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Tom Barry Invitational 2006 Collegiate

Saturday, September 02, 2006

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Location - Colburn Park, Green Bay, WI - Map
Mens Races

Colburn Park

4 Miles Varsity
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity
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1.	St Norbert College	    35
2.	Ripon College	            59
3.	College of St Scholastica   72
4.	Lawrence University	   131
5.	St Norbert Alumni	   149
6.	Wisconsin Lutheran College 155
7.	Lake Forest College	   170
8.	Carroll College	           198
9.	Marantha Baptist Colleg    258
10.	Edgewood College	   275
11.	Greater Milwaukee Track Club	--

1.	St Norbert Alumni	  75
2.	College of St Scholastica 86
3.	Ripon College	          94
4.	St Norbert College	 101
5.	Carroll College	         113
6.	Lake Forest College	 116
7.	Lawrence University	 162
8.	Wisconsin Lutheran Coll  173
9.	Edgewood College	 210
10.	Maranatha Baptist Colle  315
11.	Alverno College	         334
12.	Greater Milwaukee Track Club	--


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Mens Results

4 Miles Varsity  
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St Norbert

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1.JrJeff Pentek20:50St Norbert
2.SoBryan Schneider21:03Ripon
3.-Dan Conley21:26St Scholastica
4.SoZach Shiels21:30Wisconsin Lutheran
5.FrMackenzie Laska21:35St Norbert
6.FrAaron Roden21:39St Norbert
7.JrJim Hein21:40Ripon
8.FrJon O'Brien21:41St Norbert
9.SrPhillip Keith21:43Lawrence
10.SoJason Kask21:45St Scholastica
11.JrChris Rubesch21:48St Scholastica
12.JrHarrison Smith21:59Ripon
13.-Chris Mertens22:05St Norbert
14.-Mike Jacques22:07St Norbert
15.SrJosh Penkwitz22:11St Norbert
16.SrAaron Kammer22:22Ripon
17.JrRussell Geisthardt22:36Lawrence
18.SrDavid Echelbarger22:45St Norbert
19.SrZachary Andreski22:47Carroll (WI)
20.FrJohn Barrett22:49St Norbert
21.SrJoe Stromsness22:55St Scholastica
22.FrEric Riedel22:56St Norbert
23.FrAndrew Peck22:59Ripon
24.FrMike Dunahoo23:00St Norbert
25.JrTim Lyons23:06Carroll (WI)
26.SoCurt Miller23:19Lake Forest
27.FrTyler Schroeder23:21Wisconsin Lutheran
28.SoNeal Miller23:25Wisconsin Lutheran
29.SoKyle Smith23:25St Scholastica
30.FrJohn Bradshaw23:26St Scholastica
31.SrMike Treder23:27Ripon
32.FrKyle Pollard23:28St Norbert
33.SrNathan Miyasaki23:32Ripon
34.FrJohn Thies23:35Lake Forest
35.JrTyler Kjorstad23:37St Scholastica
36.SrDavid Quinlan23:47Lawrence
38.SoLevi Paul23:50Lake Forest
40.FrBrian Fatla24:06Ripon
41.-Steve Pehowski24:09St Norbert
42.FrAustin Gabrielse24:13St Norbert
43.SrMitchell Goodman24:14Lawrence
44.SoJosh Marks24:19St Norbert
45.SoAndrew Hutchinson24:24Lake Forest
47.-Bill Stenz24:27St Norbert
48.SrPatrick Breese24:31Lawrence
49.JrEvan Jacobson24:32Lawrence
50.SrReid Smith24:36St Scholastica
51.SrMarshall Rinek24:37Lawrence
52.FrBenji Wetli24:38St Norbert
53.SrDan Seglem24:38St Scholastica
54.FrMatt Skoflanc24:46Ripon
55.SrDave Seglem24:48St Scholastica
56.SoAsa Reynolds24:52Lake Forest
57.SoJacob Sircy24:56St Norbert
39.FrMark Spitel25:05Lawrence
58.FrPaul Kannenberg25:07St Norbert
59.FrJacob Jaehnke25:09Wisconsin Lutheran
60.FrJason Sargent25:09St Scholastica
61.FrPaul Williams25:17Ripon
62.FrAndy Schultz25:19St Scholastica
63.SoJames Zender25:22Lake Forest
46.SoKevin Priyatel25:26Carroll (WI)
64.-Kovas Norvilas25:26St Norbert
65.FrDan Oryall25:26Edgewood
37.SoEric DeSalvo25:36St Norbert
80.-Adam Smit25:36St Norbert
66.JrAdam Woods25:49Ripon
67.FrPeter Struska25:53Maranatha Baptist Un...
68.JrKevin Sullivan26:06Edgewood
69.FrDaniel Hoogendoorn26:13Maranatha Baptist Un...
70.SrJoshua Steinbart26:19Maranatha Baptist Un...
71.SrNeil Gasparka26:24St Norbert
72.SoPeter Azmani26:48Ripon
73.-Patrick Barry26:49St Norbert
74.-Chuck Alkire26:56St Norbert
75.-Mike Heikkinen27:14St Scholastica
76.-Charles Guzman27:15Maranatha Baptist Un...
77.SoZachary Keilholz27:23Lawrence
78.-Mike Lambert27:25St Norbert
79.SoZachary Patrick-Ri...27:27Lawrence
81.SoBen Brown27:53Maranatha Baptist Un...
82.-Wayne Patterson27:58St Norbert
83.SoJoe Schauwitzer28:03Wisconsin Lutheran
84.SrMatt Hildebrandt28:11Ripon
85.FrJustin Koepsell28:45Carroll (WI)
86.SrMatt Miller29:38Edgewood
87.-Eric Toney29:49St Norbert
88.-Kevin Meserve30:23Ripon
89.-Joe Hurley30:39St Norbert
90.SoReuben Sanyika31:40Lake Forest
91.-Steve Grunwald32:44St Norbert
92.SoIan McPherson33:41Lawrence
93.SoChris Bembynista36:02Lake Forest
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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St Norbert

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1.JrErin Kelley18:59Carroll (WI)
2.JrBrittany Dick19:23Ripon
3.SrKatie Snowden19:49Lake Forest
4.SrCarlie Wagner19:52Edgewood
5.-Trisha Feldhausen19:53St Norbert
6.JrKatie Jenewein20:11St Norbert
7.SrTrina Bower20:35St Norbert
8.-Erin Feldhausen20:38St Norbert
9.SoDiane Stajszczak20:45Lake Forest
10.SoErin Reicks20:49St Scholastica
11.-Jessica Weickert20:49St Scholastica
12.-Brianna Hughes20:55St Norbert
13.FrJessica Davey20:56Ripon
14.JrClare Shinners20:58Lawrence
15.JrJenna Kick20:59St Norbert
16.-Stacy Kantola21:00St Scholastica
17.JrJoy Manweiler21:04Lawrence
18.JrBrittany Peterson21:06St Scholastica
19.SrLeann Kimmons21:07Lake Forest
20.FrLauren Rein21:10Carroll (WI)
21.-Julie Treder21:11St Norbert
22.JrEmily Sipe21:13Wisconsin Lutheran
23.JrAlice Shepro21:17Lawrence
24.JrRebecca Duley21:34Ripon
25.FrSarah Leeman21:34Ripon
26.JrBeth Windschitl21:41Wisconsin Lutheran
27.SoKate Sullivan21:46Carroll (WI)
28.FrHanna Piepenbrink21:49Carroll (WI)
29.-Angela Haase Grows21:50St Norbert
30.FrWhitney Levash21:58Ripon
31.JrMegan Salo21:59St Scholastica
32.FrKim Keil22:03St Norbert
33.FrChristy Heintz22:07Edgewood
34.SoErin Beggs22:10Ripon
35.JrBridget Smith22:16St Scholastica
36.FrBethany Bitter22:17Wisconsin Lutheran
37.FrMichelle Weber22:19Carroll (WI)
38.-Teresa Van Horn22:20St Norbert
39.FrTara Connolly22:30St Scholastica
40.JrBetsy Borstad22:32Maranatha Baptist Un...
41.JrPamela Ripp22:34St Norbert
42.SrLiz Martinez22:43Lake Forest
43.JrSamantha Yozze22:44Lake Forest
44.SoValerie Voights22:48Wisconsin Lutheran
45.JrMaggie Kading22:49St Scholastica
46.SrAllison Zappa22:54Wisconsin Lutheran
47.SrCaroline Corlett23:02Wisconsin Lutheran
48.FrAngie Hein23:04Ripon
49.FrBrianne Anshus23:08St Scholastica
50.SoRuth Brown23:10Wisconsin Lutheran
51.-Julie Deyo23:11St Norbert
52.-Mindy Accola Schro...23:12St Norbert
53.SoKatie Harmeyer23:13Carroll (WI)
54.FrSarah Bruemmer23:18Lawrence
55.SoLacey Johnstone23:22St Scholastica
56.FrJenna VanGorp23:28St Scholastica
57.FrEllie Stasney23:33St Scholastica
58.JrMichelle Weimart23:35Edgewood
59.FrMartina Kolb23:37Lake Forest
60.FrAnn Pederson23:40St Norbert
61.FrAlicia Brinkman23:42St Norbert
62.FrErin O'Neill23:58Carroll (WI)
63.FrTammy Schunck24:02Wisconsin Lutheran
64.JrSara Kussmann24:03Ripon
65.SoChristine Gebler24:04Lawrence
66.SoMichelle Oberg24:05St Scholastica
67.SrNikoma Baccus24:07Lawrence
68.FrMegan Holmes24:16St Scholastica
69.SoTalia Greenslade24:17St Scholastica
70.-Beth Lannon Shaw24:19St Norbert
71.FrNicole Henke24:28Carroll (WI)
72.SoCatherine Stafford24:38St Scholastica
73.SoSarah Marrinan24:39Lake Forest
74.SoMeg Hyland24:40Wisconsin Lutheran
75.SrMelissa Braner24:44Carroll (WI)
76.-Abbey Pipkorn24:47Lake Forest
77.SrMorgan Pach24:55Edgewood
78.FrSue Benishek25:01Edgewood
79.SrLiz Weigel25:06St Norbert
80.FrEmily Zender25:07Lake Forest
81.-Katie Savage25:08St Norbert
82.SrAshley Brant25:24Lake Forest
83.FrStephanie Thibodeau25:34Alverno
84.JrJakie Hogan25:41Lake Forest
85.SoAshley Hill25:44Edgewood
86.SoMariel Heinle25:45Alverno
87.-Sarah Curry25:47Lawrence
88.FrLori Biastock25:52Maranatha Baptist Un...
89.SrAmber Pelesky25:54Maranatha Baptist Un...
90.SoErin Watson25:55Lawrence
91.JrDana Gammelgaard26:06St Scholastica
92.SrMadeline Kissane26:14Carroll (WI)
93.JrJenna Schwalbach26:20Alverno
94.JrAngela Tisch26:27St Norbert
95.FrAlly Weninger26:44Lake Forest
96.FrGwendolyn Casey26:53Ripon
97.FrJessica Baker26:54Carroll (WI)
98.JrTheresa Anderson26:59St Scholastica
99.-Emily Barthels27:03Wisconsin Lutheran
100.JrMelissa Coutley27:06Alverno
101.SoJulie DeBoer27:16Lawrence
102.FrJessie Abshire28:03Maranatha Baptist Un...
103.FrJess Reynolds28:04St Scholastica
104.JrAndrea Bledsoe28:07Carroll (WI)
105.FrAnastasia Hampel28:07Alverno
106.FrElizabeth Gross28:11Maranatha Baptist Un...
107.FrJasmine Sandley28:19Edgewood
108.SoShannon Crayton28:39Maranatha Baptist Un...
109.FrJoy Caucutt28:44Maranatha Baptist Un...
110.FrVictoria Billerbeck28:47Alverno
111.SoNicole Nodi29:50Lake Forest
112.SrKelsey Grubbs31:00Lawrence
113.SoLisa Freiheit31:08Maranatha Baptist Un...
114.JrJillian Flood31:41Alverno
115.SrElizabeth Bird32:23Lawrence
116.FrKristen Eggert35:58Alverno
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