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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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GR West Catholic

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1.12Mike Gravelyn16:06.68GR West Catholic
2.11Antonio Schafer16:19.52GR West Catholic
3.11Jimmy McKeiver16:55.53Grand Rapids Catholi...
4.12Will Van Den Heuvel16:56.95Grand Rapids Christian
5.12Lukas VanderLinden16:58.67Grand Rapids Christian
6.12Luke DeJong17:00.99Grand Rapids Christian
7.12Matt Woronko17:07.49GR West Catholic
8.12Ian Quam17:08.09GR West Catholic
9.12Luis Fabian17:09.03Grand Rapids Central
10.11Kevin Peterson17:10.54Grand Rapids Christian
11.12Joe Sullivan17:13.54GR West Catholic
12.11Eric Doornbos17:16.02Grand Rapids Christian
13.12David VanDyken17:24.53Grand Rapids Christian
14.12Mike Kersjes17:25.97Grand Rapids Union
15.11Gabe Gunnink17:31.32Grand Rapids Christian
16.10Geoffrey Albaugh17:33.72Grand Rapids Catholi...
17.12Colin Valliere17:35.46GR West Catholic
18.11Kevin Royce17:47.20GR West Catholic
19.12Tarrick Mussa18:07.13Grand Rapids Creston
20.12Nic Enzweiler18:10.28Grand Rapids Union
21.11Raymond Jackson18:17.50Grand Rapids Ottawa ...
22.11John VanHammen18:22.85Grand Rapids Catholi...
23.9Michael Prins18:30.06Grand Rapids Catholi...
24.12Kevin Brainard18:45.85Grand Rapids Catholi...
25.11Nicholas Bongiorno18:51.32Grand Rapids Catholi...
26.10Matt Hight18:58.72Grand Rapids Creston
27.9Raschid Alfassa19:08.76Grand Rapids Union
28.11Brandon Quillan19:12.37Grand Rapids Creston
29.10Patrick Kneibel19:22.62Grand Rapids Catholi...
30.9Kane Ponder19:39.48Grand Rapids Union
31.10Josh Burrows19:44.68Grand Rapids Union
32.9Ben Winegar20:07.44Grand Rapids Central
33.12James Shamel20:16.77Grand Rapids Creston
34.11Jake Witte20:39.61Grand Rapids Union
35.9Niko Mitchell-Garcia20:52.89Grand Rapids Creston
36.9Chris Schipper20:56.29Grand Rapids Creston
37.-PeWee Maxwell21:56.75Grand Rapids Union
38.12Kevin Bertschiuger22:11.98Grand Rapids Creston
39.12Victor Vuong22:27.20Grand Rapids Ottawa ...
40.10Norvon Cottingham22:48.97Grand Rapids Ottawa ...
41.-Edgar Flores25:21.37Grand Rapids Ottawa ...
42.9Jahan Wardlow29:18.75Grand Rapids Ottawa ...
43.11Jovauni Maybin31:22.43Grand Rapids Ottawa ...
44.9DeMonte McConer31:41.78Grand Rapids Ottawa ...
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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GR West Catholic

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1.9Zeke Timmer17:40.15GR West Catholic
2.9Jon Faber17:48.15Grand Rapids Christian
3.11Kai Koopman17:58.35Grand Rapids Christian
4.11Zack Koop18:09.75Grand Rapids Christian
5.11Ian Rheault18:10.61GR West Catholic
6.9Grant Ludema18:14.64Grand Rapids Christian
7.9Caleb Teachout18:22.51GR West Catholic
8.11Brendon Miller18:22.85GR West Catholic
9.11Norm Pelak18:29.60Grand Rapids Catholi...
10.11Quinton Williamson18:32.20Grand Rapids Christian
11.12Jacob Schuurman18:34.69Grand Rapids Christian
12.11Jacob Thomas-Gullick18:38.33Grand Rapids Catholi...
13.9Joe Pieri18:42.76GR West Catholic
14.11Brian Nawrocki18:43.64GR West Catholic
15.12Timo Kohler18:45.08Grand Rapids Christian
16.9Jacob Kuyvenhoven18:46.21Grand Rapids Christian
17.12Paul Belsito18:47.45Grand Rapids Catholi...
18.9Evan Longeran18:48.41Grand Rapids Catholi...
19.11Steven Sterkenburg18:58.27GR West Catholic
20.12Dominic Bergquiest19:03.92GR West Catholic
21.10Chris VanDyken19:05.74Grand Rapids Christian
22.12Daniel Tiesman19:07.54Grand Rapids Christian
23.11Casey Hannink19:08.58Grand Rapids Christian
24.10Gabe Hoekstra19:11.66Grand Rapids Christian
25.9Aaron Schwallier19:12.62Grand Rapids Catholi...
26.10Yakem Kurban19:13.76Grand Rapids Catholi...
27.12Jason Fischer19:17.44Grand Rapids Catholi...
28.12Peter Vereecke19:20.33GR West Catholic
29.9Mike Harmon19:21.10GR West Catholic
30.11Erik Schmidt19:23.60GR West Catholic
31.12James Sinke19:24.37Grand Rapids Christian
32.11Zach Vollink19:25.02Grand Rapids Christian
33.10Tom Kennedy19:27.60Grand Rapids Catholi...
34.10Matthew VanWyk19:28.41Grand Rapids Christian
35.9Brendan Penny19:29.16Grand Rapids Catholi...
36.11Reed Bramble19:32.01Grand Rapids Catholi...
37.10Greg Dabkowski19:39.90Grand Rapids Catholi...
38.12Rob Abid19:40.50GR West Catholic
39.9Phillip Recker19:41.44Grand Rapids Christian
40.10John Muyskens19:43.23Grand Rapids Christian
41.10Ronald Kaminski19:45.39Grand Rapids Catholi...
42.10Kevin Danhof19:49.48Grand Rapids Catholi...
43.12Patrick Heckman19:51.12Grand Rapids Christian
44.9Christopher Delk19:52.33Grand Rapids Catholi...
45.9Brad Perschbacher19:52.78Grand Rapids Catholi...
46.10Nick Tilma19:53.42Grand Rapids Christian
47.10Michael Robach19:58.35Grand Rapids Catholi...
48.11Daniel McElheny20:00.04Grand Rapids Christian
49.9Bob Eggleston20:00.41Grand Rapids Catholi...
50.9Brett Henderson20:01.44Grand Rapids Christian
51.10Kevin Berry20:02.33Grand Rapids Catholi...
52.9Andrew Jo20:03.41Grand Rapids Christian
53.12Mike Savage20:04.80Grand Rapids Catholi...
54.9Jonathan Radlinski20:05.48Grand Rapids Catholi...
55.9Nate Buteyn20:06.43Grand Rapids Christian
56.9Andy Szumski20:07.93GR West Catholic
57.10Jonathan Sremba20:18.92Grand Rapids Catholi...
58.11Josh VandeGutche20:19.49Grand Rapids Christian
59.9Seth Koetje20:25.95Grand Rapids Christian
60.11Thomas Versluis20:29.93Grand Rapids Christian
61.9Kenny Hager20:38.26GR West Catholic
62.10Colin Schuurman20:38.59Grand Rapids Christian
63.10John Kinney20:39.31GR West Catholic
64.10Nick Putz20:43.19GR West Catholic
65.9Ken Nawracki20:47.83GR West Catholic
66.11Ben Brewer20:55.41Grand Rapids Christian
67.9Alex Kernosky21:01.08Grand Rapids Catholi...
68.9Jon Blankemier21:08.76GR West Catholic
69.12Griffin Bonnema21:12.55Grand Rapids Catholi...
70.10Tyler Treman21:17.82Grand Rapids Christian
71.10Jake Roorda21:18.65Grand Rapids Christian
72.10Jeremiah Sluggett21:19.81Grand Rapids Catholi...
73.9Ranu Sinniah21:22.36Grand Rapids Christian
74.9Keegan McCorry21:27.21Grand Rapids Catholi...
75.11Brandon Raterink21:35.14Grand Rapids Christian
76.9William VanderPols21:35.49Grand Rapids Christian
77.12Glenn Bulthuis21:37.52Grand Rapids Christian
78.11Ethan Bascom21:50.69Grand Rapids Christian
79.11Kyle Peterson21:52.94Grand Rapids Christian
80.9Gabriel Barton21:59.80Grand Rapids Catholi...
81.9Jake Lastfogel22:06.15Grand Rapids Catholi...
82.9Jack Rauch22:23.15Grand Rapids Catholi...
83.10Clark Mahlebashian22:25.00Grand Rapids Catholi...
84.10Nick McKeiver22:29.77Grand Rapids Catholi...
85.11John Veneklasen22:31.06Grand Rapids Christian
86.9Alex Merlotti22:37.87Grand Rapids Catholi...
87.10Corey Donders22:48.66Grand Rapids Catholi...
88.10Matt Block22:49.40Grand Rapids Christian
89.11Ross Damon23:11.36Grand Rapids Christian
90.10Alex Popma23:13.79Grand Rapids Catholi...
91.9Evan Clark24:08.48Grand Rapids Christian
92.9Logan Bonnema24:09.21Grand Rapids Catholi...
93.11Ethan Tanis24:11.73GR West Catholic
94.9Joel DeJong26:56.84Grand Rapids Christian
95.11Kyle Draving27:36.34Grand Rapids Christian
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
Upgrade Meet Host
GR West Catholic

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1.9Kimby Penning20:10.97Grand Rapids Christian
2.10Sarah Fox20:15.74Grand Rapids Christian
3.9Erika Overbeck20:55.79Grand Rapids Christian
4.10Jessica DeWeerd21:10.13Grand Rapids Christian
5.9Autumn Oostindie21:13.09Grand Rapids Christian
6.12Sarah Feenstra21:17.35Grand Rapids Christian
7.10Angelle Kettlewell21:21.87Grand Rapids Christian
8.9Dana Veen21:27.91Grand Rapids Christian
9.11Tara Broersma21:33.73Grand Rapids Christian
10.10Rachel Eygenraam22:01.33Grand Rapids Christian
11.10Katie Sochacki22:03.01GR West Catholic
12.11Katelynn Werra22:08.36GR West Catholic
13.10Nicole Teitsma22:08.66Grand Rapids Christian
14.10Casie Parks22:09.87Grand Rapids Christian
15.9Lauren Johansen22:12.56Grand Rapids Christian
16.10Ellyn Hoeksema22:12.98Grand Rapids Christian
17.12Annie Mulder22:14.89Grand Rapids Christian
18.12Olivia Holwerda22:17.73Grand Rapids Christian
19.9Stephanie Shreve22:31.44Grand Rapids Christian
20.12Liz Kladder22:33.66Grand Rapids Christian
21.10Maddy Vanderveen22:44.64Grand Rapids Catholi...
22.11Brooke Henderson22:48.03Grand Rapids Christian
23.12Megan VanderKamp22:53.38Grand Rapids Christian
24.11Alison Schuitema22:57.25Grand Rapids Christian
25.11April Theriault23:08.65Grand Rapids Catholi...
26.10Zoe Vanheest23:13.48Grand Rapids Catholi...
27.9Erin O'Neil23:14.69Grand Rapids Catholi...
28.12Emma Meindertsma23:17.99Grand Rapids Christian
29.9Brenda Jansen23:22.18Grand Rapids Christian
30.-Sidney Yondo23:25.46Grand Rapids Catholi...
31.10Jill Pindar23:26.35GR West Catholic
32.10Makenzie Deering23:28.89GR West Catholic
33.9Paulina Heule23:31.22Grand Rapids Christian
34.12Marielle Heule23:31.53Grand Rapids Christian
35.9Tiffany Boorsma23:39.95GR West Catholic
36.10Samantha Steffens23:42.67GR West Catholic
37.11Anna Cisler23:42.98Grand Rapids Catholi...
38.10Sarah Thimmesch23:52.11GR West Catholic
39.12Chelsea Meyers24:07.56GR West Catholic
40.12Bridget Rizik24:13.84Grand Rapids Catholi...
41.12Laura Perschbacher24:17.39Grand Rapids Catholi...
42.10Anna Leikert24:21.21GR West Catholic
43.10Katie VanZanen24:21.78Grand Rapids Christian
44.11Melissa Harmon24:22.28GR West Catholic
45.9Margaret Kromminga24:22.68Grand Rapids Christian
46.10Libby Huizenga24:23.54Grand Rapids Christian
47.11Kaelen Connolly24:28.66GR West Catholic
48.10Sharon Downer24:29.66Grand Rapids Catholi...
49.10Katie Russo24:32.73GR West Catholic
50.10MacKenzie Brady24:34.40Grand Rapids Catholi...
51.10Grace Feenstra24:36.28Grand Rapids Christian
52.9Kaitlyn Hoffman24:40.23Grand Rapids Catholi...
53.11Hannah Tasker24:46.58Grand Rapids Christian
54.9Betsy Bildner24:57.50GR West Catholic
55.9Kassey Maldag25:03.43Grand Rapids Catholi...
56.-Ashley Jousma25:07.70Grand Rapids Catholi...
57.11Ana Meekhof25:17.03Grand Rapids Christian
58.9Grace VanScoyk25:17.78Grand Rapids Christian
59.9Kaitlyn Beukema25:23.53Grand Rapids Christian
60.10Haley Callaway25:25.80Grand Rapids Catholi...
61.12Margaret Kennedy25:28.75Grand Rapids Catholi...
62.9Josephine Tucker25:46.82Grand Rapids Christian
63.9Shaina Wood25:57.27GR West Catholic
64.9Caroline Schuitema26:00.56Grand Rapids Christian
65.12Kylie Rottman26:11.04Grand Rapids Christian
66.12Angela DeGraaf26:48.00Grand Rapids Catholi...
67.12Abbey Pupel26:50.37GR West Catholic
68.12Molly Feldman27:32.92GR West Catholic
69.10Stephanie Preston27:38.29GR West Catholic
70.11Rachel McGuinness28:13.78GR West Catholic
71.9Delaney Callahan28:41.71Grand Rapids Christian
72.-Rachel-Marie Baldwin29:08.93Grand Rapids Catholi...
73.-Elizabeth Mauren29:09.22Grand Rapids Catholi...
74.12Shannon Moran29:20.04Grand Rapids Catholi...
75.10Jessica Klapko29:24.39Grand Rapids Catholi...
76.12Jocelyn Heledrop31:02.53Grand Rapids Central
77.12Araceli Zuniga31:51.05Grand Rapids Central
78.10Amanda Dekker32:35.95Grand Rapids Christian
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
Upgrade Meet Host
GR West Catholic

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1.11Alyssa Penning18:42.13Grand Rapids Christian
2.12Jennifer Anderson19:36.62Grand Rapids Christian
3.9Liza Gunnink20:09.56Grand Rapids Christian
4.10Taryn Borst20:32.93Grand Rapids Christian
5.10Lauren Anderson20:35.79Grand Rapids Christian
6.11Leah Warners20:39.90Grand Rapids Christian
7.10Olivia Quam20:49.16GR West Catholic
8.9Emily Long20:55.60Grand Rapids Christian
9.11Olivia Sydow21:02.75GR West Catholic
10.10Kelsey Carpenter21:08.54GR West Catholic
11.11Natalie Hutchison21:14.48Grand Rapids Catholi...
12.12Jen Gast21:42.57Grand Rapids Catholi...
13.9Nina Cahill21:47.32Grand Rapids Central
14.9Lindsay Klomparens21:51.72Grand Rapids Central
15.10Megan Debri21:58.78GR West Catholic
16.11Annabelle Schuelke22:05.20Grand Rapids Central
17.11Amy Russo22:06.72GR West Catholic
18.9Rachel Fischer22:10.01Grand Rapids Catholi...
19.9Erika Buczkowski22:11.32GR West Catholic
20.10Betsy Grant22:12.51Grand Rapids Catholi...
21.12Katie Bildner22:18.33GR West Catholic
22.10Kelly Ball22:19.37Grand Rapids Catholi...
23.11Hannah Sluggett22:24.26Grand Rapids Catholi...
24.12Dani Dawson22:34.33Grand Rapids Union
25.9Maddy Mileski22:55.00Grand Rapids Catholi...
26.12Maggie Brownell23:08.27Grand Rapids Union
27.12Kate Dykhuis23:20.81Grand Rapids Creston
28.10Elyssa Snow23:38.09Grand Rapids Union
29.-Adrianna Lara23:39.61Grand Rapids Central
30.12Madelaine McCann24:36.70Grand Rapids Central
31.12Emily Urban24:38.39Grand Rapids Central
32.-Elena Roberson25:21.86Grand Rapids Central
33.10Chelsea Trzybinski27:40.03Grand Rapids Union
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