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Districts C-4 and B-4 HS

Thursday, October 15, 2009

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Meet Host - Ogallala HS
Location - West Wind Country Club, Ogallala, NE - Map
Mens Races

West Wind Country Club

5,000 Meters Class C Boys4:00 PM
5,000 Meters Class B Boys4:30 PM
Womens Races
4,000 Meters Class C Girls3:00 PM
4,000 Meters Class B Girls3:30 PM
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Class C Boys  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Chance Miller16:33Ogallala
2.12Sam Adams16:45Ogallala
3.10Cole Wellnitz16:53Gordon-Rushville
5.12Logon Vogt16:58Chadron
7.10Brett Dockweiler17:01Gothenburg
8.12Andrew Collins17:12Gothenburg
9.9Dereck Rosas17:19Cozad
11.10Bryce Eggleston17:35Gothenburg
12.9Dillon McKeag17:36Ogallala
13.10Joshua Clark17:40Gothenburg
14.11Luke Rehmert17:40.4Gothenburg
15.11Greg Nawyn17:41Ogallala
16.12Zach Brown17:42Cozad
18.10Brandon Dehling18:07Chadron
20.10Shad Krajewski18:14Ogallala
24.10Harry Adams18:39Ogallala
25.12Cole Hartman18:40Cozad
26.12Eric Stevens18:41Gothenburg
27.11Kyle Carlson18:48Cozad
28.12Justin Broberg18:50Chadron
29.12Jesus Alvarado19:16Cozad
30.9Rory Burchell19:17Minden
31.12Gabe Hill19:28Chadron
32.12William Raun19:38Minden
33.9William McClure19:39Chadron
34.12Vergil Nelson19:48Minden
35.10Tait Earney19:56Chadron
37.11Carter Yelken20:05Minden
38.12Matthew Stubbs20:18Minden
40.10Chase Donner20:28Gordon-Rushville
41.12Jon Hunzeker20:36Minden
43.10Retzlaff Jesse20:49Gordon-Rushville
44.10Alec Foster21:00Cozad
48.10Kyle Plenty Wounds21:27Gordon-Rushville
49.11Jesse Young21:40Gordon-Rushville
55.10Sell Colin25:09Gordon-Rushville
55.10Colin Sell25:09Gordon-Rushville
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Womens Results

4,000 Meters Class C Girls  
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Hypothetical Scores

5.9Sydney Phillips16:48Minden
6.12Jena Hansen16:52Minden
7.9Jessica Dolan16:53Minden
11.12Francesca Perosa17:06Ogallala
12.9Nicky Applegarth17:08Chadron
17.9Sandra Pelayo17:49Cozad
19.12Tara Kelso17:51Chadron
20.11Alex Gies17:52Ogallala
21.10Mackenzie Nelsen17:53Minden
22.10Jordan Shadbolt18:01Gordon-Rushville
23.12Tabitha Paul18:04Gothenburg
24.9Morgan Kowalewski18:04.9Gothenburg
26.11Lauren Schmeitt18:08Gothenburg
27.12Katrina Panec18:14Minden
21.9Emi Engel18:21.6Ogallala
30.12Katie Shelton18:36Minden
31.11Emily Hult18:39Gothenburg
33.10Haley Kizer18:40Chadron
34.9Abigail McFee18:41Chadron
35.10Allie Buesing18:49Cozad
37.12Caitlin Schmidt19:01Cozad
38.11Becky Applegarth19:11Chadron
39.11Ashlee Bruntz19:23Gothenburg
40.10Theresa Richey19:27Gothenburg
41.10Erica Hartman19:27Cozad
44.11Vidi Martinez20:18Cozad
46.9Taryn American Horse20:39Gordon-Rushville
48.11Abby Brown21:56Cozad
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