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IHSAA Franklin Central Semistate HS

Saturday, October 24, 2009

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Location - Northview Christian Life Church, Carmel, IN
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Mens Races

Northview Christian Life Church

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Time Trial
Womens Races

Northview Christian Life Church

5,000 Meters Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.10Futsum Zeinasellas...15:16.5North Central (India...
2.12Scott Vicenzi15:37.1Brownsburg
3.10Tate Schienbein15:41.7Union County
4.10Jason Crist15:41.8Franklin Central
5.11Chris Walden15:45.8Carmel
6.10Andrew Diehn15:46.9Columbus North
7.11Connor Martin15:48.8Westfield
8.10Christopher Kelsey15:55.1Columbus North
9.12Johnson Traishaun15:59.3Ben Davis
10.12Tom Ohlman16:00.8Carmel
11.12William O'Herren16:02.6Indianapolis Cathedral
12.12Joe Ebling16:03.3Hamilton Southeastern
13.11Gabe Ocasio16:04.6Columbus North
14.12Evan Scruton16:06.4Columbus North
15.10Kent Garrett16:08.7Guerin Catholic
16.12Corbin Brooks16:11.3Columbus North
17.11Ryan Ferguson16:16.2Noblesville
18.11Filimon Adhanom16:19.9North Central (India...
19.12Connor Geshay16:21.0North Central (India...
20.12Anthony Rice16:21.4Greenwood Community
21.10Sam Roudebush16:22.3Noblesville
22.12Tucker Settle16:24.0Columbus East
23.10Samuel Berger16:24.5Zionsville
24.12Austin Vanbastelaer16:27.5Centerville
25.11Andrew Beiriger16:29.1Columbus North
26.11Jason Hoard16:30.5Brebeuf Jesuit Prep
27.10Graham Bixler16:30.9Zionsville
28.12Cody Marowski16:31.4Noblesville
29.11Christian Bowers16:36.2Noblesville
30.12Zan Siddiqi16:36.6Zionsville
31.9Cody Stone16:36.6Warren Central
32.10Matt Shaw16:38.7Franklin Central
33.10Sawyer Hitchcock16:39.6Hamilton Southeastern
34.12Griffin Brunk16:39.6Carmel
35.9Troy Reeder16:40.9Hamilton Southeastern
36.11Collin Ginebaugh16:43.2Noblesville
37.11Jett Brian16:44.5Pike
38.12David Snyder16:45.0Zionsville
39.12Ryan Atkison16:45.1Franklin Community
40.12Amanuel Medhane16:45.9Ben Davis
41.10Sean O'Brien16:46.1Warren Central
42.11Jacob Martin16:50.2Center Grove
43.12Eakle Steven16:51.8Perry Meridian
44.12Andrew Michaud16:52.8Scecina Memorial
45.10Kyle Knight16:53.4Hamilton Southeastern
46.11Joshua Roche16:54.0Lawrence North
47.11Austin Mudd16:54.7Center Grove
48.12Dalton Boyer16:56.2Plainfield
49.12Nathanial Catt16:59.8Center Grove
50.10Brahm Luke16:59.8Ben Davis
51.10Eric Kinn17:04.8Carmel
52.10Joey Phillips17:06.5Center Grove
53.11Russ Goodwin17:06.7Noblesville
54.12Blake Coleman17:07.1Batesville
55.12Charlie Delap17:08.6Columbus East
56.11Jared Burris17:09.3North Central (India...
57.12Mike Hudecek17:10.2Columbus North
58.10Hayden Merkel17:10.9Batesville
59.12Dan Porter17:10.9Carmel
60.9Andrice Martin17:12.0Franklin Central
61.12Jacob Fisher17:13.1Speedway
62.10Jack Andritch17:14.3Hamilton Southeastern
63.11Ian Boggs17:14.6Zionsville
64.12Schaeffer Andrew17:15.1Pike
65.10Matthew Fox17:15.5North Central (India...
66.12James Willman17:16.4Noblesville
67.12Thomas Spoonmore17:16.5Zionsville
68.9Andres Webb17:17.7Franklin Central
69.12Nelson Lance17:18.4Southport
70.10Curtis Hieger17:18.4Northeastern
71.9Corey Turner17:20.7North Central (India...
72.10Nick Dhadwal17:21.5Franklin Central
73.11Zach Rutherford17:21.9Carmel
74.11Dustin Smith17:21.9Warren Central
75.11Tyler Conway17:23.4Warren Central
76.12Christopher Corsaro17:23.8Decatur Central
77.10Austin Morefield17:24.6Franklin Community
78.11William Wert17:25.5Warren Central
79.11Will Wartenberg17:26.8Hamilton Southeastern
80.11Terlep Matt17:26.9Perry Meridian
81.11Ryan Meyer17:26.9Center Grove
82.11Ben McMillan17:28.6Warren Central
83.12Steven Gomez17:28.7Carmel
84.9Brandon Smith17:28.7Warren Central
85.10Aaron Nanavaty17:28.8Franklin Central
86.12Patrick Paterson17:28.9Plainfield
87.12Michael Whyde17:29.4Franklin Central
88.12Alex Graham17:30.2Franklin Community
89.12Terry Hines17:30.4Center Grove
90.12Patel Nilay17:31.0Pike
91.11Brooks Dominique17:31.5Ben Davis
92.12Samuel Lewis17:32.7New Castle
93.12Alberto Esteban17:32.8Ben Davis
94.11Wilkey Andrew17:32.9Pike
95.12Brandon Brooks17:33.7New Castle
96.11Jordan Brouillard17:34.7Plainfield
97.10David Owens17:37.0Plainfield
98.12Thomas Lucas17:37.2Ben Davis
99.10Swem Daniel17:37.9Perry Meridian
100.12Drew Hall17:38.9Brownsburg
101.12Taylor Ryan17:40.0Ben Davis
102.12James Morris17:40.8Franklin Community
103.10Daniel Purdy17:42.7Brownsburg
104.11Joshua Hill17:45.0New Castle
105.12Andrew Schwartz17:47.0Franklin Community
106.11Collin Koury17:48.5Batesville
107.11Max Kohen17:50.2Columbus East
108.12Julian Toumey17:51.2North Central (India...
109.11Lambert/cheatham N...17:51.5Pike
110.12Alex Schoettle17:52.8Roncalli
111.12Spencer Liechty17:52.9Zionsville
112.10Benjamin Hendricks17:54.4Brownsburg
113.12Jon Wiseman17:56.1Plainfield
114.10Michael Burkert17:57.2Hamilton Southeastern
115.11Zieles Mark17:58.3Perry Meridian
116.11Chris Giesting18:01.2Batesville
117.12Michael Banning18:02.3Plainfield
118.12Tony Sturm18:03.9Crawfordsville
119.12Nathan Luebbehusen18:06.2Roncalli
120.11Jones Logan18:06.6Pike
121.10Simon Gamboa18:07.1Franklin Community
122.12Aaron Hanson18:07.7Columbus East
123.9Austin Purdue18:08.7Columbus East
124.11Salcedo Luis18:09.5Pike
125.11Daniel Brown18:10.0Columbus East
126.11Kurt Darling18:12.6Brownsburg
127.12Andrew Wilhelm18:12.9Plainfield
128.11Clark Brian18:16.0Perry Meridian
129.10Parker Settle18:17.8Center Grove
130.11Seth Harmon18:21.1Roncalli
131.11Steve Humes18:25.6Roncalli
132.10Rohl Casey18:25.8Perry Meridian
133.11Jon Ault18:29.4Batesville
134.12Jonathan Krekeler18:29.6Batesville
135.9Trevor Smith18:34.0Batesville
136.12Pertersen Joel18:35.9Perry Meridian
137.11Dylan Newman18:36.9Northeastern
138.12Zachary Cassels18:37.8Brownsburg
139.10Nick Ader18:40.2Roncalli
140.12Devin Roach18:52.3Roncalli
141.9Alek Minkis18:53.2Brownsburg
142.9Tanner Dye18:56.1New Castle
143.11Jacob McElroy18:59.4Roncalli
144.10Eric Hanson19:00.2New Castle
145.12Patrick Smith19:02.5Northeastern
146.10Bryce Froderman19:12.6New Castle
147.12James Lin19:26.3Franklin Community
148.11Steven Rieker19:30.2Columbus East
149.9Tim Harris19:53.2Northeastern
150.11Caleb King20:17.4Northeastern
151.9Andy Scripture21:37.8Northeastern
152.9Eric Yandl21:43.8Northeastern
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5,000 Meters Time Trial  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
11Ryan Kelly17:53Zionsville
12Jacob Stachler17:59Zionsville
11Nicholas Herhusky18:36Zionsville
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
10Mary Davis19:17Bishop Chatard
32.12Amanda McMahon19:55.4International School...
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