lindenwood
28.FrLucas Manring27:15.19Central Methodist
29.SoMichael Brubaker27:16.43Benedictine (KS)
30.SoDavid Lindemann27:20.69Lindenwood
31.SrFerreira Thiago27:26.10Missouri Valley
32.FrNoe Hernandez27:32.76Lindenwood
33.FrJeremy Bouet27:34.16Lindenwood
34.FrSamuel Lewis27:44.64Missouri Valley
35.JrBernard Ronoh27:44.89Missouri Valley
36.FrTrey Brokaw28:02.62Culver-Stockton
37.SrNoah Too28:04.20Mid America Nazarene
38.JrMcLaen Severson28:06.00Benedictine (KS)
39.FrMarcus Romes28:07.71Missouri Valley
40.SrJ.T. Horstick28:09.73Mid America Nazarene
41.FrBrian Hageman28:10.55Baker
42.JrGary Foster28:13.85Benedictine (KS)
43.FrJordan Edwards28:20.90Graceland
44.FrMatt Femmer28:25.84Lindenwood
45.SoJesse Funk28:32.44William Jewell
46.SrAJ Jimenez28:37.36Baker
47.SoBen Brummit28:43.87Graceland
48.SoConroy Newman28:47.55Mid America Nazarene
49.SoJustin Hill28:48.88Baker
50.JrYared Tekle28:49.14Benedictine (KS)
51.FrStephen Kimuhu28:54.23Mid America Nazarene
52.JrPeter Muldoon28:55.07Central Methodist
53.SoNick Reasor29:00.64Evangel
54.SoBryan Entwistle29:05.15Benedictine (KS)
55.JrCole Thurman29:08.02Missouri Valley
56.SrDaniel Strandquist29:09.66Evangel
57.FrJeff Heiter29:09.93Culver-Stockton
58.SrPatrick Loya29:13.47Benedictine (KS)
59.SoBrecht Madalijns29:15.57Central Methodist
60.JrJosphat Langat29:18.42Graceland
61.JrIan Talbot29:20.83William Jewell
62.JrWesley Dingman29:42.07Evangel
63.FrKayode Popoola29:42.63Missouri Valley
64.JrCasey Knight29:44.79Missouri Valley
65.FrTaylor Romig29:49.63Graceland
66.JrScott Freeman29:55.77Benedictine (KS)
67.FrDan Martin30:04.96Missouri Valley
68.FrDaniel Simmons30:14.05Central Methodist
69.FrMatt Peterson30:24.96Lindenwood
70.SoDaniel Jacobs30:26.12Central Methodist
71.FrGrant Gastineau30:26.82William Jewell
72.JrBrian Gehrlein30:28.95William Jewell
73.FrAndrew Lowery30:35.13Evangel
74.FrKeith DeMint30:38.33Baker
75.SrCarlos Semidey30:45.22Central Methodist
76.SoJames McNeal30:50.64Graceland
77.SoRyan Thoroman30:55.45Culver-Stockton
78.FrCurtis Bedor31:06.19Central Methodist
79.SrAdam Willis31:13.22Missouri Valley
80.FrDerek Laxton31:17.48Central Methodist
81.FrKyle Eager31:17.87Culver-Stockton
82.SrJoseph Ostrem31:18.27Evangel
83.FrKnial Piper31:36.63Central Methodist
84.SrTyler Folan31:44.27William Jewell
85.JrPatrick Stoops31:55.66Benedictine (KS)
86.FrDaniel Francis31:56.88Missouri Valley
87.SoMike Kelly32:24.76Central Methodist
88.FrMark Ward32:31.87William Jewell
89.FrChris Harrison32:47.14Missouri Valley
90.JrGlenn Dredden32:55.06Missouri Valley
91.FrWray Hussey33:00.79Graceland
92.SoMichael O'Bryan33:06.98William Jewell
93.SoErik Closson33:17.33Graceland
94.SrRyan Parr34:05.62Evangel
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.JrFrancine Nzilampa17:43.57Lindenwood
2.FrIrene Mitei18:28.05Mid America Nazarene
3.FrYasmina Elkasmi18:33.53Lindenwood
4.SrVanessa Weltmer18:40.52Mid America Nazarene
5.JrMichelle Phillips18:56.42Mid America Nazarene
6.SrLizy Boit18:59.10Central Methodist
7.FrKristen Ostrem19:08.09Evangel
8.FrSpencer Tobler19:19.05Lindenwood
9.FrElizabeth Schmitz19:24.66Benedictine (KS)
10.SrLauren Hoffman19:25.94Lindenwood
11.SrLinah Chelegat19:28.19Mid America Nazarene
12.JrElizabeth Zaragoza19:29.18Central Methodist
13.SoTaylor Whitacre19:29.57Missouri Valley
14.JrAmanda Batey19:44.32Graceland
15.FrAnabelle Delarue19:44.82Lindenwood
16.SoMary Loveland19:48.12Baker
17.FrAi Shinohara19:49.92Lindenwood
18.SrAllison Emslie19:58.80Graceland
19.SrHannah Gross19:59.28Benedictine (KS)
20.SoKristi Williams20:03.65Central Methodist
21.FrLindsey Triggs20:05.11Graceland
22.JrJan Bennett20:06.44Lindenwood
23.SrAmber Keith20:10.34Baker
24.JrJenny Figoni20:13.13Benedictine (KS)
25.SoAdrienne Black20:14.90Mid America Nazarene
26.FrKaitlin Neurohr20:15.93Lindenwood
27.SoLisa Scrivener20:28.32Central Methodist
28.SrAngie Laxton20:30.20Central Methodist
29.SoAmanda Zgrablich20:33.54Evangel
30.FrMistie Miller20:36.69Culver-Stockton
31.JrReese Harris20:38.72Benedictine (KS)
32.FrStephane Schmoele20:43.15Lindenwood
33.SoCaitlyn Sandquist20:46.33Lindenwood
34.FrCatherine Tylet20:51.10Baker
35.SrChristy Laxton20:55.44Central Methodist
36.SoClarissa Merz20:56.50Benedictine (KS)
37.FrDeann Quisenberry21:09.26Central Methodist
38.SrKatey Wegemer21:12.84Baker
39.JrSarah Young21:15.78Mid America Nazarene
40.FrMollee Hercules21:17.20Benedictine (KS)
41.FrStephanie Colwell21:23.35Baker
42.JrEmily Jahrling21:25.65Central Methodist
43.FrAlice Ross21:27.40Graceland
44.SrAriel Penner21:27.69Baker
45.FrMaritza Castilleja21:29.39Baker
46.SoAlexis Gutterman21:30.00Lindenwood
47.FrLoren Archibeque21:33.62William Jewell
48.FrVicci Wiggins21:35.60Lindenwood
49.SrShawnee Barron21:36.04Baker
50.SoJessica Jaggie21:39.59Lindenwood
51.FrChristie Schmid21:44.10Lindenwood
52.FrKelsey Nadler21:53.96Lindenwood
53.FrMonica Holmes22:00.73Mid America Nazarene
54.SrSara Rither22:06.19Evangel
55.FrAshley Mackey22:11.68Mid America Nazarene
56.JrBecca Mathews22:13.75Mid America Nazarene
57.SrMegan Harloff22:15.64Evangel
58.SoJessica Ruckman22:17.76Graceland
59.SoKayla Braungardt22:26.15Central Methodist
60.FrChristine Buechler22:27.46Benedictine (KS)
61.JrMallory Brading22:33.10Evangel
62.FrLacey Pickering22:35.90Benedictine (KS)
63.SrPaula Mahlburg22:38.06William Jewell
64.FrBeth Barton22:39.58Culver-Stockton
65.FrCourtney Driskell22:49.87Culver-Stockton
66.SrDanielle Carr22:53.97Missouri Valley
67.FrSiu Jessica Ching22:58.03Lindenwood
68.FrMolly Schmmeidler23:06.73Baker
69.FrTheresa Kovach23:11.83Benedictine (KS)
70.FrLindsay Hall23:24.63William Jewell
71.SrAshley Dent23:24.99William Jewell
72.SoKatie Sooter23:41.46Mid America Nazarene
73.SoCourtney Spann23:42.06Culver-Stockton
74.SrLinze Leimkuhler23:47.34Missouri Valley
75.SoStacy Reichel23:49.07William Jewell
76.FrMaggie Buchmiller23:53.46Benedictine (KS)
77.FrDanielle Gray24:05.08Lindenwood
78.JrAlecia Valencia24:12.58William Jewell
79.FrKatrina Ploszay24:16.94Graceland
80.SrCatherine Pacheco24:22.98Benedictine (KS)
81.SrApril Stottlemyre24:44.27Missouri Valley
82.SrMichaela Taylor24:50.82William Jewell
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